What is this site ?

This site was founded to support the creation and publication of naturist fiction stories, that respect the social naturism promoted by naturist organizations such as the International naturist Federation. We aim at encouraging an active community of writers that publish non-erotic tales of naturism, whether they are naturists or not themselves.

We believe that any activity or lifestyle should have fiction devoted to help it's promotion in addition to it's traditional "marketing" channel. There are numerous sport movies, even Dodge ball had a movie made about it, but rare are the fiction works that show a realistic view of naturism.

It is a non-commercial privately funded site operated by card carrying naturists. At this moment, we do no plan on selling membership fees or general advertising. We do reserve the right to change our policy for example, to allow authors to sell stories from our site. In the end, almost all revenues generated by the site will be redistributed to the participating authors.

We also plan to release, from time to time, printed collections of stories to be sold on the site, if we ever manage to get enough stories and interest for such printed collections.