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Published on 21.01.10 14:14 Age: 12 yrs
Category: Site News

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By: The Administrator

The Author of the Catherine Reynolds and of the Mark and Jenny series as well as multiple short stories on the site is offering to answer questions from the readers

In the past few months, I have received multiple questions by e-mails or in comments left on articles.

I have tried to personally answer them, but never were those questions publicly answered.

I had personally asked a lot of questions to the author of the Stefany Conners' naturist diary back in 1999, but my own questions and his answers were lost in time.

When he contacted us a few days ago to send us a missing chart from his old website, I questioned him to know if he was willing to be interviewed for the Naturist Fiction Archive, but he declined, since over 10 years have elapsed and he is in a much different place today.

But I am now personally inspired to try and answer any questions our readers might have about the writing of the various stories on the site or my own experience with naturism.

To ask me a question, simply post a comment to this article using the form below. You do not need to supply your real name or e-mail address. The comment will not be published, but the answers will all come in a future article, probably in late February or beginning of March.

I will also post all previously answered questions from readers which were answered privately.

Don't hesitate to ask anything you would like to know. This is your chance to get answers !





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