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Comment from : Alex Suriel from New York

Thursday, 12-08-10 06:44

Hey great story. I enjoyed it a lot. are you going to write more about the Fiery Teenager. God I hopes you do.


Comment from : John nude all day from Florida

Monday, 29-03-10 14:43

What great story! How many people can say they started their first day at work nude? This is a well-thought out story.


Comment from : The Administrator

Saturday, 20-03-10 07:46

Oops.. I guess I was tired when I was writing the article and wanted to return to my bed ;-)


Comment from : Cor Cor

Friday, 19-03-10 14:16

... Jackie began putting her clothes in her bed, keeping only her socks and her shoes on....
Shouldn't bed be bag?


Comment from : The Administrator

Monday, 08-03-10 10:56

If you click on her name at the bottom of the article, you will be able to read all of the articles in which she appears.

Kim Taylor was introduced in [The "job of a lifetime" offer from Mark Kelso] and in that story, it is told she is 11 and is in 6th grade.

This story occurs about a month after her first appearance.


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