Mark and Jenny, Chapter 5 : The Visit

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Published on 13.12.09 23:00 Age: 13 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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Mark decides to act and visit Jenny, instead of just calling her.

In December, I decided it was time to act. My relationship wasn't moving forward and Christmas was around the corner.

I knew that on Thursday night, she was usually home alone. Her parents went shopping, including for the groceries, so I decided to take my bike out of the shed and find a telephone booth near her house. 

I called her, and made sure she was there and alone, but didn't mention where I was and what I was about to do. This was when caller ID wasn't yet the norm, so she couldn't spot I wasn't home. I think she found it odd we only talked for a few minutes, but still wished me a good night before hanging up.

With all my courage, I rang her doorbell and waited. All of the stores and drapes were closed, so I couldn't see anything inside, but there was no car in the entrance and I knew she was home.

After perhaps 30 seconds, Jenny opened the door in a bathrobe and was utterly surprised to see me, but still let me enter.

"What are you doing here ?". 

"I thought I'd surprise you. I wanted to see you. We see each other at school, but never just the two of us. I like Samantha, but I have the impression I connect more with you than with her."

Ok, I'll be honest, it wasn't that suave. I probably stumbled on my words, I probably was a lot more insecure, but she let me in, asking to wait near the front door while she dressed back up. I then guessed she was about to get into the bath.

She quickly came back wearing the same clothes as during the day, and invited me over to her bedroom. 

I had expected a pink bedroom full of stuffed animals, like Samantha's, but I was instead greeted by an almost surrealist display.

The ceiling and the top of the walls were painted sky blue, with several white clouds hand painted in white on the ceiling.

The bottom of the walls was painted grass green, but a texture was applied to make it look like grass. The separation between the blue and the green wasn't a straight line, but rather gave the impression we were surrounded by hills.  Three small trees were drawn extending from the floor, one of which with red apples and another one with white flowers.

A hummingbird was sipping at one of the flowers, and several butterflies were flowing in the sky. The bed was covered by a light green duvet with nice flowers.

I think she saw the look in my face and thus, commented on the decor. "My dad and I did it. He is an architect and thus, spends all of his day drawing buildings. I suggested that my room looked like a forest, and we did the painting together. It's not finished yet, it never will, but it's close to our vision".

I was completely stunned. I think every time I would see her room after a few days away, I was just as stunned. I never permanently got the hang of it. That room was magical, and not just because it was Jenny's room.

On a side note, I once visited the house after Jenny had moved. They converted the room into an office and painted green-gray walls over the decor. I looked closely and I was still able to see the outline of the apples, or was it my imagination ? In all cases, it felt as if they had struck a blow in Jenny heart.

Jenny had a desk, so I sat on its chair, while she sat on the bed. We talked, listened to some music, shared opinions. It was a little like on the phone, but she was now able to show me books she liked and owned, and we could listen to her music.

For me, it was a little more awkward because I was in her territory, so I didn't manage to do a move at that point. In fact, once again, when I left before her parents came back, I accused myself of being the biggest idiot in the world.

But I realized that I had the opportunity to get closer to her, so I decided to bid my time.

The next day, the three of us went to see a movie and my visit never seemed to reach Samantha's ear, just as our phone calls remained between the two of us.

I went back to her house every Thursday from that point on. It was Thursday at her place with just her, and Friday either at the Theatre, at Samantha's house or at my house with both of the girls.



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