Mark and Jenny, Chapter 2 : Why Jenny ?

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Published on 22.11.09 23:00 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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In the second Chapter of Mark and Jenny, we learn why Mark wants to date Jenny.

An iceberg is mostly under the water, hidden from view. When I looked at other people, they almost all looked shallow, empty. Now that I am an adult, I can see more complex personalities in the people that surround me, but in high school, I had the distinct impression I was the only teenager that was mostly under the water.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that unlike the others I was hidden. But I had the impression that with other teens, what you see if what you get. Most of them don't have an additional layer you can only see once you become friends. Most of them stay superficial and go with the flow.

I , on the other hand, was interested in just about everything. I would read a lot of books wondering about life, the universe and everything. But I felt entirely alone, until I met Jenny. In a way, she was my 42.

At first it was subtle, but the more I noticed it, the easier it became to see it.

In the most of the conversions we had with Samantha, she would stand back and take a cautious point of view. Yet, once in a while, she would viciously and endlessly defend her position, as if her life depended on it. A few minutes later, once everyone conceded her the victory, she would return to her cautious self as if nothing had happened.

Most people who saw her that way just called her quirky, but I saw something else. Usually, Jenny has tender gentle eyes. When you stared into her eyes, your heart would think of delicate butterflies or the soft wind on a summer day. But when she defended her position, her pupils would light like fire. Your skin would feel like you were in the middle of the desert defending yourself from a horde of savage orcs, and yet, at the same time, it was a passion which couldn't leave you cold.

Some people simply tried to shove their points of views down your throat, suffocating you. Jenny instead was fencing with you, trying to convince you she had the upper hand and showing why. It wasn't so much intrusive as demonstrative.

She wasn't the first person I had seen with such a respectful passion, but she was the only teenager I knew who was able like that to respect you had a position, instead of simply trying to crush you.

And to top it all, her positions were very reasonable and mature. Like I said already, girls were usually a whole lot in advance in regards to boys, but their opinions are still usually emotional in nature. Jenny on the other hand had a balanced set of values like you normally find only with certain adults. I certainly know I couldn't with my parents, but that's another subject.

Of course, these arguments were most likely rationalizing my head was doing when I was thinking about her, but my heart also loved the way she moved and she talked and my genitals were frequently telling me how sexy I found her.

But in both cases, several girls were on the radar. My brain wanted only Jenny, and no other would fill the gap in my desire for companionship.



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