Mark and Jenny, Chapter 10: A new routine [Fixed]

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Published on 16.01.10 23:00 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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Mark is getting used to spend time nude at Jenny's house. Social nudity is his new activity. [Sorry, this is the second time the wrong chapter was programmed]

Yes, there were other times. Every Thursday, when I would arrive at her house, she would be wearing only her bathrobe when she opened the door, and soon after, both of us were entirely nude.

After only a few times, my erections stopped occurring inside her house, but oddly enough, they were always present while I was getting there.

The third time, she kept a pair of shorts on because of her periods, leaving me the only person nude in the house, but by then, I was used to my own nudity and it no longer mattered.

At school, this only brought us closer. Samantha was now officially the third wheel. A few times, Jenny and I picked to go out for a movie and Samantha stayed home.

In her eyes, she probably saw us becoming a couple. We had time alone together, shared a certain level of intimacy and I certainly loved her with every pores of my skin and every cell of my body, but the love connection was only in one direction.

Sharing Jenny's lifestyle seemed at first like the key to her heart but it was only the key to a bigger friendship bond. Today, I realize I was stuck with the best friend syndrome and that if I had place my foot down, then perhaps I would have gotten a girlfriend and not just a girl friend.

But neither of us were willing to gamble with our friendship to try romantic feelings. Well, that's what I used to tell myself when going to bed, silently half-crying go sleep.

Those were the nights. The days on the other hand, were really going well. Samantha was giving us even more rope with which to hang any hopes of a romantic endeavour, but it allowed for even more quality time with Jenny.

About a month and a half after my first naturist experience, Samantha was taking a Friday night alone at home and my mother had friends over, leaving Jenny and I without a port of call. Suggesting a movie might had been a good idea, but Jenny had other plans.

For the first time, I rang the bell of her house with a car in the driveway. I heard Jenny ran down the stairs to open the door as early as possible.

Once I stepped in, she offered to present me to her parents, who were anxious to meet me.

When I came upstairs, I quickly noticed that both her parents were already nude. I turned around and saw that Jenny was placing her bathrobe on the stairway hooks.

Her parents and I exchanged the usual pleasantries with the addition of them interrogating me on how I felt about naturism. I wouldn't say they were curious about how I reacted to their lifestyle. I rather felt like they were trying to sense if I saw this as a way to get their daughter naked.

I only removed my clothes in her room, ashamed to be naked in their house, or about the fact they were also naked, or well, just scared of them.

We talked a little while in Jenny's room, and she proposed we go rent a movie. I made sure to dress back up while still in her room, making this the first time I actually saw Jenny put on clothes other than her bathrobe.

We picked a comedy neither of us had seen, but it's only when I realized that the VCR was in the living room that I lightened up to the fact I might see her parents naked, or rather, that they could see me naked.

Still, I never was a man to only talk the talk, so as soon as we were back in her room, I undressed and saluted her father when we walked by him in the kitchen.

We watched the movie alone, but Jenny mother brought snacks to eat near the middle of the movie. She was still naked, but I barely noticed.

Once the movie was over, Jenny and I returned to her room where we had a short discussion about my feelings over being nude with my parents present.

I admitted I had been scared beforehand, but explained it all felt natural after only a few minutes. In my mind, I even noticed that despite having found her mother rather attractive from the pictures I had seen, I had barely noticed her when she was in the room with me.

Eventually, I returned home, dressing back up in Jenny's room and exiting the house without seeing her parents.



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Comment from : The Admnistrator

Monday, 18-01-10 20:35

Sorry ! I actually fixed this one over the week-end, convinced it was a duplicate. I ended up breaking it when it was already fine. Sorry everyone !


Comment from : joe master

Monday, 18-01-10 09:31

this chapter is the same as the last one.


Comment from : Baredane

Monday, 18-01-10 07:41

9 and 10, are again the same , like You have done before


Comment from : Mark Burton

Monday, 18-01-10 07:09

Chapter 10 is same as previous chapter


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