Interview: How did you discover naturism ?

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Published on 11.03.10 14:42 Age: 14 yrs

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By: The Administrator

I knew about naturism early in my life, either from jokes or various newspaper articles. My first exposure with naturism was when I was a kid. My parents had a sailboat and we stumbled by accident on a nude beach.

I was perhaps 11 or 12 and while my parents were terrified and packed up our things as fast as possible, I was fascinated by how free and relaxed everyone was. If you read "The secret beach", it's a little inspired from my experience, except I never joined in the fun.

Several years later, I dated a girl (my first girlfriend) who admitted that her family visited a clothing-optional resort one week every summer. I saw pictures of the family nude in their hotel room as well as flyers for the resort (which was in Florida, but I cannot remember which one).

For the rest of the family, the trip was just something nice to do once per year, and neither her brother nor her parents mentioned it the rest of the year. It was as if they were nudists one week per year and pure textiles the remaining 51 weeks.

But for my ex-girlfriend, it was an eye-opener. She had pledged to live full time in a naturist center and was hoping I wouldn't be revolted by it.

I shared my fascination from my younger days on the beach, and soon enough, when we were alone together at her parent's house, we were definitely nude.

We had planned to visit a naturist center for a week-end or two on the next summer with her parent's blessing and I was even officially invited to their next nude vacation in August.

But naturism wasn't enough and my ex-girlfriend dumped me for another guy in May, roughly two weeks before our first planned naturist escapade.

Oddly enough, the guy wasn't a naturist, and the last I heard from her thru the mutual friend that introduced us, she never did visit a naturist center other than with her family on their usual vacation.

I, on the other hand, began visiting various naturist activities during that summer, but being a single man, I was only able to visit the center my ex and I had planned on visiting years later, with my wife.



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