Mark and Jenny, Chapter 9 : An insider view

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Published on 09.01.10 23:00 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

Letters : 3674 Words : 682

By: The Administrator

Mark finally gets a peak into Jenny's lifestyle, and thus, a peak under her bathrobe. But is he in for more than he bargained for ?

When I finally arrived at her house on the next Thursday, Jenny was wearing her bathrobe, but didn't keep it on a long time. Almost as soon as the door was closed, she was entirely nude, from the feet up.

I didn't say anything and tried to remember to look only at her eyes. Still, I could feel something twitch in my pants so I tried to think unhappy thoughts.

Without either of us saying a word, we walked to her room, where she sat on her bed, and I on her chair, like usual.

After a few seconds, she just said. "Well ?".

I wondered what she meant. Was I supposed to give a comment on her beautiful body ? On her small yet amazingly symmetric breasts ? On her well trimmed mound ?

Was I supposed to comment on the fact that it wasn't weird and that I appreciated her trusting me ?

My lack of an answer showed her I didn't know what to do.

"You can start with the shirt, then the pants, and so on."

So, "well ?" meant: when are you going to undress. She actually expected me to remove my clothes right there, in front of her. I had indicated her lifestyle seemed interesting, but as far as I knew, I had never said I would actually undress.

But that didn't deter her from asking it. Seeing my inaction, she took the matters into her own hands. She lifted my shirt above my head, with no resistance from my part.

She started to fumble with my belt, but I turned around and removed them, leaving me with only my socks and my underwear on.

I believe she actually asked me to hurry up, but it could have been my imagination. When I took the elastic of my underwear between my fingers, I realized I had a very strong erection, but at the same time, I could feel her eyes looking at my bare back, so I just removed them and dropped them on the floor, next to my pants.

Without turning around, I also removed my socks, trying to think of unpleasant thoughts to try and get back control over my manhood.

Sadly, when I finally turned around, I was still rather hard. Jenny didn't appear to notice at first, but soon enough, she made a comment about it being normal for the first few times, especially with just the two of us.

Most of the rest of the evening is a blur. I spent most of the time thinking as hard as I could about unattractive people or things to prevent the return of my erection, and partly succeeded.

I know we talked about other subjects, and I remember that we took a look at other naturist magazines. But the clearest memory I have of the evening is of both of fun sitting on her bed watching her naturist photo album.

Ok, there wasn't that many naturist pictures in it. Perhaps only a few dozens, most of the pictures has multiple pictures from the same event. Jenny explained that most naturist centers forbid cameras, hence the low number of actual events pictured.

But there were pictures of their camper and her parents, sometimes with clothes, sometimes without. It was a beige camper. It looked like the external wall was made of aluminum siding, like for houses, but beige in color. 

It wasn't particularly attractive, but sadly, her mom seemed to be, to my distress. Not only did I have to worry about getting an erection because of Jenny, but now I had to look-out for her mother too.

Fortunately, Jenny simply told me to look everyone in the eyes and ignore the fact we were nude. It didn't help me that night, but the following times, the trick was golden. 



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