My life so far now has over 86,000 words, even if writing slowed down

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Published on 06.08.22 12:32 Age: 2 yrs
Category: Blog

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An update on My life to far

We are currently writing chapter 38, so still less than 50% of the story is online, which is ok. Writing slowed down between my daughter's job and my current work rush.

Still, we are having fun when we are writing, and my daughter reminded me that we are almost at the first "jump point".

In short, so far, in the story, every day was detailed in depth, with new things occurring every day.

But that's not how life goes! There are days when almost nothing occurs, and sometimes weeks when it's just more of the same.

Lucy is on her last weekend before Halloween at the resort in Chapter 38, and Mindy is about to spend more time with her new love interest than with Julie. So, Julie will see a sort of routine settle in until that Halloween, and then, a boring winter with a few events.

This was always planned. Julie starts at 12 and a half, and there are beats of the story planned when she is 15. Some days have 3 episodes or more, so we can't write 3000 episodes or so before those elements occur.

This is where I failed in many stories, and my daughter made it clear that we would time jump.

It's coming.




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