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Comment from : Don Durito from USA

Wednesday, 12-01-11 23:42

I'm re-reading this after first seeing it about a month ago. Just like the last time around, I thought this intro did a nice job of hooking me as a reader into this particular universe, making me curious to learn more.


Comment from : Don Durito from USA

Wednesday, 12-01-11 23:38

Any update on the Catherine Reynolds script, or when you might get back to the Eden's Creek series?


Comment from : d b from Massachussets

Sunday, 09-01-11 16:08

I would like to see how Kristen did with Tony. And how Kristen made out at the house with Brenda and Marcie. I am sure Kristen's folks made it down to the beach again.


Comment from : Don Durito from USA

It stands to reason that the transition would be difficult, and that some would try to defend their former way of life with violence. No doubt there are some textile kids who feel more of an existential threat than others (and hence the greater temptation to resort to violence). There are no easy ways to deal with bullying situations. It would seem the interviewee (Malcom) offers one possible strategy - those who may be targets find ways to band together.


Comment from : BarelyNude

Sunday, 10-10-10 11:02

Thank you for this story. I can really relate to it and to Kristen and it has helped me a lot in understanding a few things about myself. You said you thought nothing happened, well I read it all, nearly in one go. I'd sure say it is in full uniform — fit for its job at this beautiful site. :)


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