What is a Naturist / Nudist ?

A nudist is someone who enjoys social nudity: spending time naked in the company of others. A naturist also enjoys social nudity, but for some, it also either means a bigger commitment to the lifestyle or also living more naturally. In many cases, it is completly synonymous to nudist.

In any way, this site could easily have been called the nudist story archive.


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Welcome to the Naturist Fiction Archive

This site is a non-profit repository of non-erotic nudist fiction online stories. There is a lot of erotic story archives featuring naturism in a non-realistic way, this site is there for real nudist stories to find their own permanent home on the web.

You can read more about the purpose of this site on the introduction page. You can also read Short Stories and longer Stories including the famous story of How Kristen Spent Her Summer Vacation which is republished with the permissions of the author as well as Stefany Conners' naturist diary, which is now for the first time prefaced by the real original author who admits it was entirely fictional.

You should also take a look as some nudist stories written specifically for this website, such as some of our short stories, the Catherine Reynolds series and the serial which used to be published every Monday morning, Mark and Jenny. You can also read on the recent serial, the Eden's Creek universe.


Newest Articles


My life so far, Episode 11: Volleyball with friends

Finally, the volleyball match. Not much to say, but it introduces something my daughter wanted to put in the story: the rules of cool. We get to see Julie trying to figure out what it means to be cool. Some foreshadowing for...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 9015 Words : 1747


My life so far, Episode 10: Ribs and Revelations

Sorry for the little pause in publishing. This is a pivotal moment for the relationship between Julie and her mother. It's also an important growing up moment for her.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 13921 Words : 2628


My life so far, episode 9: Teenagers

Finally, Lucy and Clark are introduced! These are 2 non-resident teenage naturists who help Julie form a template as to what being a teenager and being in a relationship is like.

They do not live at the resort, and initially,...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 20954 Words : 4001


My life so far, episode 8: The ride

Finally the bike ride and the creek! This was one of the first ideas my daughter had, and before you ask, no, it's not auto-biographical. Well, some of the details of the bike ride are inspired by real life events (in a non...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 16273 Words : 3075


Good progress on My life so far

My daughter and I are making good progress on My life to far, with 25 episodes written and over 58,000 words!

Category: Blog
Letters : 1439 Words : 259


My life to far, episode 7: Morning ritual

One of the first fully collaborative episodes. Julie wakes up and goes on her day. A nice episode where not much occurs in term of action but a lot for Julie. She also admits not being that reliable. I wonder if this will come in...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11107 Words : 2141


My life so far, Episode 6: A sleepover

Finally, the sleepover. The scary story part is 100% from my daughter, by the petanque part is mine. We designed the resort together and both wrote parts.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 12007 Words : 2265


My life to far Episode 5: Finally Friday [fixed]

It's finally Friday! Julie does to Mindy's naturist resort with her parents, until at least Episode 16!

The first version of this episode was corrupted and half of the content was missing. Sorry for that.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11582 Words : 2200


19 episodes of My Life to far written? And teaser of upcoming episodes

My daughter and I wrote a lot of My life so far and programmed episodes now show up

Category: Blog
Letters : 2020 Words : 371


My life so far, episode 4: Nude with my parents

Julie decides to try naturism with her parents. This is another episode written in separate steps between father and daughter. The ribs for example, came from the father, a lot of the rest from his daughter.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11479 Words : 2179


My life so far, episode 3: Confrontations

Julie confronts her parents about lying to her about naturism and keeping her away from it. They have an interesting answer, and a negotiation about dessert occurs.

Category: My life so far
Letters : 11535 Words : 2209


A new collaborative way to write My life so far

My daughter and I are editing her story in Google Docs, each adding new parts, but yesterday, we had a big evening together

Category: Blog
Letters : 2308 Words : 418


My life so far. Episode 2: The first visit

Most of this installment was directly inspired by the recent visit of my daughter to a naturist activity for the first time in years, and from my daughter browsing our naturist magazines. I helped making it a little more...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 12481 Words : 2348


Site is now responsive, and progress on "My life so far"

Work on the site, and more writing with my daughter

Category: Blog
Letters : 1480 Words : 277


The naturist fiction archives, now bigger and better than ever!

On this May 17th 2022, the site got major changes and is now bigger and better than ever.

Category: Blog
Letters : 1637 Words : 320


My life so far, episode 1: the photo album

In this first installment, Julie discovers that she grew up a naturist and then, was forced in a textile world. Most of that installment was written by the daughter of the administrator, with some details added in collaboration...

Category: My life so far
Letters : 13838 Words : 2642


My daughter wrote most of the sequel for "Can the pool be saved", and a new serial

A blog about a new collaborator and an upcoming serial.

Category: Blog
Letters : 2151 Words : 406


The pool is saved, but Heather and Stephen still work

In this sequel to the 2009 short story "SAVING THE POOL: CAN NATURIST FIND A PLACE TO SWIM, AND SAVE IT FROM CLOSING ?", Heather meets Cassandra and Susan at the mall, giving her some courage.

This first new story since 2019...

Letters : 14058 Words : 2536


I read some of my old stories and feel ashamed

After half a decade without thinking about this site, I decided to write more stories, so I had to read old stories and they made me cringe.

Category: Blog
Letters : 7334 Words : 1382


Jacob on the first day of the new rules

a new series from November 25th 2019, it features a young adult male (for once!) who is the first student to take advantage of the new rules changing the college into a clothing-optional campus.

Category: Jacob in College
Letters : 4448 Words : 824


Alone in Amanda's apartment (Chapter 3 of the Bliss series)

This chapter was actually written on April 17th 2013 and never published! Shame on me... In chapter 2, Amanda leaves our narrator alone in her apartment on their second date.

Category: Bliss
Letters : 8776 Words : 1628


Mark and Jenny: the forgotten epilogue

Back in November 2008 (11 years ago!) when I was writing Mark and Jenny, I had written a short epilogue to help me guide the story. I found it and I am publishing it. It was meant to be published after the main story ended, but I...

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 3616 Words : 651


thank you for last night!

A third email from the series "Why being married to a radical naturism wife is awesome", which was planned as a standlone

Category: Emails to Bob
Letters : 3583 Words : 687


My professional life in 2019

My is my professional life now, in 2019?

Category: Blog
Letters : 2113 Words : 383


Re: Questions about Naturism

In this sequel to "Why is being married to a radical naturist wife is awesome", our main character replies to an email from Bob

Category: Emails to Bob
Letters : 6885 Words : 1307