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This section lists narratives which are published as multiple chapters which follow each other in a single story.



Second date (part of the Bliss Series)

Jerry goes back to Amanda's apartment for a second date. First 3/4 of the story written in August 2011, last 1/4 written on April 17th 2013. It is half the length of the 1st part because the planned second chapter it will be...

Category: Bliss
Letters : 10619 Words : 1998


R.F., Alone.

I've been working on a series of short stories which I originally posted on Cat's Chat Naturist Forum. However, that site doesn't have a specific fiction forum, so things can get lost amongst the chaos of the General...

Category: R.F. And Chloe
Letters : 19004 Words : 3558


Hello Students

It's Susanna's first morning as a teacher.

Category: Susanna's World
Letters : 6229 Words : 1191


The first date (Bliss Prologue)

Jerry, a real estate agent, has met a girl online and managed to get to her apartment after a wonderful meal at a restaurant. How will it end? (Note, there is no sexuality despite the premise)

Category: Bliss
Letters : 20555 Words : 3933



Susanna had her welcome party at the naturist resort and thinks about her new life, while exploring her new house.

Category: Susanna's World
Letters : 5727 Words : 1113


Susanna's Arrival

A limo carried me to my old apartment to pick up some of my things, my essentials. I was told a moving company would do the rest but I wanted a least a tooth brush, a hair brush and many of my books about teaching so that I could...

Category: Susanna's World
Letters : 4032 Words : 783


First confessional

Susanna just received her contract for Susanna's world and speaks to the camera for the first time on why she accepted to be on the show

Category: Susanna's World
Letters : 4023 Words : 741


Susanna's World

The naturist teacher reality show lost it's first candidate. Will their second choice agree to be their star?

Category: Susanna's World
Letters : 6391 Words : 1222


Sophie's World

Jack and Tim finally think that they found a woman to be the main star of their new reality show about a textile teacher get a job to teach in a naturist school

Category: Susanna's World
Letters : 5646 Words : 1050


The Pitch

The pitch for the new spin-off series from Eden's Creek called "Susanna's World"

Category: Susanna's World
Letters : 7749 Words : 1427


The Same Place, Epilogue

Back at the Koala Bay Bares Kylie found Mungo out lying in a grassy field. Oscar was napping nearby. So the emu had found his way home, just as Mungo had said he would. "They told me I'd find you here," she remarked.


Category: The Same Place
Letters : 2253 Words : 403


The Same Place, Chapter 16: Home at Last!

Once inside, Kylie was confronted with a serious dilemma. Shower first? Or dinner? Admittedly, she was hungry. All she had to eat that day was berries. Then again, she felt grungy and desperately wanted to be clean. She smelled...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 19251 Words : 3551


The Same Place, Chapter 15: The Trip Home

It felt strange to wake up to the open sky and to remember that the tent was gone. She sat up. The sun was just beginning to peak above the horizon. It was the first Outback sunrise that she had awoken to, as on the other days...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 32606 Words : 5989


The Same Place, Chapter 14: The Fountain of Youth

Finishing her trip to the "bathroom", Kylie asked "Are you feeling better?" as she rejoined her friend.

"Much," he said. It was true. His eyes were bright and vibrant. His mouth was no longer chapped after having slaked his...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 12094 Words : 2221


The Same Place, Chapter 13: It's Urgent!

Still shaking him, Kylie was now beginning to panic. "Mungo, wake up! Mungo you have to wake up!" Why wasn't he waking up? Maybe he had been bitten by a snake during the night. He couldn't be dead. He just...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 18326 Words : 3390


The Same Place, Chapter 12: Dreaming

Kylie did not go to sleep immediately, but she did eventually drift off to sleep. Her dream was a familiar one-- all too familiar.

Once again, visions of Fisher's Creek came to her in her dreams. It was the same dream she had...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 13177 Words : 2371


The Same Place, Chapter 11: An Unseasonably Hot Day


Category: The Same Place
Letters : 17023 Words : 3129


The Same Place, Chapter 10: At the Crossroads

In the end, she decided to wear just her hat and sunglasses. After all, Mungo had brought nothing to cover himself for the entire trip. Granted, he did not have to deal with sore breasts. But if he could go nude the whole trip...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 16288 Words : 3001


The Same Place, Chapter 9: Birds and Snakes

"Actually, I want to get a few more shots of the campsite," said Kylie. She took out the Scout and panned over the campsite, she then panned over to Mungo, who didn't feel like saying anything that moment. She then held...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 23110 Words : 4268


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