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This page lists the progress report on future development, including future stories to be published.

New progress report for 2022

In November 2019, I began writing again with 3 chapters of a new series "Emails for Bob". It is planned to be continue in 2022.

In May 2022, new episodes began to be written, and this page updated.

You can find below adjustments to the progress report, but I can't promise I will write as much as I used to.

My life so far

June 2022: 36 episodes are written, 7 are published, and soon, the 8th will go live. Progress is going one great with a few of the secondary characters already in the story. Billy, the last one of the original ones, will come soon. More characters will be added, but they weren't in the original plan.


May 2022: My daughter resumed enjoying naturism and recently began writing a naturist story. I helped her refine it and the first episode or chapter is already up.

The second episode is written and reviewed, but she wants to finish the 3d before putting it online, in case she goes back to it like she did with the 1st, writing the 2nd one.

Most of the story is hers, but some of the content is mine. For example, I add transitions between scenes and improve continuity.

For example, In chapter 1, when Mindy leaves, she dressed back, but not Julie, so when Julie goes outside, it's not clear when she dressed up. Same with stuff with phone calls. My daughter had Mindy and Julie talking over cell phones, when the story occurs before when kids had them.

Emails to Bob

This is a new series from November 2019. I have a few more chapters planned, so stay tuned, they might be written in 2022!

Jacob in College

This new serial from November 2019 is an attempt to correct some of the mistakes I've made with my past stories, notably by putting them way too female centrist: there are more naturist men than women and my stories have not reflected that. It will be continued only later, if continued

DJ Nathalie

June 2022: DJ Nathalie is probably abandoned. A lot of ideas for this story will be My life so far instead, however, it remains active as I might rebuild the character and the story.


Old intro

So, I've been having this inspiration for over a decade and I think I might write a naturist story around it.

It would follow DJ Nathalie, a travelling DJ by night, and a naturist by day.

It would kind of be a Catherine Reynolds type of story, but more like a travel log.

Please note that I didn't visit European naturist resorts in the 90s, so most of what I will write will be 100% fictional.

The DJ part of the first 3 episodes were written, it's the naturist part and the personal part of DJ Nathalie which is missing. Might be written in late 2022.

The Date / Bliss

July 31th 2011: I began working on a new story, temporarily titled "The date" which currently stands as 1,427 words.

It won't be a very long one, at least, I don't think so and it should be ready shortly. 

However it's very important because it introduces a building which is the basis for another story that was in development 2 or 3 years ago and which was named "Bliss".

Bliss is rather complex to write because I want it to follow a certain rhythm, but the building in which it partly takes places is interesting enough to place a few stories in it.

It has a male main character, something I don't do enough, but once again, the most interesting character is the girl he is dating. 

Sorry, I just find women interesting and14 men a little boring...

August 1st update: The story is now 2,122 words long, but it's not simply 695 longer than yesterday: a lot of the previously written words have been changed and the story is now a prologue to "Bliss". 

A few elements initially planned for "Bliss" will instead be in "The Date" or it's sequels in a change which will allow me to get a move on for "Bliss" with new characters (the 2 of "The Date") which will become the new protagonists.

Part of the problems with "Bliss" is that I had a mystery in which the protagonist was the mysterious person behind the curtain. I wanted it that way for a very specific reason but it prevented me from writing the story.

By splitting that character in two halves, the mysterious person behind the curtain and the naturist single woman who gets a new boyfriends who starts to see things he shouldn't be seeing means that I will be able to perhaps sustain a certain suspense while keeping the naturist angle (which justifies the addition to this site).

Second August 1st Update: The story is now online!

November 24th 2019 Update: The 3rd chapter (which was the 2nd half of the second chapter) was found and will be edited and published. I have plans to possibly write more chapters, possibly after the next Catherine Reynolds.

May 2022 Update: The fourth chapter is partially planned, but not written or planned to be written soon.

Catherine Reynolds: The case of the business collusion

Update on July 29th 2011: Now that the Case Catherine didn't want is online, the next case for Catherine Reynolds will be "The case of the Business Collusion" in which a company is accused of having conspired to fix prices with one of it's competitors on a government bid.

The personal life segments are already decided (well, I bet you can guess what they are), the R.K.D. development are also decided (just as predictable), the twist for Catherine to win her trial is already planned, so I think it could be easy to write.

However, I really want to publish the Deserted beach first and I want to continue Susanna's World in the mean time.

I'll update this section as I progress on episode 10 of Catherine Reynolds, but hopefully, it won't take another 18 months!

November 24th 2019: It didn't take 18 months, but rather, over 8 years and 5 months! I still have the opening of the story, and I even wrote 4 words for it today (yes, FOUR. I had an incomplete sentence and I just completed it). The notes are there for the personal life as well as the case, but I can't remember the predictable twist for RKD. My plan, in all cases, is to try to publish that story before of the end of 2019.

Now, I am over the cancellation of the Catherine Reynolds movie, so I plan to try to find another case to write in 2020, and perhaps another one for 2021. Only the future knows what will happen...

Guess what, there was a pandemic! As of May 2022, I would like to write another case, but I am out of ideas for now.

Inactive stories

These stories will most likely not get new chapters.

Susanna's World

July 28th 2011: I published 2 new chapters this week, the first time I published two chapters in such a rapid succession since February 2010, with Eden's Creek.

I am not sure when the next chapter will be written, but it should be Susanna's first day as a teacher. I already have a lot of ideas to write in.

BTW, today's chapter, "Musing", is one of my favorites. I love the ending. I really hope you like it too.

November 2019: For now, that serial will remain on hold.. Now that my kids are mostly grown-up, I no longer really wish to think about elementary school! But who knows!

Mark And Jenny

As of January 6th 2010, 12 chapters of Mark and Jenny have been already sent to the site for eventual publication on a weekly basis. Chapter 12 will be published on  February 1st 2010.

No new chapter have been started yet.

November 24th 2019: I just published the epilogue, which was written in 2008. I might write more chapters, but I am hesitant.

Eden's Creek

Update July 28th 2011: Eden's Creek is now one of the most read stories on the site and it is the one for which I receive the most requests, along with Susanna's World (but then again, it is a new story, so it's normal) 

Update August 3rd 2011: There is a new chapter in Eden's Creek, and new ones are now planned.

November 24th 2019: I have quite a few unfinished chapters, who knows if I will complete some of them?

Stories on hold

As of November 2019, I have an interest in writing new chapters for these stories, but no clear plans to do so.

Envoys of the Gods

January 26th 2010 : A new idea for a story set during the Spanish conquest of South America is in the pre-planning phases.

It will only be written after the other stories, but story planning will continue to occur when inspiration strikes.


The Deserted Beach

As of January 6th 2010, 3,240 words of the Desert Beach have been written.

General outline for the rest of the story is well planned. The story should be 4,500-6,000 words long.

A proper conclusion is planned, but sadly, at 3,240 words, the author isn't pleased with the tone of the next parts of the story. A solution is searched and as soon as it is found writing will resume.

February 15th: The story was slightly edited after a proof-reading. No new developments otherwise for now.

February 18th: I believe am no longer stuck with the tone of the next parts of the story after an e-mail exchange with Cedar, the author of "The Same Place". I am still working on Eden's Creek, but I feel like I can continue The Deserted Beach now until it's conclusion.

February 23th 2010: Cedar was kind enough to do a review of the story to far and help me clarify some of the segments. The story is now at 3,722 words thanks to the hints left by the author of "The Same Place", but ends at the same place as it did when it was still 3,240 words long. The name was also changed to "The Deserted Beach"

July 29th 2011: The story is currently at 5,789 words but more importantly, all of the new words (except 6 added in the re-reading) are after the last ending point. This means that I actually progressed on the story for the first time since January 6th 2010. At 5,789 however, it is FAR from being over. I now estimate 10,000 words. (second update of the day: it's now at 6,416)

August 1st 2011: The story is now at 8,607 words and nearly complete! Only perhaps 1,000 words to go.

August 3rd, 2011: The story is now 10,025 words long and is completed!!! However, I am not happy with the quality of the ending, compared to the beginning. I will review it and revise it, but this is a great news nonetheless!

New Update: it is now online!

Catherine Reynolds : The case Catherine didn't want

New update on June 3rd 2010 : I have recently announced that a movie (or two) about Catherine Reynolds might be made in the next 2 or 3 years. I was optioned for a scenario and I am working hard on it.

The trial itself isn't my idea, but rather, is an original idea from the producer of the movie. The personal life of Catherine Reynolds shown in the movie will be her meeting of Eric, her boyfriend, thought he might not even be a magician (sorry folks... not my idea. The producer doesn't want to go in that direction).

Newer update: the movie is dead now.

But working on Catherine Reynolds inspired me 2 new cases to go along with the future events on her life.

In her last case, Catherine discovered she was pregnant. I had already decided that in her next case, she would deliver her baby, and the one after would feature the baptism.

But I didn't have those 2 cases to inspire me, at least, not then.

The first one, "The case Catherine didn't want", is now 621 words long and is going to be the first sex crime story in the Catherine Reynolds serial. I partially touched it with the case of the diamond thief, but Catherine kept telling me to let her fix it. It might have been the 3rd or 4th case, but then, I just didn't have the proper angle to do it. I think I now do. The story is more or less fully planned until the personal conclusion (the birth of her child).

the second one doesn't have a clever title yet, but is for now called : "The case of the collusion". It is a business criminal case. Could be boring if I don't pay attention, so I will try to.

I don't know at which speed these two stories will be written. The script for the first movie is my top priority. 

Update on June 7th 2010 : The story is now 1397 words long and the case is being presented to Catherine.

Update on June 8th 2010 : The story is now 2335 words long and Catherine already decided on her strategy and explained the basis of the case.

Update on July 28th 2011: After a year on pause, the story is now 4042 words long and the trial is over. The legal process isn't completed, but it should be ready in a few days.

Update on July 29th 2011: the story is now online!