What is a Naturist / Nudist ?

A nudist is someone who enjoys social nudity: spending time naked in the company of others. A naturist also enjoys social nudity, but for some, it also either means a bigger commitment to the lifestyle or also living more naturally. In many cases, it is completly synonymous to nudist.

In any way, this site could easily have been called the nudist story archive.


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Welcome to the Naturist Fiction Archive

This site is a non-profit repository of non-erotic nudist fiction online stories. There is a lot of erotic story archives featuring naturism in a non-realistic way, this site is there for real nudist stories to find their own permanent home on the web.

You can read more about the purpose of this site on the introduction page. You can also read Short Stories and longer Stories including the famous story of How Kristen Spent Her Summer Vacation which is republished with the permissions of the author as well as Stefany Conners' naturist diary, which is now for the first time prefaced by the real original author who admits it was entirely fictional.

You should also take a look as some nudist stories written specifically for this website, such as some of our short stories, the Catherine Reynolds series and the serial which used to be published every Monday morning, Mark and Jenny. You can also read on the recent serial, the Eden's Creek universe.


Newest Articles


The Same Place, Chapter 12: Dreaming

Kylie did not go to sleep immediately, but she did eventually drift off to sleep. Her dream was a familiar one-- all too familiar.

Once again, visions of Fisher's Creek came to her in her dreams. It was the same dream she had...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 13177 Words : 2371


The Same Place, Chapter 11: An Unseasonably Hot Day


Category: The Same Place
Letters : 17023 Words : 3129


The Same Place, Chapter 10: At the Crossroads

In the end, she decided to wear just her hat and sunglasses. After all, Mungo had brought nothing to cover himself for the entire trip. Granted, he did not have to deal with sore breasts. But if he could go nude the whole trip...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 16288 Words : 3001


The Same Place, Chapter 9: Birds and Snakes

"Actually, I want to get a few more shots of the campsite," said Kylie. She took out the Scout and panned over the campsite, she then panned over to Mungo, who didn't feel like saying anything that moment. She then held...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 23110 Words : 4268



The Same Place, Chapter 7: At the Farm House

Lars took the lead.  He dismounted from the horse and removed the heavy saddle and hung it over the railing.  The horse was now free to wander off, and did just that heading for a feeding trough full of grain and oats....

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 9805 Words : 1800


The Same Place, Chapter 6: On Private Land [Fixed]

Kylie found the second day of hiking to be quite a bit more difficult than the first. Although she did not want to admit it, she was actually a bit sore. Yet once she got on the trail, the soreness seemed to go away, a bit. She...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 11810 Words : 2175


The Same Place, Chapter 5: On Public Land

Yet it was a question that was quickly answered by a set of tell-tale signs. "Mungo! This is a national park!"

"Yep, it's also where we start our journey," said Mungo eager to begin the journey.


Category: The Same Place
Letters : 19950 Words : 3624


The Same Place, Chapter 4: The Journey Begins

Kylie awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. Had the events of the past two days been just a dream? Was she really no longer a news anchor? And was she really going on a walkabout? The sight of her fully packed backpack on...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 11156 Words : 2116


The Same Place, Chapter 3: It's going to be a documentary...

"Do you...do you mind if I videotape our journey?" The question seemed to be in incredibly poor taste. This was supposed to be a solemn event, not to be treated as if it were just another story. Yet Kylie was hatching a...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 18328 Words : 3354


The Same Place, Chapter 2: Leave-takings

Kylie woke up the next morning. She had not slept well. The good news was that her horrible birthday was over. The bad news was, well, everything else. She was no longer a news reporter. The thing she had worked so hard for had...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 17495 Words : 3187


The Same Place, Chapter 1: The Loneliest Birthday

Kylie's 38th birthday was the loneliest one she had ever had...

Kylie was required to work on her birthday. It was not something she was particularly happy about, but it came with the territory. Working in broadcasting, Kylie...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 15840 Words : 2879


The Same Place, Introduction and Disclaimers


First, Loxie and Zoot, The Bare Pit, and any characters mentioned within this story are the intellectual property of their creator, Stephen Crowley. Stephen has graciously endorsed the writing of fanfiction. You will...

Category: The Same Place
Letters : 4425 Words : 760


What's happening with Mark and Jenny ?

An explanation as to why there are no more articles in the Mark and Jenny series for now.

Letters : 2860 Words : 517


Mark and Jenny, Chapter 12 : The Invitation

When Mark arrived home, Jenny was already on the phone with an invitation. This is the shortest chapter so far, as it is more of an epilogue to the previous one.

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 4079 Words : 750


A Letter to my mom [From the Eden's Creek universe]

This is a letter from a teenage girl living in Eden's Creek, a fictional town set 20 years into the future. This letter is sent 3 years into the Eden's Creek universe and will most likely be the last episode chronologically,...

Category: Eden's Creek
Letters : 5545 Words : 1072


Mark and Jenny, Chapter 11 : and odd Saturday afternoon

Mark is invited for supper at Jenny's house so that her parents get to know him better.

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 7592 Words : 1417


Virtual Interview offer...

The Author of the Catherine Reynolds and of the Mark and Jenny series as well as multiple short stories on the site is offering to answer questions from the readers

Category: Site News
Letters : 1359 Words : 240


Mark and Jenny, Chapter 10: A new routine [Fixed]

Mark is getting used to spend time nude at Jenny's house. Social nudity is his new activity. [Sorry, this is the second time the wrong chapter was programmed]

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 4201 Words : 797


A new e-mail from the author of Stephany Conners' Naturist diary

The original author of the Stephany Conners' Naturist diary sent us an e-mail about the progress of the Naturist Fiction Archive and the missing chart of Stephany Conners' group

Letters : 2249 Words : 400


Mark and Jenny, Chapter 9 : An insider view

Mark finally gets a peak into Jenny's lifestyle, and thus, a peak under her bathrobe. But is he in for more than he bargained for ?

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 3674 Words : 682


Happy New Year ! (Site update)

A new page is created, with news about Mark and Jenny, Catherine Reynolds and a future yet unannounced short story.

Category: Site News
Letters : 2162 Words : 364


Mark and Jenny, Chapter 8 : The aftershock

In one of the shortest chapters of the Mark and Jenny series, Mark suffers from the aftershock of his declaration.

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 1735 Words : 330


Mark and Jenny, Chapter 7 : Opening up

Jenny opens up to Mark thanks to the previous events, forcing Mark to finally open up to Jenny.

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 4293 Words : 827


Mark and Jenny, Chapter 6 : The Magazine [fixed]

Mark discovers by accident a weird magazine in Jenny's room which provides insight into the lifestyle of the girl he loves [Update : the content was originally the content from chapter 5. It is now fixed]

Category: Mark and Jenny
Letters : 5056 Words : 969