This page lists some ideas on where to start reading on this site and a summary of the content.

Are you new to naturism ?

If you are not sure about what naturism is, we recommand that you start your journey on this site by reading this introduction of naturism.

Then, one great introduction story for you to read would be The Secret Beach, which shows two teenagers discovering a naturist beach during a summer vacation. It is short to read, being only 2336 words long, but new readers usually like it enough to continue reading other stories.

The new serial from 2019, Emails to Bob, can also help you learn a little more about naturism in emails sent from a naturist with a radical naturist wife (something which barely exists) to one of his colleagues.

Already a naturist and want to know what this site is about ?

We have several stand-alone short stories which will give you a good idea of what naturist fiction may look like :

  • Growing up in the bathtub, which is a non conventional discovery of naturism. 2293 words long
  • Saving the Pool shows the world of naturism from the point of view of 2 textile lifeguards. 2599 words long.
  • Suzy and her Father, a day under the sun, which shows a teenage girl discovering that her father is a naturist. It's 2645 words long. 
  • A Fiery teenager, tells the story of a teenage girl who discovers that she becomes a human torch when angry. 3576 words long.
  • A twist of faith, the first short story published on the site, back in 2006. 5967 words long.

At this moment, stories featuring teenagers are over represented, mainly because the primary author of short stories prefers to write stories involving them: teenagers have strong emotions, are more unpredictable and generally have more energy than a middle age career focused person. Also, teenagers are often exploring who they are and as such, more prone to discover naturism.

Finally, it's the moment when he discovered naturism...


Ready to read a little more ?

If you want longer stories, we have 6 novels / serials currently hosted on the site:

  • How Kristen Spent her summer vacation, by nemo, which tells the story of a lifeguards who gets assigned to a nudist beach. It's 24 chapters long.
  • Catherine Reynolds, naturist attorney which is a series of 7 independent short stories 3910 to 11,229 words long, with a new chapter coming in the next few weeks.
  • The same place, by Cedar, which is a fanfic of the Bare Pit webcomic.
  • Eden's Creek
  • The Stefany Conners naturist diary which was originally published in 1999 by an anonymous author and advertised as real, but eventually admitted to being fake. It might be considered unfinished, but a lot of the narrative is resolved by the time the last chapter is reached. Spread over 5 months totaling 25,132 words.
  • Mark and Jenny, which used to be published every Monday morning. 12 chapters were published between Nov 17th 2009 and Feb. 1st 2010, but it currently stands unfinished. While running, it was the #1 attraction of the site

Want to help ?

If you want to help, there are several things you can do :

  • Read more stories. We closely monitor page views and see increases in the number of stories read as a sign of success
  • Blog about us, link to us or talk about us. Each new visitor increases interest in the site and increases the chance of more articles. The Eden's creek serial for example, was posted on a daily basis to try and keep the readers of the recently cancelled Mark and Jenny series.
  • Read the Story Progress Report and stay updated on what's coming. If you see a story that interest you in the pipe, or don't see a sequel you would like to see there, e-mail the administrator at :
  • Rate articles. At the top of each of the articles, there is a rating tool. You can rate each of the stories according to how much you liked them. It is totally anonymous so don't hesitate ! Stories which are ranked high have a higher chance than others of getting a sequel
  • Post Comment. At the bottom of each of the articles, there is a comment form. You can pose questions, offer critics, etc... If the article is written by the Administrator of the site, he tries to respond to each of them personally in another comment.
  • E-mail the administrator. If you have a long critic or if you have questions or story ideas on something written by the Administrator, don't hesitate to e-mail him at :

Please note that there are no banner ads on the site and no donation buttons. If you want to help, these are the only ways !