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I read some of my old stories and feel ashamed

After half a decade without thinking about this site, I decided to write more stories, so I had to read old stories and they made me cringe.

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My professional life in 2019

My is my professional life now, in 2019?

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Still alive... I am even writing a story

I am still alive, and I am currently trying to write a new stand alone essay.


Naturism recently came back into my family when my daughter (our eldest) announced she was interested into it again.


We moved recently (that's a...

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One of my readers will translate some of my stories in French

I am not dead and I haven't given up on writing more naturist stories in the future, I just didn't get any inspiration since I last wrote, in 2013.

I know, it's a long time but each time I sit down to write new stories, I...

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An update on my professional life

If you ever read the article on what I do for a living, you should have a good idea of what my life consists of.

I make money on maintenance contracts for my old software, but also for custom modules. Once again, the hardware my...

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