Why being married to a radical naturist wife is awesome

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Published on 22.11.19 06:07 Age: 4 yrs
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Standalone Fictional letter of a man to one of his colleagues. First new story since 2013!

Hello Bob, I've been wanting to share something with you for quite a while now. I know the people in the office talk behind my back about my "wife". I put it in quotes because, well, most of them believe I am faking a relationship with an imaginary one. Don't try to deny it, I know you've heard them, but I also know you've told them to back off.

This is why I've been closer to you in the recent weeks: I saw you are a kinder, gentler man than more of our colleagues, and after talking to my wife (yes, she exists), I decided to open up about our situation. I am convinced it's a mistake but she thinks you might understand based on what I tell her about you.

Ok, so this might make us really good friends or it might push you away, I am hoping it's the former, but I can understand if it's the latter, just please, don't share this email with our colleagues.

The reason you guys haven't met my wife, is that she is a radical naturist. Hey, it's not a judgement I am passing on her, it's what she calls herself. That makes me a naturist too, because, well, otherwise we wouldn't married, right? Oh, wait, do you know what is a naturist? You must, I mean, we live in Orlando near too many naturist resorts so you must know...

So, in case you don't or in case you have preconceived notions about it, naturism is living without clothes. Yes, we are nudists. When I am home, neither my wife or I wear any clothes and neither do our neighbors, friends and other residents or visitors of our naturist resort. Well, for us it's not a resort: we life there.

So what makes my wife a radical naturist? It's that unlike me, she never wears clothes. She's decided, well before I even met her, that she would spend as much time nude as she could and that almost everything else in her life was secondary to that goal.

You might ask: but why? And I honestly wish I could tell you. She honestly wishes she could do it herself. Why do people believe in what they do? Why did we decide to do our job and not work in a different field? Why did you pick your haircut? Something in her childhood (yes, it's from her childhood) clicked in her mind and she made it her life's goal.

Now, don't get me wrong, she grew up in a naturist family, it's not like it came our of the blue! But none of her family members are radical. They enjoy social nudity, they vacation at our resort (yes, I do see her parents nude, and her brother, and his wife, and their kids, and one of her aunts, and two of her uncles as well as their families), but for them it's occasional. She does have a cousin who lives at the same resort but just like me, she goes to work in a office and puts clothes on during the day.

Not my wife... she works from home. Really. She works for a big insurance company as a financial risk auditor. That's kind harder to explain somehow. She is an actuary: she plans the cost of paying out insurance so that the premiums can be properly calculated only she is even more specialized than most actuaries. She specializes in unforeseen risks. Don't ask more about that, I would have to ask my wife any questions and honestly, I am not bright enough to grasps the subtleties of her job.

But there are thousands of people doing the same job as she does in the United States, the only difference is that instead of wearing a stuffy business suit in a dark office, she does most of her work on a laptop by the side of a pool wearing only sunscreen.

I met her in college. We had an elective in common and I was instantly attracted to her. She was intelligent (much more than I ever was), funny, interesting and God, so beautiful. So achingly beautiful. We connected in class, but I couldn't move forward. It's only when I visited her naturist resort (the same we live in, by the way) that we began dating.

Wait, I guess I should step back. Her parents aren't radical naturists and don't live in a naturist resort... anymore. Back then, they lived really near where we live right now. My wife basically grew up in our naturist resort, but got dressed every morning to take the bus and go to school. Later, after we were married, her father got transferred in Virginia and her parents moved there in an area without any naturist resorts nearby. They are still naturists, just couldn't find a place where to practice socially. They did start what is called a non-landed club but that's a another story.

So, in short, my wife grew up here. So did her cousin who still lives here, and her aunt, and her uncles. Like I said earlier, she is the only one in the lot who decided to become a radical naturist, so growing up in a resort doesn't make you like that.

My family too are naturists, but even less so. We are really part time naturists. We would vacation to naturist resorts and sometimes spend a week-end at one or another, but for us, it was leisure. And escape from day to day stress. We were almost never nude in the house, but the door would remain open when taking a bath. Lite naturism if you want. I mean, my parents and my sister both attended our naturist wedding properly not dressed and when they visit us they take off their clothes (my sister's wife too), but at their houses in a textile area, I would feel weird to remove mine. They vacation in our resort and visit us in our resort but then they return to their regular textile (that's non-naturist in naturist jargon) lives.

So anyway, I met her in college and we met again at the resort and that's where we began dating. Slowly however, I noticed off things like, we never went out. She would only leave the resort to go to class and any times we dated, it would have to be at the resort. Sure, I managed to get to visit another one, but that was about it.

We'd been dating for 4 months when she blurted it out. "I am planning to be a radical naturist, that means never wearing any clothes, unless absolutely required". We talked a lot that night. She knew she would need to get a remote job. She knew it would put pressure on our relationship: that meant not easily having non-naturist friends and it meant living in a naturist resort. It also meant that I would do all of the shopping and errands outside of the resort since otherwise, she would need to put clothes on and that was not what she wanted.

I was worried, I won't lie, but not for the reasons you might be thinking. Would she really get a remote job or would I have to work hard to make both of us enough money? What would that mean if we have kids? What about doctor's visits?

But she had planned everything! Her choice of a job was well researched (she is brilliant) so that she makes more money than I do for working less hours per week. As for kids, well, of course they would have a say, we have a responsibility to them. And doctors or dentists? Well, she didn't pick our resort at random, neither did her grand-parents. They have a visiting doctor, a part-time dentist, a pharmacy and even a resident optometrist. And yes, that means he lives at the resort. He also has an office outside but anyway, enough about him.

So, we graduated. She got a remote job in an insurance company 4 months, before she graduated. We bought a house in the resort near her parents, moved in together that summer, got married there the next year and since we moved in, my wife had only worn clothes once, to go to a funeral. We've been married 6 years now, she my wife wore clothes for about 5 hours in 7 years.

Now, don't think I am complaining! Not at all! Having a radical naturist wife is awesome! Let me tell you why.

First, you'll never hear me talk about my wife's collection of dresses or shoes. She doesn't wear any. Well, that's not true. She does have some running shoes for sport, but otherwise, all of her clothes are stored in boxes in our storage shed in case of emergencies.

Second, I never have to complain about her shopping habits. I hear you guys complaining about how long your wives takes in the shopping mall! Mine hasn't been in one since college. We do have a few stores in the resort but it's not the same. It's for food, suntan, towels,etc... Amazon takes care of the rest.

Third, she has an all over tan! Oh my God, you have no idea how amazing that is. Now, don't get me wrong, there are old timer naturist people at the resort who don't wear sunscreen and as such, have dry leathery skin. But not my wife: she never goes outside without lotion, she moisturizes so that her skin is always soft.

Fourth, ok, that might not be the radical naturism, but she doesn't bicker or nag or cause drama. She has found her cause, her way of life and doesn't try to either jam it in someone else's throat or cause drama with others. She is secure in her lifestyle and doesn't case what others think and doesn't care what they think about her. She is a resource for it, her blog about radical naturism has thousands of daily visitors and people are looking at her for guidance all over the world.

Fifth, I never have to wait for her to get ready. She doesn't wear clothes, she doesn't wear makeup, and she lets her hair down naturally. If we have an event at the resort, she is just ready on the spot or almost (she might give two or three brushstrokes to her hair or need to reapply sunscreen.

Fifth, she is fit. So how can a non-naturist women feel prettier? With nice clothes, with make-up, perhaps with a push-up bra. Not my wife. The only way to feel prettier is to work on her body. We both do sports, either bicycling (yes, in the nude), running, volleyball, swimming, badminton. We often take long walks around the resort, making a few laps around the external fence.

Sixth, she is nice. Ok, that one may feel weird, but clothes create a barrier between people. Being nude all of the time and meeting equally nude strangers who vacation near you home kind of makes you avoid drama and fights. You are exposed, naked if you want, emotionally and physically. She writes in her blog "when your breasts are exposed, you don't want to get punched or slapped. When everyone can see you, you want to avoid shame and shameful behaviors because you don't have clothes to hid you". I don't know how true that is. I don't see it myself. I am always nice...

Seven, I get to really see my wife. I mean, really. We have sex with the light on, we cuddle and I can feel the warmth or cool of her skin next to mine. I can see her stomach moving when she giggles. I can see her put cream on her body in a way that makes me just twist lovely inside. I don't know how to explain it. But I feel closer. I feel... no, sorry, I can't put words on that.

So anyway, is that all worth the price of my wife not coming to our office Christmas parties? I believe so. Is it worth it that if we need something quick from the store, I am the one who has to get it? Yes, definitely. Is it worth it that many of my friends ran away when we told them where how wedding was, even if it was for that event clothing optional? Absolutely: they probably weren't true friends in the first place. I mean, I have 2 textile friends who came (one even with a date!) and stayed clothed. We are still friends, thought that date didn't become serious

So, what does that mean for you and I? Well, first of all, now you know my secret. Now you know why you guys never met my wife. Before you ask, no, I will not show you pictures of my wife, pervert ;-) But I can't prevent you from goggling to find her blog and see pictures she posted of herself, that, I don't mind. It's different because she chose to share them with the world.

It also means that if you have any questions, I will answer them. Any. You can also read her blog. She even talks about our sex life, so it's probably more than I am willing to tell you directly, but I am okay with that. She did run all of her blogs by me so I don't mind if you know, I am not just as direct as she is in person. Oh, there is nothing weird. Naturism isn't sexual in itself, but we are married and living in a naturist resort so she talks a little about how it impacts our sex life to help other naturists dealing with having a normal sex life in a different environment.

Now, if you and your wife are interested in social nudity, you are welcomed to try it! Either by yourself or even at our resort. If you tell us in advance, my wife and I will even cook for you guys. Your wife is really nice and appears to be very open-minded (at least from the times I met her) and I think that our wives would get along well if, of course, naturism isn't in the way.

Anyway, that was longer than I thought. Know that I am your friend, and that this isn't an attempt to recruit you to naturism or anything. I am just opening up in the hope that you can also be my friend, now that you know my real life.



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