4 Families and an old friend

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Published on 24.02.10 04:36 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

The first 4 families of Eden's Creek meet for a nudist brunch along with a new friend well known character for existing readers of Naturist-Fiction.com

Neither the Richardson or the Taylor family slept particularly well that night. The Taylors slept in their new house, but in weak army bunks which weren't very comfortable. The Richardson family did have comfortable beds, but in a bed and breakfast overseen by an angry owner.

Fortunately, both families were looking up to the next morning's naturist brunch in one of the military buildings.

Steven Kelso, son of the CEO of the DeriMarks System corporation simply walked to the Taylor house to give them driving instructions for the brunch, but for the Richardson, all they got was a phone call from Eric Kelso.

Despite the fact they were at the other side of the town, the Richardson arrived first on location, mostly because they were anxious to get away from all of the anger, while the Taylor family members took the opportunity to take showers before leaving.

At 9:30 AM, all four naturist families in town were nude in the old officer mess hall, along with a shy blond woman in her mid-thirties.

The Brunch had been prepared by Francine and Ellen with "some help" from their families, at least, according to their husband.

Kim Taylor and Amanda Richardson once again got close to each other but Karen Kelso sometimes joined them at their table to talk.

To Eric Kelso and Peter Richardson's sadness, their respective sons didn't really get along, with Steven being almost twice Kevin's age.

But between the 9 adults, chemistry was working well. Eric Kelso who had gotten to know the Taylors took the opportunity to talk more with the Richardson, but without neglecting Eric and Samantha.

Samantha was glad to discover that Derrick's wife is also a teacher.

"Eric tried to find an English spot, but so far, only one high school teacher agreed to leave his post. At worse, I'll be a substitute teacher until I can get a more permanent position"

Lily, the blond women commented on the irony that the wife of the co-owner of the town would only be substitute teacher.

It's at that point that Derrick introduced Lily Langley, the DeriMark system primary attorney and the woman who successfully negotiated the purchase of the base.

"I have no relations to General Langley however, other than the fact I share the same last name. His family is from Oregon, while I am from Florida"

Kelly Richardson asked Lily if she knew a Kyle Langley.

"He's my older brother. He's still in Florida like my parents."

"He lives at the same naturist center as we do, or well, as we did until yesterday", added Kelly.

"I used to go there every summer when I was a kid and my brother moved in with his wife when he got older. I visited them and an old friend of mine and her husband there a few weeks ago. I'm surprised we didn't meet. They live next door to my brother."

"Oh, Is it Eric the magician ?", asked Kelly, "We were on the other side of the resort, near the new lake."

Mr Kelso interceded. "Not another Eric ? What's the matter with my first name ?"

The group discussion shortly switched to more professional concerns. Ian Mackenzie and his radio show was discussed at lengths. Eric Taylor would be live on the radio the next morning which his wife would tackle the whole teaching staff.

To help her, Ellen volunteered to join her at the staff meeting, so she would have moral support. Eric Taylor on the other hand, would be utterly alone to face what he expected to be a large list of callers since he would be the first person from the Eden's Creek group to actually offer details on what would occur to the town.

But what really scared Eric wasn't so much offering the details he did know, but rather the fact that he had knew so little about the project so far.

To help him out, Derrick proposed to organize that afternoon a meeting between Kelly, Lily, the two Erics and himself so get an overview of the project.

Meanwhile, Peter and the rest of the groups would wait at the Richardson's house to help the movers unpack, with the hope that between the 9 of them they would be fast enough to be ready to receive the Taylor's furniture when it would arrive later that day.

Peter was a little anxious to not have the support of his wife on such an important day, but she reassured him that at worse, things could be moved later.

Soon enough, the group split in two, with the 5 members of the new improvised steering committee staying in the mess hall to plan the future of the town while their loved ones got dressed back and headed to the Richardson where, hopefully, they would soon meet the locksmith.

Meanwhile, Ian Mackenzie, of KMBS 98.5FM was still running his almost non-stop talk show to get the pulse of the city on the future transition to a naturist haven.

At that particular moment, an interesting comment was made by Duncan Clark, one of the respected volunteer fireman and the assistant manager of the biggest grocery store in town.

"Ian, I think it's time we stop the paranoia. Without the DeriMark corporation, the town would have closed, period. There are no jobs anywhere. The unemployment is high across the country. These people are proposing to mount a salvage operation which will, in the long term, preserve our jobs and schools. Perhaps it's time to face the fact that in the past 10 years, naturism as been on the rise in this country and that instead of crucifying them, we should embrace them. I don't know for you Ian, but Cherry and I have talked it over and over. Once the law changes, we'll try to see if naturism isn't for us too because, whether you like it or not, the future of this town is nude."

Over the next few hours, the tone of the callers changed subtly. The moderates in the debates seemed to see the newcomers in a better light. Those who used to be against naturism and were proposing an almost violent opposition to change slowly began to realize that perhaps it was time to move.

Far from neutral, Ian also reacted by presenting almost in a loop Duncan's comments, inviting him over for the next morning's presentation with Mr Taylor.

Note from the author : Lily Langley is indeed the same character as the Lily Langley from the Catherine Reynolds series. Eric the Magician is Catherine's boyfriend and eventual husband.


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Comment from : Richard Myers from kansas

Monday, 01-03-10 16:45

I enjoy Eden Creek. but I wish that you would bring more of the religion of naturist s as the 54% claim Christian with only none only being 17% please include more religious aspects.


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