Kristen Chapter #3: In Uniform

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Published on 23.02.06 11:15 Age: 18 yrs

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By: Nemo

Kristen undressed for the first time

Kristen’s eyes filled with hot tears, blurring her vision. “I’m not going to cry,” she told herself, struggling to maintain her composure.

Beth fought with her own, very different, emotions, straining to keep from laughing out loud. She clamped her hand over her mouth, and tried to twist the expression in her eyes to look more like compassionate sympathy. She knew at once that she wasn’t going to be able to pull it off. She decided to change tactics.

Beth opened her eyes wide in mock surprise. “Not a natural blonde! I—I’m shocked!” Kristen’s face turned an even brighter shade of red, if that was really possible. “I never would have guessed that you were wearing a wig!”

Kristen giggled in spite of herself. “That’s not funny!” she said, her voice quavering between tears and laughter. She clamped her lips together in a tight pout.

“It’s a problem, all right,” Beth said, adopting a more serious tone of voice. “Listen—I think you really have only three choices.”

Kristen looked at Beth quizzically and loosened up the pout a bit. “What choices?” she asked.

“Well,” Beth said, lowering her head as if lost in thought, “you can color the upper to match the lower. You know, “—she looked intently into Kristen’s eyes and tapped the top of her own head—“go back to your natural color. Light brown, right?”

“Yes,” Kristen said. She dabbed at the corner of one eye to try to wipe away her tears.

Beth nodded. “Light brown’s not bad. Really almost more of a dark blonde, hmm?” She quickly stole a glance into Kristen’s tear-clouded eyes. “Second, you could color the lower to match the upper. Some people do that. Not for everyone, I suppose.”

Kristen winced a little at the thought, and nodded gravely.

“Third, you could go bald.”

Kristen looked blankly at Beth for about two seconds, then seemed to shrink as her face turned a furious shade of red. “Oh!”

Beth broke into a wide, friendly smile. She shook her finger at Kristen like a parent scolding a disobedient child. “And if you do decide to shave your head, young lady, you just better be darn sure to wear your hat! I don’t want you keeling over from sunstroke!”

Kristen felt dizzy. She reeled for a moment, then burst into unrestrained laughter. She laughed so hard she found it hard to catch her breath.

“I suppose there is a fourth choice,” Beth said, her voice very soft. “You can loosen up a little, Kristen. Chill out. You’ve been turning red more often than a traffic signal—I’m afraid you’re going to pop a blood vessel. Plenty of people don’t have their natural hair color. More than you might expect. You would be surprised at how little of a scandal it causes.”

Kristen sighed. She hung her head and stared at the floor for a long moment. Finally, she shook her head and looked up into Beth’s gentle, smiling eyes. “I appreciate your trying to cheer me up, Beth. I really do. But I just don’t think I’m going to be able to do this. Maybe I can talk to somebody downtown and get my assignment switched to another location.”

Beth shook her head with a sympathetic smile. “No, you can’t. Once your assignment was registered yesterday, you were past the point of no return. They never change assignments after the orientation meeting. Never.”

“But I didn’t know this was a nude beach,” Kristen moaned.

“You know, nudists come from all around the world to visit Black Knife Beach,” Beth said. “I thought everyone in the country knew it was a nude beach. How could you not know it?”

“I’ve just never paid much attention to the news, and politics, and that kind of stuff,” Kristen said, quietly. “I was busy with school and swim practice and so on… it never seemed very important to me.”

Beth took a deep breath. “Kristen, I know you’ve worked a long time, and worked very hard to become a lifeguard. I know this because I’ve done it, too. Don’t blow it now. You signed up for a tour of duty. It’s not exactly what you were hoping for, and I’m sorry. But if you don’t fulfill your commitment, you’ll never get another chance to work as a lifeguard in this city. Jeez—I sound like I’m in the Mafia. That’s not a threat—that’s just the way it works. You’ve worked too hard to give it all up over something silly like this.”

Tears glistened in Kristen’s eyes.

“Please trust me,” Beth continued. “The best thing you can do now—the very best thing—is just to take off your clothes. Everything. You’re going to feel embarrassed for a while. It’s only natural. You’ve been brainwashed all your life to feel embarrassed, and you’re never going to be free of it until you get undressed.”

Kristen was shivering and staring at the floor. She didn’t say a word.

“If it will make you feel better, I can step outside and close the door while you undress,” Beth said. Kristen stared at the floor for a long time, then nodded.

Beth stepped through the locker room door and started to pull the door closed. “When you come out, bring a towel. You can’t wear it, of course, but it gives you something to sit on.” She pulled the door shut.

Kristen sniffled, and pulled a handkerchief from the pocket of her shorts. She dried her eyes and wiped her nose. Her hand trembled violently.

For a long time she stared at the floor. She couldn’t see any way out of this thing. She had to take off her clothes. If she didn’t do it today, she would still have to do it on Monday, when all the other lifeguards could see how weak and childish she was.

She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt, and hesitated again. “I’ve undressed a thousand times in the locker room at school,” Kristen thought. “Why is this so difficult?” She took a deep breath and tried to make her mind go blank as she quickly pulled the shirt off over her head. She hung the shirt inside the locker.

With her hands still trembling, she unhooked her bra, folded it, and put it on the top shelf of the locker. Icy beads of sweat were forming all over her body. The locker room was warm, but the feel of the air on her bare breasts made Kristen feel very cold.

She sat down on the bench in front of the row of lockers and paused to catch her breath. She leaned over and took off her spotless white tennis shoes. She peeled off the white socks and tucked them inside the shoes.

She could feel her heart pounding, and there was a dull roaring sound in her ears. She opened the snap on her shorts and stood up. For a moment she feared she would faint. “This is silly,” Kristen told herself. “It’s just brainwashing.” She hooked her thumbs inside the sides of the shorts and tugged them down to her ankles. She stepped out of the shorts, folded them neatly, and put them on the top shelf of the locker.

She stood for a long moment, steadying herself against the locker. Nothing left but her white cotton panties. Wouldn’t it be enough just to go topless this first day? If she could get used to that, maybe she wouldn’t have any trouble taking everything off on Monday. She shook her head—she knew it was foolishness. She gritted her teeth. With her hands still trembling, she hooked her thumbs inside her panties and swiftly pulled them off. She folded the panties and put them into the locker.

As she pulled one of the large white towels from her beach bag, she saw the two swimsuits she had brought along—her familiar one-piece suit and the bikini she had bought the night before. She suddenly felt very tired. It seemed like a hundred years ago that she had fretted over whether she would have the nerve to wear the bikini on this beach. Her worries of the morning seemed silly, knowing now that she was not allowed to wear anything.

With a deep sigh, she put the bag on the floor of the locker. She had the towel in her hand. She saw her shoes on the floor, and decided to keep them out. She closed the locker door and bent to pick up her shoes.

As she stepped up to the locker room door, she pressed the top of the towel against her chest with one hand, carrying her shoes in the other. The towel was large enough that it covered most of the front of her body. Cautiously, Kristen opened the door and stepped through.

Beth was seated at the desk, sorting through several stacks of papers. She looked up from her work, and immediately frowned. The towel didn’t cover the sides of Kristen’s body, so it was obvious that she was naked behind the towel.

Kristen forced an apologetic smile. She craned her neck to get a better view through the open office door. “I’m just afraid somebody might walk in,” she whispered hoarsely.

Beth shook her head sadly. “Oh, come on, Kristen! The more you make a big production out of this, the harder it’s going to be. If somebody comes through the door right now and sees you hiding behind that towel, you are going to get a lot more attention and feel a lot more embarrassed than if you’re standing there naked. Put down the towel, and try to relax.”

Kristen took a few steps to a chair just inside the office door. Still holding the towel against her body, she knelt down to put the shoes on the floor. When she stood up, she folded the towel neatly and put it on the chair. Totally nude, she turned toward Beth. “Okay?” she asked, her voice trembling.

Beth nodded and smiled warmly. “Perfect.”

“I—I’m shaking like a leaf,” Kristen said. She clasped her trembling hands together, absent-mindedly covering her pubic mound. In an instant she realized what her hands were concealing. “Oh! I’m sorry,” she said. With an obvious exertion of will power, she lowered her hands to her sides.

“Kristen, relax!” Beth said. “This isn’t a peep show. You’re not here to ‘show off the goodies’ like a dancer at a strip bar.” Beth stood up and leaned against the corner of the desk. Kristen was once again aware of something she had almost forgotten—Beth was completely naked, too. “You’re a lifeguard,” Beth continued. “You don’t have the luxury of cringing and hiding, and you don’t have the luxury of strutting around and flashing your stuff. You have a job to do. You won’t be wearing any clothes, but you can’t let that distract you.”

Kristen nodded soberly. “Thanks,” she said. Her hands felt awkward—she didn’t know what to do with them. She kept them at her sides. Beth could see the tension draining from Kristen’s body as her breathing became more natural.

Kristen looked into Beth’s eyes with a plaintive expression. “How can they do this to us?” she asked. “I mean, it’s supposed to be against the law to go naked in public. This is a public beach. The taxpayers pay for it. We’re government employees. How can they make us go naked?”

“It’s a long story,” Beth sighed.



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