My professional life in 2019

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Published on 23.11.19 07:48 Age: 3 yrs
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My is my professional life now, in 2019?

If you read my last blog, you saw that I bought my software from the company that owed it.


Since then, I repaid my debt for the purchase, and the mortgage on our house.


Business is good. I branched out and now I am able to touch other markets.


I hired a few translators and my software is available in over 15 languages.


There were rough times... Months without any revenues, but I took those times to improve my software.


The thing is, my software has a tiny piece of code that no one else has.


Imagine, again with the cash register example, that the code to open the cash register was secret and only I knew it, so no one could make a replacement, not even open source.


Except that in my case, it's not such a simple operation.


It's a complex algorithm that I took years, at my previous company, to build and that so far, no one seems to have taken the time to recreate.


I do have competitors, and they have their own version of the algorithm, don't get me wrong!


Except it doesn't work as fast or as precisely.


Ok, so this algorithm isn't from me. It's from an engineer that I used to work with. He used to own the patent for our industry. Personally... That's like owning the patent on cash registers!


We hired him and he built this beautiful algorithm. My job was to not only code it, but to bury it so deep it couldn't be reversed engineered.


That was my contribution. Making it obscure and unbreakable.


So far, it's working because, well, people don't realize that this is my secret.


Imagine a cash register that tallies the till and that mine were 100% accurate because I hid a camera inside the cash register and inventory the cash coming in and out.


People are trying to copy my code but never notice the camera.


That's what my code does. It does something funny, inexplicable and that's how it works.


It's my one moment of shining.


Everything I have been doing is just adding sugar on top to charge more money, but I could make a small driver that just does the algorithm and then outputs the data.


But what would I do for a living then?




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