Susanna's Arrival

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Published on 26.07.11 06:13 Age: 12 yrs
Category: Susanna's World

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A limo carried me to my old apartment to pick up some of my things, my essentials. I was told a moving company would do the rest but I wanted a least a tooth brush, a hair brush and many of my books about teaching so that I could prepare adequately for my first day of teaching.

I did pack a few clothes, I am not crazy, but I knew the chances I would be using them was slim. My laptop bag contained almost everything except my books, making me feel I was packing way too light.

Still, I nervously returned to the limo waiting downstairs, not even then thinking of what would be happening to my apartment.

Only one of the cameramen, Tom, was sitting in the limo for the 2 hour ride. I presumed the other would be already on location to film my arrival.

I tried to engage Tom but he preferred not to talk to "remain professional".

After a few minutes in silence, I called my parents on my cell phone to inform them of my new position and the situation I had dragged myself into.

Tom filmed everything so I tried to stay strong and only present it has an opportunity. I am sure I would find time to express doubts and fears in private, but not was not the time. I repeated to them my first confession to give the editors a second take on my views.

I was scared shitless, but I needed to appear strong if I was to be the new face of naturism. I wanted to do them honor.

My father took the news surprisingly well. He explained that he was proud of me for sticking to my principles and doing what is right. My mom had a little more reserves but not because she was against naturism per se, but rather because she always hated reality shows.

I also called Julie, one of my naturist classmates. She had been one of my closest friends while studying and I had spent many days at her naturist center, clothed.

She could barely contain her happiness for me and promised to visit me frequently to help me with the move or even just to support me in my new lifestyle. She offered to come tonight to have a sleep over, but I admitted that I preferred to take it slow and do the transition on my own.

She did have a very big advice to give me: if I was to undress, I should do it as soon as possible because the longer I would wait, the harder it would feel. Julie had not been raised in a naturist center, her family converted when she was a teenager and the first week-end they had spent at a resort, she hesitated to undress and ended up unable to change her mind until the next morning.

I knew I was stronger, but she did have a point. After confirming that we would not be making another stop, I slowly removed all of my clothes with Tom's camera staring at me. I knew I couldn't avoid it.

I would have wanted to talk and explain how I felt, but I guess fear blocked me. I don't know why I was really afraid or even what I was afraid of, but after a few minutes, all my clothes had been folded into my laptop bag and I was a naked as the day I was born.

I spent the next twenty minutes thinking of what I could actually say to the camera but after that, I just realized I didn't have to say anything. I felt good and the fear had faded away.

I drank some water from the cooler and simply began reviewing some of my books to decide how I would open my first day of teaching.

When the limo stopped, I was deep in my books and I had taken over half a dozen pages of notes and ideas on how to conduct my first week with a multiple grade class.

As I had predicted, when the limo door finally opened, Jake, the naturist cameraman was standing naked on the other side to film me exiting from the car.

An official welcoming committee applauded the fact I was already naked and one by one the various officials of the resort shook my hand or kissed my cheek.

The only clothed person in the area was Tom, the cameraman.

By the time the limo had left, a few minutes later, I felt safe and naturally at ease. Julie had been right, we were born naturists and returning to our original clothes was as natural as breathing.




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