What is a Naturist / Nudist ?

A nudist is someone who enjoys social nudity: spending time naked in the company of others. A naturist also enjoys social nudity, but for some, it also either means a bigger commitment to the lifestyle or also living more naturally. In many cases, it is completly synonymous to nudist.

In any way, this site could easily have been called the nudist story archive.


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Welcome to the Naturist Fiction Archive

This site is a non-profit repository of non-erotic nudist fiction online stories. There is a lot of erotic story archives featuring naturism in a non-realistic way, this site is there for real nudist stories to find their own permanent home on the web.

You can read more about the purpose of this site on the introduction page. You can also read Short Stories and longer Stories including the famous story of How Kristen Spent Her Summer Vacation which is republished with the permissions of the author as well as Stefany Conners' naturist diary, which is now for the first time prefaced by the real original author who admits it was entirely fictional.

You should also take a look as some nudist stories written specifically for this website, such as some of our short stories, the Catherine Reynolds series and the serial which used to be published every Monday morning, Mark and Jenny. You can also read on the recent serial, the Eden's Creek universe.


Newest Articles


My life so far, Episode 25: Three girls having fun

The college session is over and we plan to write together during the Christmas holiday. Here is vhapter 25 in the meantime, in time for Christmas!

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11594 Words : 2177


My life so far, episode 24: A gift

Please excuse the month-long post, but my daughter wanted to revise this one and college got in the way. Not that it's over, but she was taking a pause from studying to revise this one with me. She did make a few changes, so it's...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 7788 Words : 1470


My life so far, episode 23: An evening with Mindy and Edith

Edith and Mindy drops by Julie's and Edith sees a naturist for the first time, while the three girls play on the Wii.


This is a nice episode between the three girls. Edit will take a back seat for some of the story soon, but...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11946 Words : 2250


My life so far, episode 22: Inventory

This is a rather boring episode which feels like a filler, but it provides some information about Julie's parent's company, and it's important for yet unwritten chapters.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11684 Words : 2169


My life to far, Episode 21: Getting to know Edith

Julie eats lunch with Edith and Mindy, and make plans for Mindy's birthday

Category: My life so far
Letters : 10793 Words : 2039


Episode 41 of my life to far now written!

News about progress on the currently active serial

Category: Blog
Letters : 795 Words : 144


My life so far, Episode 20: Meeting Edith, and cleaning up

Introducing Edith, who will become an important character over time. Edit was actually one of the first character defined by my daughter, before she decided to tackle this project. I also personally added a little element which...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 10023 Words : 1898


My life so far, Episode 19: Medical visit

So, this episode is late. I was under strict orders not to publish it until my daughter, who wrote most of it, had the chance to review it, and college is more intense than planned. But here it is, finally.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11245 Words : 2142


My life so far, episode 18: The warehouse and the trailer

This episode was delayed because neither of us ended up liking the way it turned out. Still, we couldn't really fix it. Next chapter will be the medical visit, so at least, it doesn't overstay it's welcome.

The trailer will make...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 9791 Words : 1872


My life so far, episode 17: Going back home

The weekend at the naturist resort is over, and the family returns home, making plans for next year's visits to the naturist resort.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 10374 Words : 1960


My life so far, episode 16: Portal

In this episode, Julie plays portal for the first time. In the real life, I ended up showing my daughter how to play, but she didn't do as well as Julie did.

One of the longest episodes, but it's also a lot of description of a...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 16824 Words : 3149


My life so far now has over 86,000 words, even if writing slowed down

An update on My life to far

Category: Blog
Letters : 1119 Words : 204


My life so far, episode 15: Breakfast with mom

The morning after the medical talk, it's raining and Julie and her mother get breakfast. A bonding mother-daughter moment.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11538 Words : 2206


My life so far, episode 14: Medical Talk

In this chapter, Julie discovers that she might have a medical problem, which well, the co-author of this book suffered from. This is in part why my daughter retreated from naturism as a teenager.


Her goal, when initially...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 20415 Words : 3821


My Life So Far Episode 13: Family discussion

And finally, the first plot point of the novel! If you think that Naturism was the main story, you were wrong. It's the settings. This episode introduces the main plot point. The character arc for our main character. This was...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 8907 Words : 1718


My life so far, Episode 12: Pinball exploits

Finally, the pinball game. It's a little weird, we admit it, but what's important isn't the pinball itself. It's the chemistry between the four, the friendship being built. The influence on Julie. And it's a light episode before...

Letters : 14066 Words : 2621


My daughter has a new summer job!

A pause in the writing of My Life So Far? Explanation here.

Category: Blog
Letters : 611 Words : 122


My life so far, Episode 11: Volleyball with friends

Finally, the volleyball match. Not much to say, but it introduces something my daughter wanted to put in the story: the rules of cool. We get to see Julie trying to figure out what it means to be cool. Some foreshadowing for...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 9015 Words : 1747


My life so far, Episode 10: Ribs and Revelations

Sorry for the little pause in publishing. This is a pivotal moment for the relationship between Julie and her mother. It's also an important growing up moment for her.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 13921 Words : 2628


My life so far, episode 9: Teenagers

Finally, Lucy and Clark are introduced! These are 2 non-resident teenage naturists who help Julie form a template as to what being a teenager and being in a relationship is like.

They do not live at the resort, and initially,...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 20954 Words : 4001


My life so far, episode 8: The ride

Finally the bike ride and the creek! This was one of the first ideas my daughter had, and before you ask, no, it's not auto-biographical. Well, some of the details of the bike ride are inspired by real life events (in a non...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 16273 Words : 3075


Good progress on My life so far

My daughter and I are making good progress on My life to far, with 25 episodes written and over 58,000 words!

Category: Blog
Letters : 1439 Words : 259


My life to far, episode 7: Morning ritual

One of the first fully collaborative episodes. Julie wakes up and goes on her day. A nice episode where not much occurs in term of action but a lot for Julie. She also admits not being that reliable. I wonder if this will come in...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11107 Words : 2141


My life so far, Episode 6: A sleepover

Finally, the sleepover. The scary story part is 100% from my daughter, by the petanque part is mine. We designed the resort together and both wrote parts.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 12007 Words : 2265


My life to far Episode 5: Finally Friday [fixed]

It's finally Friday! Julie does to Mindy's naturist resort with her parents, until at least Episode 16!

The first version of this episode was corrupted and half of the content was missing. Sorry for that.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11582 Words : 2200