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A new e-mail from the author of Stephany Conners' Naturist diary

The original author of the Stephany Conners' Naturist diary sent us an e-mail about the progress of the Naturist Fiction Archive and the missing chart of Stephany Conners' group

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Stefany Conners's naturist diary

Introduction from the author of the Stefany Conners diary, which was published between February 1999 and June 1999, and stayed on the Internet for a few years, attracting millions of hits. Then, there was a controversy on whether...

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Virtual Interview offer...

The Author of the Catherine Reynolds and of the Mark and Jenny series as well as multiple short stories on the site is offering to answer questions from the readers

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Stephany Conners' group

Page from the old Stephany Conner's website rediscovered by There was in 1999 a diagram of the group which sadly wasn't salvaged from the archives.

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A twist of Faith

Mark falls in love with a beautiful mysterious stranger, Faith he met at various airports over the course of 2 years. He decides to chase her and find her secret identity. There is sensuality, but in a PG-13 way.

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