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Change of Hosting company

Our website domain names expired a few weeks ago, by no fault of ours. In fact, when it expired and got redirected to an awful porn site, I thought we had been hacked!

The reality is even more sinister: our web hosting company...

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Different levels of writing

My story "The Deserted Beach" was criticized as being badly written and I thought I might explain a little more about writing.

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Slight Site Restructure

I made some changes to the structure of the site, now that I know a little more about how the site is actually used

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Just published a bunch of comments and I read some submitted stories

I just realized that there was a lot of unmoderated comments and I just published them, at least, the non-spam ones and those which aren't direct questions to me.

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So, what do I do for a living exactly?

I got a lot of e-mails about my situational depression and felt like I was repeating all of the time what my job was about. Here is some information

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