Stefany Conners' diary entries for March 1999

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Published on 22.02.06 12:32 Age: 16 yrs

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By: Anynomous

March Entries for Stefany Conners' naturist diary

New developments, in the beginning of March

My life is becoming more and more naturist in nature.

Suzie tells her parents about naturism

Suzie as even done something very daring last week: She invited her parents to eat at her place, but she greeted them while naked. They didn't say anything for about 15 minutes, thinking she would explain. However, her father soon asked what was going on. She explained her new lifestyle. Her parents didn't let her time to finish and left running out of her apartment.

The next day, they agreed to come back and not panic. They had a huge discussion (read fight) at the end of which they were forced to agree to let her be a naturist (she is 22 after all...).

Lucie has a new boyfriend...

Lucie on the hand had hidden her game well... we learned yesterday ( Thursday ) that she has been dating the guy she finds cute (let's call him Patrick) in my boyfriend's gang. They have a little problem since he is a naturist and she isn't.

And comes to a naturist party... dressed

Tonight, we are going to have a naturist party at a friend's house (A pool competition is on the menu, with my boyfriend as one of the favourites (I hope he wins)). For the first time, Lucie is going to come. She will stay dressed, but her boyfriend will be naked. She told me she is a little uneasy about all this: not the fact that everybody will be naked, but the fact that she won't. She says she won't crack under peer pressure...

Let's see tomorrow.

Important Note :

I created my web site at this point in time. Therefore, you will start to notice that from now on, the entries are much more detailled and regular.


Friday March 5, 1999

The pool tournament

As planned, we had a naturist party Friday evening. In fact, we generally have a party every Friday, after which we often go dancing. Last Friday, however, a pool tournament was disputed.

Suzy was there with her boyfriend and so was Lucie with her's. As she said, she remained clothed all evening long (she was the only one). I talked to her during the tournament and she told me she made a deal with her boyfriend. He had already told her he would spend the summer with us at the naturist centre, but that she was not forced to, that he would wait for her. She told him she would spend the summer with us too, but under three conditions:

  • First of all, she will not try naturism until they will have had sex,
  • second of all, she doesn't want to be pressured to have sex
  • and third of all, once they will have sex, she doesn't want to be pressured into trying naturism.

She told me she would feel odd into being fully naked with her boyfriend before they have had sex. She thinks there should be a kind of surprise reserved for the first time.

She also thinks (as I do) that sex should come only after the relationship is serious. I was happy since it will mean she will be with us this summer. We proceeded to see both of our boyfriends being eliminated from the final. Suzie's boyfriend added a little twist by finishing second! (Nobody knew he was good). My boyfriend ended up fighting for third place against Lucie's boyfriend, but he lost and finished in fourth place. It was too late to go dancing, so we danced on location.

NEW NOTE : ( March 11th, 1999 )

Someone commented that this entry suggests that naturism has something to do with sex.

I must ( with hindsight ) agree with the comment. Later, an entry pointed to that association even more strongly.

This entry is misleading. What Lucie and I think is the link between the two of them is intimacy. In a newly emerging couple, there is little intimacy. The two members of the couple may be in love, they neverteless don't always trust the other completely. Intimacy is, in our belief, the strongest point of a couple, it is not sex, but truly intimacy.

Unfortunately, Sex and Intimacy, and Nudity and Intimacy are often confused.

We believe that as long as intimacy doesn't exist, there should be no sexual relation between the two partners. We also believe that in a newly emerging couple, each member often doesn't know the other perfectly. We think that Intimacy as nothing to do with nudity, but in a newly emerging couple a lot of confusion is often present.

If we were to rephrase the above conditions we would say :

  • First of all, she will not try naturism until they have a trusting relationship where intimacy exists,
  • second of all, she doesn't want to be pressured to have sex, and will not have sex until they have a trusting relationship where intimacy exists,
  • and third of all, once they will havea trusting relationship where intimacy exists, she doesn't want to be pressured into trying naturism or into having sex.

Now, we now believe that if the two members of the newly emerging couple are long established naturists, nudity shouldn't be a part of the equation, since for them, it doesn't equate to intimacy. Therefore, the rules would be :

  • She doesn't want to be pressured to have sex, and will not have sex until they will have have a trusting relationship where intimacy exists,
  • Once they will havea trusting relationship where intimacy exists, she doesn't want to be pressured into having sex.

To prove what we said, you should read the entry on March 11th about Lucie and Patrick, which should prove this point.

Saturday March 6th:

At my parent's house

Saturday afternoon, my parents invited us to eat at their place. I was stuck with a dilemma: Do I tell them I am a naturist or not? I finally decided to tell them.

Once there, I almost couldn't eat since I had butterflies in my stomach. I finally interrupted my father who was talking with my boyfriend my simply saying "We are naturists", waiting for a crisis. My father said "I think that wonderful, we should all eat more natural food", my mother corrected him by saying "It means nudist dear". He replied "Ho!', and he was embarrassed, not of his mistake, but of the idea.

My mother said "I once was naked at a clothing-optional beach". Before I could say "You were?" My father stole my words. She proceeded in explaining that when she was a teenager (about 17), she was frequently going to a secluded beach with a few of her friends. To go there, however, they had to walk pass a beach frequently used by naturists.

One day, she went to their beach only with her best friend since the others could not.

After swimming a little, they decided to tan a little. Her friend removed her bra to remove "white stripes" and my mother tough it was a good idea, so she removed her also. Finally, her friend removed the bottom of her bikini and my mother followed.

After a while, they put their bikini back on and went swimming a little. 

Bored, they decide to go back home but when they crossed the naturist area, my mother's friend dare my mother to go play volleyball with them. While they where talking and wondering whether they were daring enough to do it or not, they were invited to join them.

My mother decided to remove her bikini and went to play, leaving her friend behind who soon joined her. After a few games (and a few hours) they put their bikini back on and left. My mother never tried it again.

My father was almost in shock for not having heard about this. My mother offered to let us remove our clothing, but I refused, saying I would let time for my father to get used

to the idea. My mother proposed to come back Sunday and my boyfriend and I would then be naked. I refused by inviting them over to our house. The rest of the evening went well.

Sunday March 7th:

Suzie and Lucie at my apartment

Suzie and Lucie came over during the afternoon: we had a long girl talk about Lucie's new boyfriend. Suzie and I were naked, as usual.

What was different, was the fact that Lucie asked if she could, in the next few days, slowly try naturism with us, since she doesn't want a too much abrupt change when she will try it. Of course, we agreed. 

My parent's at my aparment

I was nervous when waiting for my parents to arrive. My boyfriend had to force me to sit down since I was running all around the apartment.

When the doorbell finally rang, I almost jumped two feet! I put on my bathrobe and opened the door. I welcomed my parents who didn't seem to be shy about seeing my boyfriend naked. I still had not removed my bathrobe so my mother joked by asking if I wanted to keep it on all evening. I removed it, but I think it was the most difficult undressing I have had since I first try naturism.

We proceeded to eat, and we answered (well, my boyfriend answered since I was to shy being naked in front of my parents) a few questions about naturism. He explained to my mother (my father seemed as shy as I was) that we would spend the summer at a naturist centre that they could come visit clothed in several occasions. My mother asked if she could come visit anytime if she was naked. My boyfriend replied of course.

After eating, my boyfriend proposed to let them see the video they have made of last summer activities at the centre. My mother said after the video (during which nobody said anything) it seemed to be a fun place. She asked if it was a rule to sit on a towel when naked, since we were sitting on a towel. My boyfriend told her it was for hygiene reasons.


She then asked for a towel, if we didn't mind. My father replied "What? YOU are going to undress?" She replied: "Do you have a problem with that?" He said 

"Well, no really it's just that...". My boyfriend went to take a towel. My mother said "Make that two towels, one for me, and one for him, while she unbuttoned her blouse". My father said "There is no way you are going to make me undress". She told him he was acting like a child. She had received her towel in the mean time, and was now removing her underwear. Without my father being able to say anything, we were now three people naked in the apartment.

She told my boyfriend my father was sometime acting like a child and proceeded to unbutton his shirt. She told him something in his ear (I suppose something like: Grow up or sleep on the couch!) and he finished the job himself. I felt somewhat strange since that is not what I had anticipated at all. We ate dessert together and we my parents left, my mother told me "Let's do that some other time! I feel like a teen again! She thanked me for the experience and they left.

After they left, I felt so much pressure of my back I had to call my mother to make sure I was not dreaming!

Monday March 8th:

Talk on the phone with my Mother

I talked to my mother about our weekend (Well, actually, we talked about naturism). 

She told me she is fine with my new lifestyle, and indicated she will let us be naked at her house whenever we want. She might undress sometimes, but my father and her are a little too old for a lifestyle change. (Well, more my father according to my mother).

My father is holding up, but is a little uneasy about being naked with his daughter. My mother thinks he will "grow up" soon, but in the mean time, they will both remain clothed around us. I asked why she adds "around us" and she replied:

"I have to train you dad a little..."

She actually called her friend with own she tried naturism in her teen (they still talked to each other), and told her all about this. She said she had forgotten but now remembers! She is now divorced and her kids left home. She doesn't she will try it, but they both talked about the "good" times!

Tuesday March 9th

Suzie and Lucie at my apartment

I had quite an evening ... I almost didn't sleep tonight!

As planned, Lucie and Suzie came to my apartment. My boyfriend took the opportunity to go watch a movie at the theater.

I was undressed before their arrival. Lucie came in first, but Suzie arrived only a few minutes afterward and undressed upon arrival.

We did a lot of girl talk in the back of our boyfriends now that we all have one (No, I will not put the topics here... our boyfriends could read it online!). Eventually, naturism came on the subject and it's effect on the couple. Lucie was especially curious on it's effect on sex.We came to a consensus. None of us would want to be naked with our boyfriend before having sex, unless we knew him (as a naturist) before he became our boyfriend.


With that behind us, Suzie asked Lucie what bothered her about naturism. Lucie said three main things still bothered her. The first one is the part we had just discussed. The second thing is fear of inadequacy. She thinks she doesn't have a beautiful body because of a birthmark "in an ackward place". She also thinks she is too fat. Thirdly, she still feels it is somewhat immoral. She said to notice the "feel": she no longer thinks it is, she just feels it is.

Lucie undressing

After a lot of talking, she decided to jump right in and asked to go to the bathroom to undress. She came back holding her clothes against her in order to hide her body. While I congratulated her, Suzie took Lucie's clothes. Lucie resisted a little, but finally gave in. I proposed to go watch television a little, in order to give her time to adjust. 

We did so for about 15 minutes, and then Lucie told me: "Ok, now I have been naked with you and Suzie, which I have known for a while. But it won't be the same with others". I proposed to call someone else, so to have a little "party".

Lucie agreed if it was only girls. I called the friend of my boyfriend who saw me naked the first time and my boyfriend's sister. I also called two other friends.

A group of friends at my apartment

Within 30 minutes, we were seven naked girls at my apartment playing monopoly in teams of two. (My boyfriend's sister was picked random to be alone). We had a lot of fun, and during our second game were surprised by my boyfriend coming over from the movie. He asked if he could join us and I told him it was up to Lucie. She said she was fine with that. We reorganized the teams, and my boyfriend and me won the second game!

Later, we were back to just the five of us (Suzie, Lucie, My boyfriend, his sister and Me) and Lucie had to agree she had a great time. She said she will talk to her boyfriend. 

She would like to come naked to our party Friday but still doesn't want her boyfriend to see her naked until they have sex, so he would have to be absent. We will see what will happen until then...

A note, it was too late to let my boyfriend's sister drive home, since she lives with her parents about 25 minutes away using badly lighted roads. We therefore offered her to sleep-in.

Since I get along well with my sister in-law, we kept talking until my boyfriend (who went sleeping in the mean time) came to take me by force since our laughter were preventing him to sleep!

Wednesday March 10th:

Lucie at my apartment

Lucie came over to my house and undressed upon arrival.

I am sometime under the impression that there is a "naturism" virus in my apartment! Everyone who comes in eventually becomes a naturist! I did, Suzie Did, Lucie is becoming one, and even my parents seem to be converted!

Lucie and I talked a lot. Since she wants to hurry in trying naturism, but doesn't want to have sex yet with her boyfriend, she agreed to invite him over to my apartment and let me act as a "chaperon". Of course, he was trilled.

When he was in route, Lucie was worried that he would "check her out". I told her we were talking about her boyfriend, not a pervert! After a while, she finally calmed down.

Until the doorbell rang.

Lucie... and Patrick, both naked at my apartment!

She went to sit at the opposite side of the kitchen table, in respect with the door.

Patrick greeted Lucie on arrival, saying how much he loved her, but when he approached to kiss her, she asked him to keep his distance a little, to let her time to adjust. I told him he could undress. He did so only after checking if it was all right with his tender half.

I offered him the chair in front of Lucie and sat between them. I could see they were uneasy about my presence because they were not talking much for a new couple! After five minutes of "Are you sure you are fine" "Yes I am", I proposed to Lucie to go sit in the living room and watch some Television. Lucie agreed (There is no separation between the kitchen and the living room).

I know they whispered a lot, since I was occasionally throwing a look in their direction. He was holding her hands.

After maybe 30 minutes, they joined me in the living room where they sat next to each other on the sofa. He had his arm around her shoulders. It was quite cute. Eventually, She asked me if they could talk privately a few moments. I decided to retire to my bedroom.

After 15 minutes, he knocked on my door and said goodbye.

Lucie stayed and we talked for about an hour. We were interrupted by my patient boyfriend who is frequently kicked out of his own apartments these days! He decided to make me a present: He bought FrontPage 98, so in the next few days, we will try to upgrade my web site!

I won't tell you what Lucie and I talked about, I will let her tell it herself since she typed a little letter when she arrived home and sent it to me via e-mail!

Thursday March 11th:

That's it, I give up! There is a virus around my house!

On the phone with my Mom

My mom called me in the beginning of the evening, after coming home from work.She asked me for details about the naturist center where we will go this summer.

My mom called me saying we were also invited to the Saturday supper at my boyfriend's house, and that everyone would be naked.It seems my mom is getting along well with my boyfriend's mom.

On the phone with Lucie

Later, Lucie called me: She was at Patrick's apartment and both were naked, like she had planned. She told me she was ready for tomorrow's party. She also told me that she is happy Patrick isn't pressuring her to have sex. She says she starts to feel better and better being naked with her boyfriend.

Phone calls

I therefore called the rest of the group. The party was supposed to happen at our apartment, but it's the birthday of one of our friends next Monday and we decide to celebrate it this Friday. Since our place is too small, we traded places with another of our friends who lives in a house with his parents. His basement is big enough for our group.

By the way, I talked to Suzie, she is trying to write a letter similar to the one Lucie wrote, but she is having problems writing it. I wish her a lot of luck and if we are lucky, I might put it on the web Monday morning...


Yesterday, I had problems with FrontPage during the afternoon, so my site wasn't fully functional during some parts of the afternoon... I am sorry for that, but it seems to be solved.

Friday March 12th

The Friday evening party

Friday, we had a great time. Lucie and Suzie were both there naked and I was really happy to see that both of my friends really enjoy my new lifestyle.

However, since we went out dancing after the party, we only spent a few hours naked.

One notable event occurred thought. Patrick had seen on TV that some people take "snow baths" to help revitalize their system. He proposed to go take one!

Most of us were shy, but in the end, we all tried it.

It is important not to stay too long though, but aside from that, it was really revivifying experience! We went dancing right after that and we really had a lot of energy!

Staturday March 13th

Lucie at my apartment

Saturday afternoon, Lucie came to see me, and we talked about the party. I congratulated her on her efforts, especially since she was the first girl in the snow!

Lucie says she now feel ok with naturism. Being more a feeling person, she only needed to feel right to like it. She even slept at Patrick's apartment, with him in his bed.

Actually, she liked being able to sleep with her boyfriend without fearing being misinterpreted for wanting to have sex.

My parents at my in-laws

Then came the dreadful moment of coming to my boyfriend's parents house to eat there with my parents.

When we arrived, we saw my father's car in the driveway. Inside, we found our parents (both couples) already naked. We therefore joined them.

My father was less nervous. At some point, the three men left for the living room, leaving the four of us in the kitchen. My mother and my mother in-law really get along, just like my sister in-law and me. Eventually, we moved to the living room to watch some tapes about the center.

Not only are my in-laws letting my parents use their chalet in the center, they are suggesting to use it at the same time as them, so they could get to know each other!

Since there are only three bedrooms in the chalet, and that there will be five couples plus my sister in-law during these two weeks, we suggested to go sleep in a tent during that time.

While we talked about all of this, we noticed there was one missing bedroom for the rest of summer. My boyfriend and I would be in his bedroom; Suzie and her boyfriend were going to be in the master bedroom, and my sister-in-law in her bedroom. The question:

Where do we put Lucie and Patrick came up, but we then realized that Patrick already a place to stay, since he was already a member.

At some point my mother simply said: my god it's true! We do forget we are naked after a while! Everybody laughed... even my father!

When leaving, my mother thanked my in-laws for introducing them to naturism. My mother in-law replied it was us who did that. Surprisingly, my father, not my mother, decided to thank us.

On the phone with Suzie

At home, we had a message from Suzie. When I called her she was it seems she didn't have such a great time. Her parents came to see her by surprise and her father lectured her on her life on sex and orgies and drugs.

She denied everything, that naturism has nothing to do with sex. He reminded her that he once cut her with Marijuana, as if it was enough to prove naturism was an excuse for having orgies.

Eventually, her parents left her crying and on the verge of depression.

At Suzie's apartment

I went to her apartment and I spent most of the night trying to get her back in one piece. Lucie and Emilie came to help.

We all slept there on the floor of the living room (Even Suzie).

Sunday March 14th

Still at Suzie's apartment

Suzie was better and finished her page for my site. After reading it, I suggested to wait a few days before putting it on the internet since I think it is too personal and that some of it is inspired by the fight with her father.

Just as a note, Suzie was dressed when I arrived, since her father had forced her to do so. All four of us (and her boyfriend) remained dressed until Suzie decided that it was stupid for her to keep her clothes: She had dressed back only to please her father (In fact, it was more out of fear of her father).

All on us except Emilie undressed. Emilie didn't feel bad being the only dressed person in the apartment. For sleeping, she simply removed her pants and her bra, but kept her panties and her T-shirt.

The next morning ( today ), she removed her T-shirt in front of us, but only to put her bra back on.

She says she has no intention of doing this, but she understood enough to help Suzie the previous night.

In Suzie's letter (which isn't online yet), she says Lucie is the intuitive member of our group, that I am the thinking one and that she is the silent one. If we would ask Emilie what adjective would qualify her best, she would surely choose to be the stubborn member of our gang!

Suzie is now feeling a little better, but she calls the appearance of her father as a bombing run. Now, the fires are under control, but the damage hasn't been repaired yet.

Monday March 15th

Time spent on the internet

I chatted a little today and exchanged a few letters with one of my pen pals. The big subject today was shaving.

By the way, people who shave all body hair (including pubic hair) are nicknamed smoothies.

That pen pal shaves every summer for when she goes to the beach. She sent me a nice letter explaining how to shave without hurting your skin or causing itching.

I decided to at least try it at some point this summer.

Talk on the phone with Linda

I spoke to Linda about it, and she was really intrigued with the idea. We went on the net together and look at pictures of smoothies, and found it more elegant for a woman. I think I would prefer for my boyfriend not to shave. He looks like a bear and it would feel strange for him to remove every hair on his body.

I talked to him, and he has no objection on me becoming a smoothie, and doesn't want to become one, but for another reason: he already has to shave everyday his face, and it would take too much time to shave all his body. We will see this summer how it will go...

Plans for the week-end

I got a phone call from one of our friends. Our gang is going to spend the weekend at the naturist center (which is of course closed for the winter) for a cross-country ski weekend and to get to see the place before summer.

These crazy guys actually want to do the cross-country in the nude! They say that with all the exercise, you don't get cold. Of course, if the wind isn't too strong and the temperature not too low. My boyfriend and I will join them, and We will ski with them, but clothed!

On the phone with Suzie

Suzie is getting better. She worked today and was able to calm down.

She realized she doesn't need her father that much. She lives with her boyfriend, they make enough money to live and she knows that she will never be able to get support from him. She decided to see him as little as possible in the future, and to minimize conflict with him.


Tuesday March 16th

Friends eating at our apartment

Last evening, we received a couple from our gang for supper. She is in one of my classes, and we often exchange notes. We agreed to study together for the final exam. We talked about the ski proposition for the weekend. They say that after the snow bath of last Friday, they are willing to at least give nude cross-country skiing a try. They say they will stay dressed at first, but that if it is warm enough, they might undress in the afternoon.

My boyfriend is now willing to try it too, but I am still worried about getting a cold or hypothermia.

Alone with my boyfriend

They didn't stay long, so I had a nice evening with my boyfriend.

On the phone with Suzie

I later got a phone call from Suzie. Her sister learned about the weekend incident from their mother and went to see Suzie.

They both talked a lot about their father. Suzie's sister is older and left her parents

before Suzie. At first, it was to study outside Ontario, but when she came back, she moved in her own apartment. She doesn't understand the naturism, but at least believes Suzie when she tells her that it has nothing to do with sex and that she took drugs only during a short period. However, Suzie's sister thinks naturism is only a phase, another thing chosen to upset their parents, like the drugs.

She therefore decided not to pay attention to it. Suzie is happy to see a member of her family partially on her side.


Wednesday March 17th

Overtime at work

I did some overtime at work after my normal hours, which helps for the budget! However,

the extra time had exhausted me, so when I arrived home to find my supper on the table, prepared by my boyfriend, I was already in a better mood.

Lucie at my apartment

A little later, Lucie called to ask if she could come at my apartment to see me.

On arrival, after undressing, she announced me she wanted help to shave for the first time.

I had received, like explained earlier, tips from a pen pal, and Lucie served as guinea pig. I am the one who actually shaved her, since it was easier, and in the end, it looked really clean. Lucie said she felt strange since she have had these hairs for more than ten years now! There was a little irritation of the skin (And I accidentally cut her in one place), but it seemed to be fine for the rest. My pen pal had recommended letting the skin breathe after the "operation" for a little. Lucie decided to stay with us for

the rest of the evening. I asked why she decided to shave. She replied she simply wanted to know how it felt and didn't want to wait until summer. Still impulsive isn't she...

We also talked about naturism at large. She is now more and more comfortable with naturism, but wouldn't be able, like Suzie and me, to tell her parents.

She will come this weekend with us, and hesitates as to whether she will undress or not for the ski expedition. She do knows that her boyfriend will.

There are real doubts about skiing due to the weather conditions. We wonder if they will be snow left Saturday!

She talked a lot with her boyfriend in the past few days. For the moment, she lives in the university residences, so her rent finished at the end of classes. She will stay at the center for the summer with her boyfriend, therefore moving in with him for three months. She thinks she might move in with him after summer.

She still has some doubts about her job because, unlike mine, it's not seasonal: it all year long, not only during school time. Fortunately, the center isn't too far away and Lucie works only two days per week (but not always the same one).

A little about me

Currently, I am deep into doing my courses assignments, so I don't have much time left for naturism and my web site, but I do promise to keep writing everyday...


I would also like to thank everybody who wrote me in the past few days: everyone is sharing their experiences with naturism with me. I think I might do a page with stories from my readers. If you think it's a good idea, write me and tell me a story of yours!

Also, tell me the name you would like to appear as yours, since not everyone wants to put their real name on the Web.


Thurday March 18th

At home : some news about the weekend and some cooking

Definitely, we won't ski this weekend; the weather is too awful...Nevertheless, we will go anyway to see how it looks. We won't stay as long: everybody will arrive only Saturday afternoon. That way, the party will be at our apartment as planned, and not at the center.

I arrived late this Thursday after university and decided to surprise everyone tomorrow with a huge buffet. I prepared a lot of small things. My boyfriend and his sister helped me and I gave them a few cooking lessons. I will continue the cooking tomorrow: everything

should be really beautiful and tasty, at least, I hope so.

On the phone with my mother

I called my mother for a little tip and was greeted in a strange way: She was upset:

she had just discovered my web site! (She didn't know about it).She read everything and had calmed down since she saw she wasn't portrayed in a bad way, but hopes my father won't find the site!


I would like to thank everyone who sent a story about naturism.  I haven`t had time to reply to all of them, but keep writing ! I mostly received fist time experiences.

I would like to hear how you live naturism, not just how you started it.


Friday March 19th

At my apartment

I had told everyone that we would be eating at my place and splitting the cost. They all assumed it would mean pizza.How wrong were they. I ended up doing a 7 servings supper, with entree and a snack for later. Everyone was impressed with the food. I was so happy!

And the best part is that it costed only a little more than pizza, since I got almost everything at the price a restaurant pays, thanks mom!

This project actually got a little carried away with time... Friday, I had decided to

make more entrees, but had not figured what to make for supper. Slowly, the menu grew out of proportion and we ended up with the 7 services supper. Fortunately, I had help. 

After the food, we played a board game, and finished the evening dancing at a nearby bar.

Even with the food I prepared, I wasn't the center of attention: Lucie was. Everyone was surprised with her becoming a smoothie! I guess other might follow in the few weeks.

Saturday March 20th

The center

Even thought the temperature wasn't very good, everyone went to the center. With all the snow melting and the trees looking dead, it didn't look very good, but I still managed to get an idea on how it will look.

It's bigger than I thought. We took a walk in the forest ( It was warm enough Saturday for some to do it naked, even I undressed in the late afternoon ) and I was surprised to discover that that area of the forest all belong to the center and that we could take a naturist walk in it. 

We checked the chalet where we will stay, and it nicer than I thought. My boyfriend's bedroom is big enough, and, just as important, there is a good kitchen.

Some stayed for the night, but most came back early in the evening because of the weather. We came back, so did Suzie and Lucie.

Sunday March 21th


Since we had reserved Sunday for going at the Center, we were stuck with nothing to do in the afternoon. One of our friends decided to ask his father, a school director, if they could use his school's gymnasium to play some Badminton. He agreed and gave him the keys.

I felt really relaxed after playing Badminton. We had a lot of fun and the sport

removed our tensions caused by school. I am sorry for not writing a lot this weekend, we went to bed early, exhausted from playing, so I had to write everything Monday morning. I hope you won't desert me for this...

By the way : I just read in the newspaper that a naturist bar just opened in Toronto.

If someone went there, could they give me some feedback : according to the news release there are people between 30 and 80 there, so they are older than us, but it might be fun anyway. Give me a sign ! 


Monday 22

Today was a pretty boring day.

A Class in the morning, work during diner, university assignment during the afternoon.

But an interesting twist occurred later in the evening.

On the phone with Suzie

I was on the phone with Suzie, and she complained that since she became a naturist, she as less clothes to wash. If you wear a sweater only 3 hours, it's useless to wash it immediately. At that speed, you can wear it several times before it needs to get washed.

Underwear, on the other hand, needs to be washed every time: socks get smelly real fast.

Suzie therefore complained that she would do the laundry mostly for underwear, which take almost no space in the washer. I looked in our basket and the situation was similar here.

I did a joke saying we should wash all our underwear together to save money.

Suzie thought it was an excellent idea and a joke turned into a washing party.

At my apartment

Several of our friends came over; we bought bags used to wash delicate things to separate the laundry and did a single cycle! Lucie made the comment that it was the first time ALL of her underwear was clean at the same time: it was the first she did the laundry naked! We had a laugh, but we all returned to our studies afterward.


Tuesday March 22th

At my apartment

It seems I will have to be careful in my writings since my mother reads the Diary everyday now. She tells me that my father and her are not frequently naked at home. They are only from time to time. She is happy the Friday meal went well, and told me she is proud of me.

Lucie invited us over for a Trivial Pursuit game, but I had too much work to do for my classes.

Suzie didn't go either: she received her sister to eat. Suzie and her boyfriend

remained naked, but her sister remained clothed. They talked a lot about their parents, and they both agree that their father is really too strict. They talked about Naturism a little. Suzie managed to convince her sister to do some research on the subject to help her understand that it is not something deviant or pervert.

You may have noticed that I don't go to Cybernude often these days. The reason is that I work more hours now in order to put money aside for compensating my loss of revenue for the summer. Even if I take the offer of cooking for the center, enabling me to stay and eat for free, we still have to pay the rent of our apartment and the phone and electric bills. Fortunately, I am the one making the schedules, and since most want to work less as the semester proceeds, it gives me more hours.


Wednesday March 24th

Yesterday was awful. Today still is.

Kosovo was bombarded by the Americans, Suzie was bombarded by her past.

Something re-emerged and it caused Suzie to be dumped by her boyfriend and kicked out at the same time. She is living with us for the moment. Lucie and Emilie came for the night, and both will stay with us for a few days.

Suzie was dropped a my apartment by her (ex) boyfriend. He told us she tried to commit suicide, so he dropped her here for us to watch her. Suzie was incapable to talk because of the tears and her boyfriend simply left without explaining anything.

I called Lucie and Emilie as backups. We now know most parts of the story, Suzie managed to talk a little and even pause her crying from time to time, but has been unable to sleep.

I won't tell you the story for now, but might in a few days, if Suzie agrees. I can tell you it's not about her family nor about Naturism.

Please, don't ask me questions about the situation unless I write to you first.

I am not really in the mood for now to talk about my day, so I will simply tell you I studied and did assignments for most of the day. Sorry for the lack of information, but this is too private to share for now.


Thursday March 25th

I am truly sorry for the silence.

Suzie is under a big stress and she is still half in a state of shock. Monday, I will tell you more about what happened to her, but I will wait for the moment.

I would like to thank everyone who sent a supporting letter to Suzie. Unfortunately, since the problem a hand hasn't been explained, the letters address the wrong issues, but she is still thankful for the thought.

We organized a bedroom for Suzie in our spare bedroom, which is where the computer is. It might mean that the next weeks I might not update my web site as early in the morning, since Suzie might still be sleeping. But don't worry, I will keep writing a few words everyday of the week.


Friday March 26th to Sunday March 28th

I promised I would tell the story of what happened to Suzie today, so here is what I promised.

I would first thank everybody who sent letter of hope to Suzie.


Suzie's Story

Suzie started dating her boyfriend about 5 years ago, when she was 17. That period of her life was a period o great conflict with her father, and she started to smoke

Marijunana to ease her pain. It didn't really work, but it kept her stoned and emptied her pockets.

She managed to get a drug debt big enough to be unable to pay it back. Her pusher proposed to let her sleep with him to pay off part of her debt.

She did once. 

A few days later, her father found some pot in her room, and a huge fight erupted. She explained everything to her boyfriend ( but "forgot" to tell about sleeping with her pusher ).

She quit taking drugs, but still had a debt, she therefore offered to sleep with him again to pay the rest. He finally agreed.

Back to the present

She didn't hear from him until last week when he called her. He was recently tested HIV-positive and as such, might have infected Suzie since he doesn't know when he got it.

If Suzie was contaminated, she might have contaminated her boyfriend.

Which is part of the reason he broke up : the reason is not so much the AIDS, but rather the lying.

He says he would have a least known it could have been possible to have been infected if he had known she had cheated on him. Furthermore, just the fact of hiding that fact from him was a lot. he would have paid the debt himself to prevent Suzie from cheating on him. But Suzie was to ashamed to ask him some help.

So this is the story. Because of stupid things Suzie did when she was younger, she lost a lot of things. Of course, Suzie is still shaken, but is starting to get a little better. 

She will go to class today ( Monday ). She will get tested this week for hiv. Does anyone knows how much time it takes to have the results ?


Monday March 29th

I am sorry for delivering this text only Wednesday, but Tuesday morning, Suzie woke up after I left for work, so I couldn't deliver it. I replied to my e-mail from the university later, but couldn't update my site.

Monday morning, Suzie and I each had a class, so we walked to the University together.

I worked during diner, but in the afternoon I gave a ride to Suzie to the clinic. She was tested for HIV, and will have the results next week. Since she was in contact with the virus four years ago, they think the result should be final: if it is negative, she doesn't have it, but nevertheless suggest her to be tested again in three months.

Upon returning, Suzie was really shaken: she told me that the possibility of really having been infecting hadn't hit her until she came to the clinic. She was more hurt by her boyfriend leaving her. But now she didn't know what to do... what if she had aids?

My mom called while we where talking: she read my web site explaining Suzie's problem and offered to prepare us supper. After refusing about half a dozen of times, I finally ceded. When my mom arrived, she undressed without saying word as if it was totally natural. She insisted to ignore her while she made a wonderful supper.

We ate the four together, and upon promise by my boyfriend that he would not let Suzie and I do the dishes, left.

I called her the next day and she told me she simply wanted to give us a break.

Suzie cried a lot and didn't sleep much, but she finally managed to go to sleep.


Tuesday March 30th

I worked a lot today, since it the only day I never have classes.

Lucie came over to talk to Suzie, but I had to do some assignments. I know Suzie is feeling a little better, but it is only pending the test results.

Emilie called to check on Suzie, and promised to come the next day.

At least, Suzie stopped crying and started to sleep again.

I know my diary is getting more and more personal and less and less naturist, but please, understand that it is temporary.

I would like to thank everyone who sent letter of supports for Suzie, she read them all and wishes to thank everyone.


Wednesday March 31th

Suzie's decision

Suzie came to a big decision yesterday :

if she has AIDS, she is going to quit University and work full time in order to put money aside to later pay the medication.

I she doesn't have AIDS, she will start the next semester in another program. One more adapted to her own desires. ( she chose marketing only to please her father ).

She still ignores what it will be, but she will think about it. She now feels better : she changed her point of view about the situation. We all hope it's not just her tricking herself into believing everything is fine.


Back to Naturism

Finally, everyone will be happy I am sure, here is a section about Naturism.

Yesterday, as she had planned, Emilie came to help Suzie. Since Suzie already felt better, we eventually invited a few friends over to play monopoly. Everyone was naked but Emilie, who insisted on keeping her clothes on.

One of our friend announced us that his parents were leaving for the weekend. He finally invited the whole group to sleep at his house Thursday night, since we all have Friday off. My friends were also invited.

Emilie initially declined, saying that she is not a naturist, so she would be the only one dressed, but everyone told her it didn't matter at all. She eventually agreed. We had lot of fun during the game. We had called Lucie to invite her, but she had to work on her assignment due today ( Thursday ), so she simply sent Patrick.

Personnal message to Linda

This is a personal Message to one of my pen pals : Linda, I sent you an e-mail, but I was replied your mail-box no longer existed. I you read this, could you e-mail me back !

Last notes

Two small last notes : The next entry will be in a new page for April, so don't forget to look for it at the right place, and tomorrow, I will not be at home, so I won't update my site until Monday, therefore, Happy Easter everyone !



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