Please read this before sending a story...

Almost all of the stories submitted so far didn't have enough quality to be published.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before submitting your story:

  • Did you proof-read it? If it's almost unreadable because of bad grammar, we will not try to repair it for you
  • Is you story about a closet-nudist teenager discovering that the brother/sister of their friend is also a closet-nudist teenager by pure coincidence and they both begin skinny-dipping together? If so, we don't need it, it's been done before on the Internet thousands of time
  • If your story is less than 1000 words long, does it include a long span of time such as weeks, months or even years?, if so, it's the summary of a story. Really short stories should span a few hours and have a clear objective. If you retell the whole teenage years of your character in 800 words, it's probably not interesting. Sorry
  • If your story about the first time of your character as a naturist? If so, do you have an interesting angle to work from? 99% of the naturist stories are about first times. If you do not have an original new angle, it's been told before. We want new stories which push the envelop.
  • Does your story contain detailed description of the genital parts (including breasts) of your characters? Especially if the character described is a teenage girl. We do not need clear description of genitalia in a naturist story. Saying a girl has small perky breasts is one thing. Describing the size and color of her aureola is another.
  • Is there a conflict of some sort? If there isn't one, it's not really a story. On the other hand, if the only conflict is a man afraid of having an erection, we just don't want to hear it.
  • Is Naturism presented in a good light? We want to show stories with positive naturism. It's okay for a character to try naturism and realize it's not for them, but if you paint naturists as perverts, your story belongs elsewhere.

In short:

If your story qualifies, it will be published. If it doesn't we will not e-mail you or even explain why it was rejected unless we think it is good enough to be worth a rewrite.