Mark and Jenny: the forgotten epilogue

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Published on 24.11.19 09:27 Age: 3 yrs
Category: Mark and Jenny

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Back in November 2008 (11 years ago!) when I was writing Mark and Jenny, I had written a short epilogue to help me guide the story. I found it and I am publishing it. It was meant to be published after the main story ended, but I guess that might never come.

A few years later, when in college, I had a greater understanding of girls. I had successfully dated a few ladies and even thought none of my relationships had lasted more than a few months, I now had enough confidence to avoid falling into the best friend paradox.


But none of the girls were even half as exiting as Jenny was. Troubled by their lack of dimension, I decided on a warm week-end to borrow a friend's car for a road trip to my past.


I arrived at Sunny Meadow a little past noon. It was incredibly hot but I knew that within the next few minutes, I would be dressed in my birthday suit, looking for the first love of my life.


At the gate, they initially refused my entry, explaining that single man were not allowed. I slowly explained that I had been a frequent guest just 5 years earlier with the Barton family, at lot 23C.


I told them I was only spending the afternoon, in the hope of meeting old friends. After a few minutes, they decided to allow me this favour once, but reminded me that if I wanted to return, I couldn't do so alone.


I parked the borrowed car in the guest parking lot, leaving my clothes and my present life locked in, keeping only a single towel and shoes on my person.


After leaving the keys to the administration, I gently walked toward lot 23C where I had slept so many nights as a blossoming teenager.


I recognized quite a few faces, but most couldn't link my currently hairy and muscular frame with the frail teenager I used to be. I didn't tempt them by waving and simply took firm steps toward Jenny's camper. Surely, they would remember the awkward looking boy if they saw us walking side by side.


I knew that life must have also changed her. Perhaps she had a boyfriend now. Perhaps she decided to leave naturism aside. Even more likely, she was probably in college right now perhaps miles away.


But at least, I would greet her parents and get some news about the girl which introduced loving feelings in my life for the first time.



Lost 23C didn't have their camper. In it's place, there was a gray tent with a young couple in their mid-twenties, busy preparing lunch over a portable propane stove.


I took a walk in the camping area, trying to locate the large beige camper but after about an hour in the hot sun, I had to conclude they no longer stayed at this resort.


I went back by the pool where I asked around for the Barton family current's where about only to discover that they had moved to the west coast 3 years ago.


Sadly, I never managed to track Jenny down. All attempts to find her via Facebook or other social networking sites failed.


I returned to college that afternoon, furious not to have tried harder to stay in touch when I had the chance.


My memories of my barest summer faded away as my studies became more intense. In my third year of college, I finally met an exiting lady and started a long relationship, making me forget the one I failed to begin.


A year after graduation, we were married and started our respective careers. On an evening of confidences, I mentioned my past experience with naturism which first led to some afternoons relaxing at home in our new born suit but which gradually expended to vacations to naturist resorts.


We never became full-time naturists or even members of our local center. It's just something to do once in a while to relax.


Still, every time we visit a new clothing-optional resort and I see a beige camper, I become a little introspective and think about the 15 year old brunette which still today, embodies my adolescence.




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