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Published on 11.08.09 11:26 Age: 15 yrs
Category: Site News

Letters : 2025 Words : 304


A break down of the length of the various series on the site, which just passed the 160,000 words level.

With the addition of "a Fiery Teenager" on the site, the total number of words in our various fiction section now exceeds 160,000 words with a new total of 161,313 words to read !

The biggest series in word count is still "How Kristen Spent her Summer Vacation", with 60,696 words in 27 articles, followed by the "Catherine Reynolds" series with currently 49,239 words in 8 articles. Stefany Conners' naturist diary, with 32,429 words and 10 articles is our 3rd longest series.

The rest of the articles are from single short stories, a Twist of Faith the longest, at 5967 words and Growing Up in the Bathtub, at 2293, the shortest. Both have been written by myself, the administrator of the site and author of the Catherine Reynolds series.

But, more interestingly, if we exclude "How Kristen Spent her Summer Vacation", which is also hosted by it's author on his own website, that leaves over 100,000 exclusive words on our site !

To celebrate, we have now added the toon cast for "The Bare Pit" under the Short Stories section. Don't hesitate to check it out, and if you like it, to read the archives !



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