The Same Place, Chapter 7: At the Farm House

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Published on 15.02.10 09:31 Age: 11 yrs
Category: The Same Place

Letters : 9805 Words : 1800

By: Cedar

The station consisted of a few small barns and pens for the livestock, with a farmhouse in the center.  It was a quaint little farmhouse.  It was two stories tall, and was painted white, though the paint was fading with age.  While the farmhouse was charming, Kylie found the stench of the farm to be a bit overpowering.  She had not grown up around farm animals, and she tried to resist her natural urge to gag.

The inside of the house, like the outside, was very quaint.  It was neat and tidy, and served as evidence that Lars was both a good stationer and a good housekeeper.  Still, it was easy to recognize that the farmhouse was old; easily older than Lars himself.  

Kylie made herself at home, while she waited for them to get back.  First thing was to have a shower.  She went upstairs to the bathroom, and got into the shower.  When she turned the knob the water did not come on automatically.  The plumbing made a screeching noise and eventually the water came on.

She found her way to the kitchen.  Opening the fridge, she found it full of fresh vegetables and other good things to eat.  She was particularly tempted by a wedge of cheese and an opened bottle of wine.  The cheese was so fragrant, she wondered if it was home made.  It had to be.  After all, how far away was the nearest store?

Lars had said to help herself, and the rumbling of her stomach told her to do just that.  Still, Kylie did not want to impose, so she decided to wait for them to return home.

 About an hour later, Lars and Mungo returned both in good spirits.  Any sense of grief or loss was replaced by warm smiles and good hearted laughter.  It was like they were two long lost friends who had been reunited.

Kylie wanted to say yes, but was a bit uncomfortable.

The group moved from the kitchen to the front hall.  There, Mungo announced that he would be going to bed for the evening.  He moved to exit.

Mungo took his leave, and Lars retired to the bedroom downstairs.  Kylie went upstairs to her room, and laid down on the bed.  The soft mattress was a welcome relief from the tent.  It would only make going back to sleeping in the tent more difficult.  

She went downstairs to find Mungo and Lars chatting in the front room.  They both took notice of her as she came down the stairs.



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