A new story written (mainly) by the administrator's daugther

In May 2022, the daughter of the administrator of the site decided to write her own naturist serial, she entitled "My life so far". It's not autobiographical but it's inspired from her own struggles with naturism, just, differently.

Some of the story beats were inspired by her father, to form a more coherent story.

My life so far


My life so far. Episode 2: The first visit

Most of this installment was directly inspired by the recent visit of my daughter to a naturist activity for the first time in years, and from my daughter browsing our naturist magazines. I helped making it a little more...

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My life so far, episode 1: the photo album

In this first installment, Julie discovers that she grew up a naturist and then, was forced in a textile world. Most of that installment was written by the daughter of the administrator, with some details added in collaboration...

Category: My life so far
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