Mark and Jenny, Chapter 3 : The Birthday party

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Published on 29.11.09 23:00 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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By: The Administrator

It's Samantha's Birthday party. Will Mark be able to capitalize on the event to get closer to Jenny ?

Over the weeks, I was able to slowly, but surely, get closer to her. Samantha had already included me in her confidence, sharing secrets the other guys didn't know about, not that they would understand them anyway. Jenny however, still erected a wall between us which I seemed unable to escalade until a fateful day in the beginning of November.

That's when I was able to get closer, but don't let me spoil it for you. Let's start with the invitation.

Jenny came to see me during recess on a Tuesday morning. She was visibly nervous and spoke a lot faster than usual.

"It's Samantha's birthday this week-end, and her parents are throwing a surprise party Friday night at the bowling alley. They asked me to invite some her friends, but you're the only one I could really think of. They already invited Steve, because he's their neighbour, but I was wondering if you would complete our quartet for the bowling part of the party. "

I obviously accepted and promised not to reveal anything.

My parents were exited I was going to a girl's birthday party, so they gave me money for a gift and for the evening. My mother even booked me an appointment with my hair dressed to cut my hair "In case one of the girls at the party would notice me".

Did I mention my parents were terrified I was gay because I didn't have a girlfriend yet and because I had all these weird mature opinions ? Well, now you know. To this day, I still don't understand the link between homosexuality and mature thinking, but like I said before, my parents weren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

With the money I bought a CD of an obscure band I read about and which I was sure would fit with both Samantha's and Jenny's tastes. I wanted them to know I was sophisticated and cultured, but since I didn't want to sound too elitist, I also bought some candy I had seen the girls eating earlier in the year.

I wrapped everything myself and bought a nice bland card, to make sure she wouldn't interpret anything as a attempt to seduce her. The worse I could do for my plan, was to get Samantha to like me enough for Jenny to let her have me. 

Ok, I had no idea by then if girls had a friend-code like guys do, and, well, let me stop there, I am not even sure I do have an idea about that today, years later. Let's just say I didn't want to take chances.

Like usual, I was the first on location. That's my thing. Even today, I manage to always be too early to any appointment. Once, I was two hours late for the dentist, and still was too early because the dentist himself was almost three hours behind on his schedule.

In fact, I was so early I was convinced I had the wrong bowling alley until Jenny arrived. At that point, I think my whole face lighted up. Not only was I outside of school with the girl I wanted, but I was so far, alone with her.

To my surprise, she was happy to see me. I then thought I did have a chance. If you are a guy and were fooled by the same scenario, you know what I mean. If you are a girl, please, pretty please, if you are single show that you are happy to see a single guy, he will think you are interested in him. You would be better to learn this technique : "Oh, you are already here ? Oh well." in a neutral voice, while making eye contact, and not smiling. 

Why eye contact ? So we know you are not avoiding our gaze. If you are avoid our eyes, we think you are interested. Even if you are doing so simply because you find us too creepy.

Jenny and I did a lot of one on one chit chat. We talked about our future, room decoration, politics, almost everything we couldn't talk about with other teenagers.

We were interrupted by the rest of the party goers, but Jenny said in my ear that she had been surprised at how mature I sounded compared to the other guys.

Of course, I made the mistake of thinking this meant she wanted me, but don't try to insist on it. Ignorance is bliss and this is one of my most blissful memories. Her soft lips a few inches from my right ear, her hand on the back of my chair. Her hair dropping down almost in my face. Well, let me take a 5 minutes pause to dream on and get back to you.

So, where was I ? Oh yes, the party.  Steve won every one of the bowling matches, and made sure we knew that he owned us thanks to his prowess. At first, I was clearly in second place, but I decided to play it a little sloppier and let the two girls get ahead. I still reserved a few nice moves when I know it wouldn't place me in second place, but otherwise had a surprising number of splits.

We later ate cake and gave our presents. Both Jenny and Samantha were curious about the band, and I was thanked in public by the birthday girl and with a silent thank you mouthed by my dream girl. Slowly, one by one the guests were leaving, until the guest of honour herself left with her parents, who gave a lift to Steve.

To my pleasure, this left Jenny and I alone in the bowling alley, on a Friday night, so I proposed to play another match. Jenny not only surprised me by accepting, but added she would only play if I didn't let her win like earlier during the evening. I first feigned to ignore what she was saying, but ultimately capitulated.

I managed to score significantly higher than all of my previous matches, but never approached Steve's level. The best however, was that Jenny let me give her some tricks, which sometimes involved touching her arms.

All good things have to come to an end, so I asked her how she would go home and discovered she lived from a walking distance of the bowling alley. Since it was dark, I accompanied her home to "make sure she was safe", but once at her house, she thanked me and promptly came inside.

I know, I should have kissed her, or asked if I could come in. But I didn't. It's a good thing too, because I now know she wasn't seeing me as a potential boyfriend and that everything that followed would have been ruined if I had taken that opportunity.

In the balance of things, I think I did well, but while walking back to the bowling alley, unaware of the future, I couldn't avoid hating myself for not trying it. 



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