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Comment from : Baredane

Monday, 18-01-10 07:41

9 and 10, are again the same , like You have done before


Comment from : Mark Burton

Monday, 18-01-10 07:09

Chapter 10 is same as previous chapter


Comment from : Joe Master

Monday, 21-12-09 09:40

This chapter is the same as the last one.


Comment from : amb Ati

Monday, 21-12-09 03:42

the episode 6 is exactly the same with episode 5 (copy paste) I think there is a problem.... :)


Comment from : The Admnistrator

Friday, 11-12-09 13:59

The whole story as a whole is naturist fiction, but the first few chapters are there to set up the characters and the settings. Don't worry, the naturist parts are coming soon !

Don't hesitate to check the other stories on the website in the meantime.


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