Episode 41 of my life to far now written!

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Published on 24.10.22 20:11 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Blog

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News about progress on the currently active serial

So, my daughter is more busy with her classes than she thought and as such, writing slowed down since she went to back to college, but she is getting the hang of her classes and helped me write more content.

In the end, it's more her story than mine so I don't want to push too much outside of what she wants.

Before her summer job, she was writing more than 50% of the content, sometimes 75%, and since that job and later college, if I kept writing, I would write 90% of the content!

Still, almost 95,000 words means that if things keep up, we will soon get to 100,000 words!

Two episodes were published this week, and we want to publish more. We left the camper in, despite my hesitation. My daughter had ideas she didn't share yet.

Oh, she found other naturists on campus! That's cool...



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