Stefany Conners' original website introduction

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Published on 22.02.06 07:52 Age: 16 yrs

Letters : 2255 Words : 431

By: Anynomous

Introduction page of the original Stefany Conners website

Note : this is the text that was present on the latest version of the diary.

Here is a collection of stories I wrote for my naturist pen pals. Everything starts in February of 1999, but I created this web page only on March 5 1999. I will keep updating it regularly in the future, at least, I hope.

Take note that apart from my name, every name is fictive. Lucie, for example, is not really called Lucie. I simply gave them aliases for easier reading.

If you which to reach me, you can chat with me sometimes at CyberNude

If you are a woman naturist, please write to me! I would love to share our experiences. However, if you only want erotic pictures, you will be deceived since I will NEVER send nude pictures of me to pen pals (or worse, place such a picture of me on my site).

A little about me

By the way, I am a 23 years old university student, I have been dating with my boyfriend since last September and moved in with him in the middle of January. He has the same age and goes to the same university as me.


Why do I put my life on the web ?

When I was hesitant about trying naturism, I had found no one who could explain me how they felt about naturism.It's only after a lot of chatting that I decided to try it.

I also have found a few pen pals with which I have a good relationship, and to whom I would write about my naturist life. Since I was always repeating the same things to all of them, I decided to write a kind of "diary" which explained what happened to each of my pen pals in the same words. It was easier to remember what I wrote to each of them.

Also, I chatted often, and was tired of always repeating the same things. Since I never chatted regularly, my chat friends would ask me what was new. In the february, a lot of things were moving fast, so I was always giving long speeches when chatting, monopolizing the conversation.

One day, I decided to put that "diary" on a web page which was suppose to be private and reserved to people I knew, but the enthusiasm of the few I talked to eventually convinced me to made it public.

I hope I can explain a little more my naturist life to others, so non-naturist can have a better understanding of this wonderful lifestyle.



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