Stefany Conners' diary entries for April 1999

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Published on 22.02.06 15:04 Age: 16 yrs

Letters : 22990 Words : 4215

By: Anynomous

Diary entries for April 1999 of Stefany Conners' naturist diary

Thursday April 1st

The sleepover

As planned, we prepared for our sleepover when Emilie called me to make sure she would not be forced to undress.

After a little talking, she agreed to come with us. Upon arrival, our friend had a surprise for all of us : He had prepared the outdoor Jacuzzi of his parents ! Even thought it was cold outside, the Jacuzzi was really hot so it didn't matter.

Emilie had not brought a bathing suit, so she agreed to come naked in the Jacuzzi, but will undress in the bathroom and wrap a towel around her until in the water. She stayed about half an hour ( like most of the rest ) and wrap the towel back around her until she dressed back up inside.

She denies having had her first naturist experience !

Like most sleepovers, there wasn't must sleep involved : we talked and laughed until late in the night. We ate breakfast together the next morning and everybody went home.

Friday April 2nd

At home

I did a lot of school work Friday, and finally finished one of my assignments.

There wasn't a party or a get-together Friday evening, since there had been one already the day before.

I was mostly a relaxing Friday evening.

Saturday April 3rd

At my in-laws

My boyfriend and I went shopping for Easter present before going to eat at his parents house.

We had a nice Easter supper. Of course, the five of us were naked. ( the parents, the sister, my boyfriend and I ). We heard that I might get a stepbrother... my boyfriend's sister has just started dating a boy she met at school. 

It seems it's going well, except for one fact : she hasn't told him about her lifestyle! She wants to tests is reaction first.

Sunday April 4th

eating at my parent's house.

There also, everyone was naked ! My parents announced me that they might consider renting their own spot at the center this summer, depending on the price. That way, they will have their own place to stay.

Back at our apartment

Easter is a time of forgiveness. We had proof upon coming back from eating at my parents : Suzie ex-boyfriend called her back : he forgives her for cheating on him and not telling him. He is still unsure as to whether he trusts her enough to come back with her, but he no longer holds a grudge against her.

Suzie told me that he seemed like wanting to make an opening but holding back because of the pain that is too recent. She told him she loved him, but he was unable to reply anything. Let's hope that their love will be brought back from the dead !

Monday April 5th

At home for the day

Yesterday, University was closed for the holiday, at some so I did some work on my assignments. At some point in the afternoon, I chatted, with Suzie, on CyberNude.

After I hung up from the internet, one of our friends called us. He offers everyone to come play badminton and volleyball at the school where we played a few weeks ago.

We all agreed. I called Lucie, who had already been invited by Patrick. I even dared calling Emilie to invite her : to my surprise, she agreed to come, knowing she would be the only dressed person present. 

At the gymnasium

Most went, so we were almost enough to play a full game of volleyball. We were 11.

Suzie made the comment with some regret in her voice that if she hadn't broken up with her boyfriend, we would be 12.

Even thought one team was missing a member, we managed to make two roughly equivalent teams. We didn't play badminton, since we were too much, but we had enough fun with the Volleyball alone.

Even Emilie had fun, but she says she doesn't consider undressing at any point in the future.

While I talk about her, I might say that she changed clothing in front of the others, but of course, she didn't have to remove her underwear.

Back home

We had a message from Suzie's ex-boyfriend on the answering machine. Suzie called him back : he want to meet her again, to talk, to try to get closer. It was too late, so they decided to meet on campus the next day.

Let's see what will happen...

Plus, the clinic might call any day with the results for the test... I will keep you posted, maybe even as soon as it comes !

Tuesday April 6th

Suzie spent the evening with her ex-boyfriend : there are getting back together, but want to restore the trust a little before officially declaring the relationship.

I managed to finish another of my assignments yesterday, leaving only one to do. 

With warmer and warmer temperature up here in Canada, it will soon be possible to practice naturism outside. We might try something this weekend if temperature permits.

Speaking of the week-end, Saturday, we have been invited at my in-laws : my sister in-law is going to present her new boyfriend to the family. Naturism is again out of the house, since he still doesn't know anything about it.

Now, for the first time in weeks, I am going to have to wonder what to wear at a special occasion... naturism do have it's advantages !


Wednesday April 7th

Working on my Web Site

I spent part of the day modifying the look of my web site, It now have frames ! A big thanks to Kit Osmaston of the Kong Website.

Click here to switch to the new framed version of my web site! [The link is of course no longer active]

Don't forget to change your bookmarks to reflect the change !

Some News

Suzie and her boyfriend are getting back together. But I haven't had a chance to talk to Suzie about that, since she spent most of the evening with her boyfriend.

I am finishing my last assignment at last... so I will be able to jump into studying.

Summer seems so far away...

My boyfriend's sister told us that she might tell her boyfriend about naturism Sunday, the day after he will have met her parents and us. She says she cannot stand hiding this from him : she has to know how he will react.

Thursday April 8th

How do you like the new web site design ? Send me a comment !

Suzie and her boyfriend

News about Suzie : the results are arriving today ( Friday )at the clinic. She will know if she has AIDS or not then. Her boyfriend will be with her for the news : they are now officially back together, and Suzy will move back with him soon.

Friday evening plans

Also, we already know where the Friday evening party will be : at Patrick's house. (Lucie's boyfriend ). There is going to be a "movie"[ marathon : Patrick got a hold on a animated TV Series : Ranma 1/2. He assures us it's very funny. It's from Japan.

I will tell you more Monday. All our group will be there, even Emilie.

Suzie's test results

So, back to Suzie... Suzie's AIDS tests results are: Negative ! Suzie doesn't have AIDS !

She is really happy about it.

Friday April 9th

Suzy spend the evening with her boyfriend. He let her move back in. They say they are going to talk a lot in the next few days.

The rest of us went to Patrick's house and we watch Ranma 1/2. It is very funny ! We all liked it. It's too bad they don't show "cartoons" like that in here. With the Simpsons, Cartoons for adults are now more accepted, so maybe one day Ranma will be shown on Television.

Saturday April 10th

I manage to finish my last assignment in the afternoon. After that, it was time to decide on what to wear for the supper with my new brother in-law.

My new brother-in-law : Analysis

He seems to be nice. You know he loves his girlfriend by seeing how he looks at her. He looks like an intelligent person and dressed nicely. He has some charm, and according to my feeling, they seem like going well together. He also seems to have some sense of humor, but I wouldn't list him as a funny person.I asked a few questions : He looks like a extraverted person who isn't afraid to express his opinions, but he also seems respectful enough not to shock anyone.

My main concern is that he is in the same program as my sister in-law ( I think I am going to name her Audrey in the future ) and they have most of their classes in common. 

I am generally skeptic of couples working ( or studying ) in the same field. I am even more skeptic if they do it together especially in an emerging couple. But it doesn't necessarily mean something.

My conclusion :

If they can put naturism aside, I would give them a 80% chance of surviving 3 months. 

That is, if he either come with us at the center or if my sister in-law forgets about the center. I think I should put my predictions in public : in the past, I have never been wrong !

Sunday April 11th

My boyfriend and I did some shopping. Well, actually, I did some shopping and he followed. When we came back a little after supper ( we ate at my parent's house ) , we got news from Audrey.

Audrey's afternoon

She decided to play a game with her boyfriend. They would each ask a yes/no question and the other had to answer truthfully. If one replied I don't know, he had to elaborate, but if the person replied yes or no, he could immediatly ask a new question. In the beginning, they were pretty basic question like 'Would you want to have a dog".

At some point, she asked him : "If the beach you wanted to visit turned out to be a nude beach, would you leave and if not would you undress ?" He replied No to the first, saying it would not bother him, but he wasn't sure for the second question : he would be too shy.

Of course, you can imagine what his next question was : "What about you?" She simply replied No on the first part and Yes on the second. According to the rule, she didn't have to explain. So she asked him if it bothered him.

He replied no. And ask if she had did it in the past. She replied yes. And asked him this question : "If we went to a beach which turned out to be a nude beach, and I decided to undress. Would it bother you and would you undress ?"

He replied no on her undressing and I don't know, being forced to explain... He said he never tried but think he would be too shy.

Of course, he then asked her if she was a nudist. She replied yes and immediately asked if it bothered him.

After a lot of thinking he replied no.

She proposed to talk at more length about that and to drop the game.

They did so for a while. She dissipated his main fears and tried to attack his stereotypes. She had brought a videotape ( the same I had seen ) with her. She showed it to him. ( by the way, she is in the video, so it was the first time he saw her naked ).

While showing the video, She told him about spending the summer at the center. He said he was still unsure about whether he would feel fine or not about it.

She simply replied : "Let's see !" and proceeded to undress in front of her embarrassed boyfriend. When she was fully naked, she asked him : "Well, are you going to undress or are you going to stare at me all afternoon ?"

He started to undress, visibly shy. She offered to leave and wait outside of the living room ( they were alone at that time ). Without waiting for an answer, she left and took two towels in the bathroom. When she came back, he was standing in front of the couch, hiding his private parts with his hands.

Audrey installed the towels on the couch and put the video back on ( she had paused it before undressing ). She asked him to relax, while to talked a little more about the center. After a while, he felt a little better. They talk a little about it. She asked him if he felt ready to try it again, and even maybe with others. 

He finally agreed to come to our apartment later this week, and to try naturism with us.

He still feels a little uneasy about all of this, but thinks he will be ok. He his a little intrigued about this lifestyle and have had been curious in the past about nude beach, but he thought it was mostly something sexual.

His parents would be coming back soon, so they dressed back up and she came back home.

Tuesday April 12th


I talked to Suzie, she tells me that her couple is getting on the right tracks again.

Trust is being restored and love is growing back everyday.


I also talk to Audrey. Her couple is also getting stronger. Her boyfriend came to visit her yesterday ( Monday ) after supper. Everybody ( Audrey and her parents ) were to be dressed upon his arrival. He would then go with Audrey in the basement, where they will spend the evening naked. He was to dress back-up before coming up. He is still too shy to be naked with his new parents in-law. Notice I used the conditional : I haven't spoken to Audrey about these events at the time of writing this, therefore, I cannot how it went. It seems her boyfriend is slowly accepting naturism.


On my part, it was warm enough around noon to go spend some time naked outside without getting too cold. I stayed only a few minutes but appreciated it.

Suzie Again

One final note : Suzie would like to thank everyone who supported her during her time of troubles with e-mail and kind words ( she came a few times on CyberNude with me ).

Tuesday April 13th

I will start with Audrey's story :

Monday happened pretty much as planned. Her boyfriend is slowly adapting to naturism.

Today, we invited them over for supper, but he said he would wait a few days, that he preferred not to push things too fast. We agreed on Thursday.

Lucie at my apartment

Lucie came over to study a little with me during the afternoon. She said that since she lives on campus, naturism isn't easy. She has a private room where she can study in the nude, but if she needs to go to the bathroom, she has to dress up again since she might be seen by others. I don't mind having her over, it feels less lonely when my boyfriend is at school. She left before supper since she was going to spend the evening at Patrick's house.

Evening with my boyfriend

I went to the movies with my boyfriend, we saw Forces of Nature : A really great movie ! I loved it .


Wednesday April 14th

Not much happened. I worked for big parts of the day, and studied for the rest.

I know Audrey spent some naturist time with her boyfriend, who is still scheduled to come visit us tomorrow.

Thursday April 15th

So, Audrey and her boyfriend ( Let's call him Jake ) came over.

My boyfriend and I were both naked upon their arrival. Audrey undressed immediately and Jake undressed with about the same air as I had the first time I visited somewhere as a naturist : he wasn't sure it was really okay to undress, so he was waiting a little, being just one or two pieces of clothing behind.

Supper was ready, so we invited them to join us at the kitchen table. He seemed a little shy at first, we he eventually felt better. We had a discussion about naturism. We he heard I was new too, he asked me a lot of questions. He seems fine with naturism. He loves Audrey and he doesn't seem to consider naturism as a big deal.

We played Monopoly after supper, and Jake had the nerve to actually win. He landed on Park the first turn, and got all the blue on the third. The rest was a matter of time. I total, I think they stayed about 3 hours.

He decided to join our group tomorrow. However, I still don't know what we are going to do.

Friday April 16th

We had a party Friday, as usual. Audrey and her boyfriend were there, both naked. He seemed to enjoy himself. Emilie was there also, but dressed as usual. Later in the evening we went out dancing. It was a fun evening, especially since Suzie and her boyfriend were with us. They seem to have patched things up.

Saturday April 17th

We ate supper at my in-laws. At first, Audrey's boyfriend seemed to be a little more nervous with his parents in-law than with our friends, but eventually he seemed to calm down. He told us he wasn't sure about this summer. He would definitely go often to the center, but wasn't sure about spending the summer there.

Sunday April 18th

It was such a beautiful day ! One of our friend as a big back yard isolated from is neighbors by a big fence. We decided to visit him, letting us study naked outside in the sun. There was a strong chilling wind, but if we stayed near the fence, it blocked it.

Monday April 19th

I hate it when we have exams in the evening : I ruins your whole day ! With a morning exam, at least, once the exam is over, you have the rest of the day.

But with an evening exam, you are almost forced to study all day. At least, it was easy.

Also, Lucie came studying at my apartment so we were three studying together, making it less boring.

Thursday April 29th ( Morning )

Sorry !

I was very busy with the exams, so I couldn't spare time for my diary... I hope you will forgive me...

Finally, the semester is over !

Actually, I had my final exam Tuesday, but our computer wasn't working all week long, so I couldn't write yet.

Aside from studying, not a lot happened since the last entry.

Last Friday

Friday, we had a party, as planned, and Audrey came with her boyfriend. It all went well. He is getting used to naturism.

I am starting to believe that my generation isn't really against naturism : we simply prefer to be with people our own age and there aren't a lot of young adult naturist generally. We are going to start spending the week-ends at the naturist center soon. In less than a month, we will start living full time there for the rest of the summer.

Audrey talked to her boyfriend about it. He works three days a week, but he will join us. 

Audrey's boyfriend, Suzie, Lucie, Patrick and two others will be working part time during the summer.

You can add me, but I will be doing it at the center : I am going to be the cook of the restaurant - community kitchen.

Well, actually, The center has an interesting idea for the restaurant. A meal is prepared at low profit for everyone who wants it, but they can do additional request like a normal restaurant.

So, one supper I might do spaghetti for everyone, and they will only charge the cost of the ingredient and preparation. However, if someone wants an hamburger, they will pay an higher price.

That solution happened to promote the restaurant : nobody was eating there, o it increased the cost, reducing the number of people eating there.

Now, most members eat there frequently, and sometimes orders specials, bringing more money.

Personally, I like the idea, since it will mean I won't have to pay anything during the summer !

By the way, people have been asking me if I did a lot of outdoor activities yet.

Unfortunately, the weather isn't quite ready. But I did go outside a few times.

Thursday April 29th ( Afternoon and Evening ) ( Published on April 30th )


Finally, the good weather is arriving !

You remember our friend who has a spa outside ? His backyard is surrounded by an high fence.

My boyfriend and I went visiting them Thursday evening and we spent most part of the afternoon outside naked. It was the longest period of time I was nude outside. Feeling the sun on your whole body felt wonderful.

I think I will definitely enjoy spending the summer naked : it is true it feels better naked outside rather than inside.

Lucie also spent some time naked outside yesterday afternoon at Patrick's house : they have a little private area.

For supper, we brought out the barbecue and ate outside with our friend's parents. It was quite interesting : We exchanged cooking secrets.

We talked about the center with them. They are going to spend most of the summer there, his father going to work directly from the center ( his mother is a teacher and won't work all summer long ).


We heard a little about the origin of our friend's group. The parents of that friend (let's call him Andrew ), were friends of my boyfriend's parents.

My boyfriend's parents

My boyfriend's parents became naturist by coincidence : One of their friends was a naturist and they walked on him her backyard by surprise while she was naked with her parents. Shocked at first, they were explained about the lifestyle. They decided to stay the afternoon, and when their friend decided to go swimming, they decided to bare it all.

Gradually, they became naturists.

Andrew's parents

Andrew's future father was a friend of my boyfriend's future father. The discussion about naturism occurred when a clothing optional party was held at their apartment ( it was a few years after their initial discovery of naturism ). Andrew's parents went there, and clothing optional wasn't such a big deal since it was the 60s. But once they arrived, they saw half of the people present where naked, and none were hippies. After a big debate, everyone tried naturism, and the following summer, some of them tried a nude beach. It seams they had to make several tries to find a suitable location, but eventually, it became a regular spot.

On that beach, they met the future parents of Patrick , Lucie's boyfriend.

At the Center

Eventually, after having kids there spot moved to the naturist center. They met other people there about their age, some of whom had kids.

Andrew's mother also introduced two teachers from her school and their families. One of them has a daughter about our age ( called Diana in my chart ) who later became a member of our group ( she was a teenager that time ) . I made a diagram of the relationships and that I put names on people.

( Note : in the original version of this page, I said Diana was introduced to naturism while very young, but after checking, I discovered that she was a teenager. Sorry... )

Next week-end

We are going to spend the week-end at the chalet of my boyfriend's parents. Suzy and her boyfriend will also be there. We will clean in and prepare it for the summer, since it wasn't used since last summer. Others might come to prepare their own places. I will tell you more next week : don't forget that It will be May, and as such, a new page will be created !



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