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Comment from : Joe Master

Monday, 07-12-09 17:26

I thought this was naturist fiction.


Comment from : The Administrator

Wednesday, 18-11-09 06:12

Thank you for the comment on the mix-up in the names ! I had re-read it to make sure it was fine, but in doing so, broke it. I have put it back to it's proper version. This is a case of a proof-read gone bad...


Comment from : Reader

Wednesday, 18-11-09 04:41

A little mixup of the names in the story, especially Richard and Stephen, but also one place Heather and another female person.


Comment from : Larry Holman from Florida

Tuesday, 17-11-09 18:11

This was a great story. Looking forward to reading more.


Comment from : Matt A. from Manchester,NH

Monday, 31-08-09 00:34

I just wanted to mention that I do like the stories on the site, my favorites are the Kristen series and the Catherine Reynolds series. Will there be anymore of the Catherine Reynolds stories coming up in the near future or is that going to be all of them?? I think it would be really interesting to read one more story where Eric and Catherine have been married for a little while and she takes on another case. Maybe one that happens at the Naturist Center or at another local Naturist Center perhaps?? I'm not a very good writer but I think that would be another fine installment in that series. But thanks for the stories so far and nice job on the website.


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