Still alive... I am even writing a story

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Published on 21.11.19 21:26 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Blog

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I am still alive, and I am currently trying to write a new stand alone essay.


Naturism recently came back into my family when my daughter (our eldest) announced she was interested into it again.


We moved recently (that's a blog in itself) and she found our old naturist magazines and it brought up a family discussion.


Our son was always on the fence and had only stopped during puberty due to changes in his body, but our daughter had decided to put a lock on it.


She realized it was peer pressure, a conformism brewing from high school warfare (that is also a blog in itself).


My wife and I had gone to naturist events as a couple more recently and our teens (who are practically adults) decided to try it again, first our son, then our daughter, and eventually the whole family.


Anyway, I am alive...



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