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Comment from : Alexa Livy from Milwaukee, WI

Saturday, 06-03-10 23:42

More background on Kim Taylor "First Day" Age of event, Age when told. Location.


Comment from : Richard Myers from kansas

Monday, 01-03-10 16:45

I enjoy Eden Creek. but I wish that you would bring more of the religion of naturist s as the 54% claim Christian with only none only being 17% please include more religious aspects.


Comment from : Warren Jr. Reaume from Seligman,Az.

Saturday, 27-02-10 21:39

Where is the new teacher from ?


Comment from : The Administrator

Tuesday, 23-02-10 13:20

Oops... that's yet another typo that I didn't see prior to publication. I am not sure that Ben and Breakfast is an appropriate name for an establishment which offers private rooms ;-) At least not for this website.


Comment from : lordshipmayhem from Cyberia

Tuesday, 23-02-10 12:15

"Rather than rushing to the Ben and Breakfast"

Is that the too-cute-for-words name of the place, or should that be "bed and breakfast"?


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