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This section lists narratives which are published as multiple chapters which follow each other in a single story.



Mark and Jenny, Chapter 2 : Why Jenny ?

In the second Chapter of Mark and Jenny, we learn why Mark wants to date Jenny.

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 3065 Words : 566


Mark and Jenny, Chapter 1 : Prologue

This is the first chapter of the Mark and Jenny story which will be published on this website at the reason of 1 chapter per week . It is a prologue which explains who Mark and Jenny are.

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 3641 Words : 669


Stephany Conners' group

Page from the old Stephany Conner's website rediscovered by There was in 1999 a diagram of the group which sadly wasn't salvaged from the archives.

Letters : 10795 Words : 1915


Interview with Kristina

Rediscovered from, here is an Interview Stephany Conners had published with her friend Kristina. It was presented then as authentic, even if we now know it is pure fiction.

Letters : 7934 Words : 1458


Interview with Annie

Rediscovered from, here is an Interview Stephany Conners had published with her friend Annie. It was presented then as authentic, even if we now know it is pure fiction.

Letters : 16725 Words : 2964


Kristen: Postscript from the Author

Original Notes from the Author of How Kristen spend her summer vacation

Letters : 1040 Words : 190


Kristen Chapter #24: Almost Golden

End of the story, epiloge to How Kristen spent her summer vacation

Letters : 19763 Words : 3323


Kristen Chapter #23: Challenge

“Why so glum, chum?” Janet asked, taking a seat next to Kristen.

Kristen sat slumped over the redwood picnic table just outside the lifeguard station, with her chin resting on her folded arms, her eyes staring blankly...

Letters : 18577 Words : 3055


Kristen Chapter #22: Burning Bridge

End of Kristen's first day of work

Letters : 16657 Words : 2929


Kristen Chapter #21: Pantomime

First problems with gawkers

Letters : 18321 Words : 3124


Kristen Chapter #20: Signs

Kristen and Janet install the sign announcing the beach

Letters : 18296 Words : 3120


Kristen Chapter #19: A Genetic Thing

Kristen wiped her forearm across her brow, but sweat continued to drip into her eyes. Wearily she trudged along behind Beth, carrying a heavy plastic bucket full of cleaning equipment and supplies.

“Well, I guess I...

Letters : 12560 Words : 2127


Kristen Chapter #18: Changes

Kristen is out of uniform, and will need to pay a forfeit

Letters : 6535 Words : 1110


Kristen Chapter #17: Remember?

Janet explains that she knew Kristen when she was a kid

Letters : 10004 Words : 1677


Kristen Chapter #16: Out of Uniform

Beth gives her instructions to the crew

Letters : 14874 Words : 2502


Kristen Chapter #15: Crew

Kristen meets the rest of the crew

Letters : 17645 Words : 3023


Kristen Chapter #14: Helpful Hands

Kristen arrives at work

Letters : 13696 Words : 2413


Kristen Chapter #13: Young Again

Kristen wakes up for her first day at work

Letters : 10827 Words : 1966


Kristen Chapter #12: Smuggler

Kristen tried to beg off. “Tell her, uh… tell her that I’d rather not get dressed today,” she said. It wasn’t really a lie.

Her mother, on the phone, passed that news on to Mrs. Robinson, who had called...

Letters : 21629 Words : 3754


Kristen Chapter #11: Pinkish

Talks about sunburn

Letters : 12263 Words : 2123

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