Jacob on the first day of the new rules

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Published on 25.11.19 19:31 Age: 4 yrs
Category: Jacob in College

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a new series from November 25th 2019, it features a young adult male (for once!) who is the first student to take advantage of the new rules changing the college into a clothing-optional campus.

I took a deep breath in my dorm room. I had fought for this, I had won. Why did it feel as if I was about to be killed?

New Mexico had stayed out of the debate and simply let towns, employers, universities or any other place with regulations deal with the problem.

Except no one had done so, well, no one important.

so it's us, a few students of the Western New Mexico University that decided to take matters into our own hands.

Most of the activists weren't even members of the cause: they fought for freedom in general and not theirs in particular, unlike a core groups of my friends and I.

We celebrated our victory of the previous Friday, both my gang and the activists (together and apart) and during the get together last night, we realized that most of our gang was to chicken to start the ball. I'll be honest: I was scared too, but perhaps less than the rest. Or maybe I had more liquid courage than they did on that night.

All I know is that I volunteered to start today. A single drop of freedom in a sea of over 3500 students.

More might follow in the following days, but today I would fare the sea of students alone.

I took a deep breath. "Jacob, you can do this" I told myself.

I turned the handle of my door and opened it. On the other side, in the corridor, was a thin crowd of male students, either leaving their dormroom for class or still in their pajamas going out for breakfast.

Kyle, one of my neighbors was only wearing his boxers: he was even barefooted!

At least, I had socks and shoes on.

"Dude", he told me, half awake. "You forgot to put clothes on".

I smiled. I was important to seem nice.

"No Kyle, here, take a flyer". I took the first sheet of my huge pile of flyers and gave it to him.

I had more in my backpack along with, of course, the books and pens I needed for my first class across campus... in an hour. I decided to leave early as I had no idea how many students would interrupt me.

Seeing a nude student on campus isn't something you see everyday, thought I still hadn't even make it down my floor!

I skipped the elevator: the risk to be squeezed with intolerant bullied were too high, not that I was worried one on one: I hadn't volunteered randomly. I was on the NCAA football team and I used to be a main defense in high school with the broad shoulders, massive biceps and powerful legs that could stop a barrage of offensive players.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't really in shape: I was bulky. I did have muscles, but my weight wasn't all good..

The staircase was close enough, but one I dropped one floor, I came head to head with Annie, one of the girls living on the female floor below ours.

"Jacob, what the fuck are you doing?"

"Hi Annie", I said, giving her a flyer. "Last Friday, the college successfully voted to become clothing optional starting today, so I decided to volunteer to lead the charge"

Annie yanked the flyer from my hand and sighed.

"But why?", she said, complaining and reading the flyer with deep intent.

"Naturism is on the rise in the United States and we presented a survey showing that over 23% of the students were interested in being nude in the college if it was clothing optional"

She laughed. A another girl came in the stairs. Kelley if I remember. I gave her a flyer, but she didn't say anything.

"23 percent? That's not even a quarter pervert. You expect me to believe that the college listened to a minority like that?"

"Well", I replied. "71% of the student voted in favor of the measure. That's a pretty big majority"

"When?", she asked.

Kelley spoke. "last week. It was in the school newspaper. You could vote all week. I voted last Wednesday"

"See, pervert, some of us voted againt. I know I would have", Annie said, triumphant.

"I voted for it", Kelley replied, shy.

Annie turned around and yelled "You too?"

Kelley became defendant. "Oh no, I am not a naturist, but I know some and I think it's time to open our minds. They deserve to go to college too!"

Kelley gave me back the flyer. "You are really courageous". I thanked her.

"I have to go, see you Annie"!

We left her on the landing and descended the levels. Kelley asked me a few questions such as my past experiences and was fascinated to learn that despite not growing up in a naturist center (my family lived in a textile area but went to naturist events), I was the first volunteer.

We reached the ground floor, but not without me giving two more flyers.






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