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Comment from : Dennis C. from Virginia

Tuesday, 28-09-10 14:35

I enjoyed the story of Kristen and the lifeguards. Your illustrations of what Kristen was experiencing as she made the transition back to being a nudist was pretty detailed and believable. The extra experiences of being a nude roommate seemed to require a little more imagination to believe, but I got each justification for the behavior as you presented the scene. I hope you will write more or continue demonstrating how textiles and nudists may co-exist peacefully with each other. Nobody has the right to dictate how someone should live their life so long as the behavior does not endanger others. As a society we are gradually allowing individual expressions of freedom to expand and I hope the belief in clothesfree living will eventually be among them.


Comment from : Keats

Monday, 13-09-10 22:30

Congratulations on writing your first story; as a writer myself, I understand the pangs of that creative process. Although I read the entire piece, I found it increasingly challenging to maintain my interest. There are several inconsistencies inherent in the narrative style that you employ and the intended message that I perceive to be your goal. Most importantly, I found your frequent use of coercive methodologies and intimidating emotional manipulations disturbing. The piece, in my opinion, does not portray nakedness as a natural condition meriting casual indifference, but rather repeatedly sensationalizes it as a source of either sexual stimulation or interpersonal derision. Lastly, there is considerable descriptive detail included that does not help communicate the story.

Here are some thoughts for you to consider when engaging in future writing projects. What is the essential message of the piece? What environmental and character details are necessary to convince the reader of that message? How can those elements be arranged to create narrative tension using the greatest economy of words? And most importantly, does sharing the message serve your interests or those of your readers?

Keep trying... better luck next time!


Comment from : J-Nudist

Wednesday, 25-08-10 06:09

Great Story!!! Shows how nudism can bring a family together even in times of great turmoil.
This would have to be the BEST story on this site... Please publish more short stories similar to this, for these heart-felt stories are so uplifting :)


Comment from : Tom Roark

Wednesday, 18-08-10 14:43

Cute. It's nice to have a naturist story that's not just naturist exposition (although naturist exposition is important).


Comment from : Tom Roark

Wednesday, 18-08-10 10:26

Nice story. As I read it, I imagined it as a sweet foreign film. The bather realizing why she liked baths, and the stuffy parents learning to let their child be herself.


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