First day in school at Base Sygma

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Published on 26.02.10 06:03 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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Megan Beck is the new 6th grade teacher in the only grade school in Eden's Creek. She has the delicate task of teaching the oldest kids in grade school how to deal with the fact there will be naturists and textiles in the same class.

Hello Class, my name is Megan Beck. I will be your teacher this year. 6th grade is normally a hard year. It's your last year of elementary school, so we need to revise everything you have learned so far and learn new existing things to prepare you for your entrance to secondary school next year.

It's also the last year for a while where you are oldest in school. Next year, you'll be the youngest. For those of you who are used to do the bullying and the pushing around, it's time to learn to stop because next year, in the big school yards, the other kids are going to be a lot tougher than you ever imagined. And some of them will remember you from when you were just a kid.

But this year is going to be the hardest 6th year of history. The younger kids will probably look up to you to know how react to all of the changes, but unlike the senior kids in high school, you don't have most of the answers they will be looking for.

So, we'll find them together. This month, instead of working on English or Math, we'll be doing social science. We'll be demystifying together what it will mean when in a few months, more than half of the student in this school and several of the teachers will stop wearing clothes to come to class.

Take a good look around you. Whether you like it or not, unless you move out of town, you will spend the rest of the year with these students and more than half of them will be nude in 3 months.

So today, we'll tackle that. I want the 14 students who were in this school last year to stand up now please. Thank you.

You probably know each other already rather well, but you don't know any of the 18 students who are still sitting down. I want each and everyone of you, by the end of the day, to have found one of these 18 students who will partner with you the rest of the year. I want pairs to be of the same gender, to simplify things, but if you can only find someone of the opposite gender and that person is in the same position as you, I might allow it.

Once you have a partner, you will need to get to know that student and accept him or her as a friend. Your partner will also need to accept you. That's your assignment. In the school playground, I want the two of you to play together. Every day. Until the end of the year, even if you eventually hate each other. You'll still need to accept him or her. You will even have homework to do together, so please accept that kid as an equal. Of course, that applies equally to both partners..

That also means that 4 of the kids sitting down will not have a partner, but for the purpose of the exercise, they will form two pairs.

So, if case you haven't understood yet, the kids who stood up are most likely going to keep wearing clothes all year long. The kids who stayed seated are all going to be nude most of the days in a few months.

We will have until then to make sure that both groups work well together. To make sure that there will not be any fighting, teasing or bullying based on whether a kid wears clothes or not. This is serious. I know some of you might find that funny, but every teacher and member of the school staff will be watching out for troublemakers.

Some of you might have parents who hate the other camp, but it's time you learn to make your own opinions. Neither side is wrong or sinful and neither side is right or chosen.

In case you are wondering, I am a new teacher in this school. This means that I will be nude too once the transition is over. 

Now, we'll start by a little exercise. We'll push the desks on the side of the class and we'll sit down on the floor in a circle, in alphabetical order to form what I call, the circle of Friends. We'll assemble that circle frequently, but in the future, you'll sit next to your partner.

Before starting, take a piece of paper and write your name, 3 things you like as well as 2 of your qualities and 1 thing you are not good at.

One by one, we'll read our piece of paper and tell the class your lifestyle, in other words, if we are a naturist  or a textile. If you do not like the word textile, you can just say you are not a naturist. You do not need to use any words to label you.

Then, the person next to you will have his or her chance to speak.

Please listen carefully to what each person has to say. If you hear another kid with similar taste but which does not share the same lifestyle, memorize him or her. We'll start forming pairs soon. 

Ready class ? Go.

[To keep the report shorter and protect the privacy of the 6th graders, the transcript from the circle has been classified]

See class, it wasn't so bad ? Now we know each other a little better. I can already see in my mind great pairs and from your looks, I think a few of you did find partners. For example, Kevin and Gerry, you both play drums and like the same kind of music.  I think you'd make a great pair. Jacky and Kim, you also have similar tastes.

So, I want everyone to stand up. I want all of the naturist girls to form a line over hear and for all of the textile girls to line up in front of them. I want the same for the boys over there.  Now, hold up your piece of paper in front of you so that it can be read by the people on the other line.

Ok, great. I want each of you to point one person in the line in front of you. Point the kid you feel the closest to. Even if the kid isn't pointing you, it's not important. There are no losers. Just point for now, and we'll see.

If you don't feel close to anyone in particular, you don't have to point, but please, everyone, try to participate.

Great, I can see a few pairs forming. If the person you pointed also points you, you can step out of the line and go sit in that corner with him or her. That should be your partner for the year. It's not too late to change, but it's a good sign.

Now, I can see a few kids who didn't point anyone but who were pointed by someone else. Elizabeth, Julie pointed you. Do you know what she likes ? Yes ? Do you want to get to know her better, I am sure you would get along.  Great. Same for you Damon, what do you think of Henry. You forgot what he said and can't read his piece of paper ? Damon, why do you have a small talk with him. If you don't connect, you can both come back in the line.

Great, we only have 3 textile boys to match and 4 girls. We'll play another round to match you up.

Can you each take your piece of paper add 3 things you like that you haven't said yet. Perhaps something someone else has mentioned and you wished you had thought of it too. We'll resume the pairing.

So, kids, any inspiration. Great. So, Mike. You are the only textile left. There are 5 naturists you can pick from. You like Linda ? Linda, what do you think of Mike ? You like that he loves hip hop like you do. Great. For now, we'll pair the two of your together, but Mike, you'll need to be extra respectful of Linda, understood ?

Great. Kids, talk your partner until recess. We'll resume activities afterward.


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Comment from : Warren Jr. Reaume from Seligman,Az.

Saturday, 27-02-10 21:39

Where is the new teacher from ?


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