My daughter wrote most of the sequel for "Can the pool be saved", and a new serial

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Published on 16.05.22 20:40 Age: 91 days
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A blog about a new collaborator and an upcoming serial.

As you may know, both of our kids stopped naturism as teenagers, but our son decided 3 years ago to return to naturism with us, and later, our daughter.

We are now a happy naturist family, and let me tell you what, the pandemic was hard!

Our kids had just begun to enjoy social nudity when bam, everything was shut down. Well, not everything, but we didn't want to take any chances.

As such, we mainly stayed home for the two years, enjoying only family nudity.

With the pandemic slowing down, we began talking about a naturist vacation, when my daughter told me she was writing a naturist story of her own.

She recalls when I read her some of the stories on this site, and decided to try herself. I read a few pages, and I like it. She agreed to publish it on the site, once she will know more where it's going.

This is where I am coming in. She makes a lot of time jumps, so much that it's hard to follow the story. It's fine! She is 19, not 40 and it's her first time writing a serial. I sat with her this weekend, and we edited her story, with me adding a few parts to smooth the time jumps, and proposing to cut some details.

To be honest, like I told her, it's not great, but not any lesser than mine! Seriously, she won't win awards, but it's good writing.

She even makes less typos than I do!

To help her, we reread a few of the stories, and her favorite was the "Can naturist save the pool one" (she also likes the growing up in the bathtub and the secret beach, but I don't).

So, as an exercise in writing, we co-wrote a sequel, put online this morning.

I still want to continue some of my stories, but right now, I am mostly there to help my child.

We hope to put the first chapter this week, or the week after, but not in 3 years. Sorry for the long delays, but well, pandemic...

Just for the record, her brother is NOT interested in writing, and while my wife really enjoys Catherine Reynolds, she leaves the writing to me and our daughter.

BTW, I had announced a new serial back in 2019, and several episodes were outlined, and 3 partially written. I will probably return to them once my daughter is done with her story.



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