19 episodes of My Life to far written? And teaser of upcoming episodes

Published on 25.05.22 08:04 Age: 2 yrs
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My daughter and I wrote a lot of My life so far and programmed episodes now show up

I am a developer, but not a web developer. The guy who helped me set up this site did a lot of custom code, but I lost touch with him.

I decided to take a look at the site code, which is in PHP and I understood nothing...

At first.

Slowly, I began seeing how it worked, and what it did, and I managed to figure out how to show scheduled episodes and put a mark saying when it would appear.

I think the cache is only cleared once per day, so maybe it won't show up this afternoon?

If it works, we will schedule more chapters so that you know when the will drop and get a sort of preview.

Chapter 19 is completed, and it's a pivotal one that introduces the main conflict in the story.

Because the story isn't just about naturism. It's about a girl, trying to find her place in the world, and something big happens in chapter 13, 14 and 19 (It's the same thing, over 3 episodes).

It will shape future episodes.

My daughter thinks we would mark the end of a chapter soon, but I am not confident we want to do that.

Still, at 19 chapters, it's two more than eden's creek (which got 17), and which was my longest story in number of chapters.

At 46,000 words so far, it's 75% of the length of Catherine Reynolds (which gets massive episodes), and How Kristen spent her summer vacation (by Nemo).

Mark and Kenny, with 13 chapters, only has 10,000 words, including an episode of only 330 words!

I sometimes feels like we are wasting time on trivial details, but my daughter insists that this is important in a novel. We get to learn more about the character via their interactions.

I'll be honest, I told my daughter, I feel chapter 18 breaks the believability of the story.

In short, they get access to buy for cheap a trailer to camp in, which allows them, the next summer, to camp at the resort.

I feel it's like a deux ex machina. It just falls on them, but she says we can't play on their financial fears AND have them rent cabins all the time.

Fine. But I am thinking it over before it gets published.





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