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Describes the various story formats used on this site : pitch, synopsis, introduction, draft, short story, serial, collaborative novel, novel and shared universe manifest

There are several formats of stories you may write :

  • Write a pitch : a short description of your idea, for others to write. Can be just a settings, a character idea, a particular scene you like
  • Write a synopsis : a detailed description of your ideas, detailed on what occurs at the various steps of the narrative
  • Write an introduction : start a new story, lay out the characters, the settings, establish a plot point, and encourage others to continue your work
  • Write a draft : write a rough version of your story, more or less well completed, and possibly having quick meta-descriptions such as [The hero applies for the job], which should be better fleshed out later
  • Write a short story: write a complete story which usually articulates a single plot element ( having 2 plot points )
  • Start a serial: write a series of short stories, either fleshing out a single story, or individual events in the lives of the characters
  • Participate in a collaborative novel: Collaborative novels are long narratives written by several users collaborating on the writing
  • Write a novel: write you own novel for publication on this site
  • Write a shared universe manifest (S.U.M.): Describe a location, such as a naturist center, a college, a town, where multiple characters may evolve. Flesh out some of the primary characters such as owners, caretakers, etc...

Your stories may also take various forms : first person accounts of a past experience by the character, personal journals recollecting the thoughts of the main character about the events of the day, or omniscient narrators in the third form. You may even publish a scenario for a naturist movie !



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