One of my readers will translate some of my stories in French

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Published on 04.12.15 08:07 Age: 8 yrs
Category: Site News

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I am not dead and I haven't given up on writing more naturist stories in the future, I just didn't get any inspiration since I last wrote, in 2013.

I know, it's a long time but each time I sit down to write new stories, I am greeted with a blank page which paralyzes me completely.

It's not the first time, it occurred often in the past and each time, I managed to get my mojo back. I hope this time it will be sooner rather than later.

In the mean time, my website is getting older and older (it was first made in 2006!) and as time goes by, new software gets out and I have less and less capabilities to get it up: I am a software developer and not an web developer.

One of my good fans is a French-Canadian naturist web developer who helped me a lot in the past, notably when my domain name expired in April of 2013 (he is the one who first emailed me about it).

He recently set up a naturist blog of his own and asked me if he could translate to French the Catherine Reynolds stories (and perhaps more) and post them on his blog. 

He also once again offered to help me with my own site should I need help.

I am hoping this will inspire me to write new Catherine Reynolds chapters: I can't believe the last one was published over 4 years ago already!

In all cases, his site is so if you can read French, I suggest to check it over the next few days for Catherine Reynolds in French!



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