Kim Taylor's transition day morning

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Published on 12.03.10 14:50 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

It's Transition Day and Kim Taylor will need to be nude in elementary school in her 6th grade class. Will she be the only naturist kid nude ? How will the textile kids react ? Kim wonders as she gets ready for school.

Kim was especially nervous this morning, for today was transition day. At first, when she moved into town, she had been happy to be able to come to school without wearing any clothes, but today she wasn't so sure.

As she was growing up, she always understood that when living in a naturist center, you are supposed to be nude at all times if the weather permits it. She understood that even thought she isn't the one who decided to live in a naturist center, she fully supported the decision and thus, the consequences of that decision.

Yet, at the same time, she knew that when she left the center, she would be wearing clothes. She knew that every day for school, she could pick which outfit to wear.

Before moving, on most days, she dressed up only at the last minute, right before walking to the gate for the school bus, and she undressed as soon as she arrived from school. It was normal for her, it was her life.

But some days, she didn't feel like it. On some days, she left her room in the morning fully dressed and did her homework in her room, still fully dressed.

On some week-ends, she would keep her clothes on for no apparent external reason simply because she felt like it. It wasn't shame, it wasn't a refusal to undress, it was just a passing mood which she always judged she had to right to have.

Not that anyone said anything to the contrary. Every week she would meet residents of the center who, for one reason or another decided to wear clothes. A man would wear a t-shirt because of a sun burn. A woman would wear shorts because of her periods. A teenager would simply dress back up because that day, he or she felt weird.

It's normal. These people have to live there all year long after all, it's not like they can just go elsewhere when they don't feel like undressing.

But today, this was all changing. Whether she wanted it or not, she had to be naked from the moment she left her room to the moment she would return to her bed.

Perhaps in a few weeks there would be flexibility. Perhaps she might be able to wear clothes some days of the week. 

But not today. Today was the first day in Eden's Creek where public nudity was legal. As the daughter of the project manager in charge of the migration, she had to be an example. Her teacher, Megan, would also need to be an example.

Next week, perhaps she would be able to wear clothes, but knowing herself, there is a good chance she will not want to. There is a very good chance in fact that she will outgrow all of the clothes in her closet without wearing any of them again.

Knowing herself, she will prefer being a little cold than resetting her consecutive nudity counter.  She had told Jackie her record was almost a month without wearing clothes, but she knew in her heart she was lying. She never really counted, but in the past, just taking a trip to the pharmacy or the library meant putting clothes on.

Starting tomorrow, she really hoped to be able to truly live without opening her drawers and her closet. She was really anxious to be able to go to the house of any of her friends, naturist or not, and not having to ask if it was ok to undress or if she had to stay dressed.

But that was all starting tomorrow. First, she had to survive the day in one piece. For today was perhaps the only day of the year she might have preferred wearing clothes when she had the option not to.

She wasn't afraid of going to school nude every other day any more than she had been afraid of her first day of class. It was the transition that worried her. How many of her naturist classmates would have followed the rules ? How many would wait until the next day or the next week to first undress in class ? Would she and her teacher be the only nude persons in class ?

She was ready to face the textile kids. Megan had prepared them well with a lot of activities, including showing naturist videos to the class to help prepare the kids. Naturist books and magazines had circulated in class and frank discussions had moved the two halves of the class much closer.

 Kim had spent time nude at Jackie's house with her family and being the only nude person didn't bother her at all. She had even seen Jackie nude a few times because she had been curious of how it felt.

But today, all of the preparation might have meant nothing if the textile kids reacted badly to the actual presence of nudists in their classroom.

Tomorrow, the shock would be behind them. It would no longer be something new no one had ever lived before simply because they all would have already shared the experience today.

But today was unpredictable. Today was a roll of the dices, and Kim couldn't avoid it.

How would the kids from the other classes would react ? The various textile teachers, did they even bother with the integration activities ? In one hour, she would have all of the answers.

But for now, her stomach had a knot she was convinced breakfast wouldn't help. Even the prospect of just enjoying the morning breeze on her nude skin wasn't enough to calm her down.

Breakfast in her family was usually eaten before anyone dressed for work or school, but this morning, since no one even had to prepare clothes, Kim's Father, Eric, was making pancakes while whistling an old song.

Samantha, her mother, proposed to use the time to braid her daughter's hair. "Just because you will be  nude doesn't mean we cannot dress your hair today".

Kim remained mostly silent during breakfast, only acknowledging she had her sitting towel for her chair and that she had everything she needed for school.

She usually walked to school, but her father had already proposed to drop her at school to prevent problems during the short walk.

To her relief, from the car, she was able to see that more than half of the kids and some of the teachers were indeed fully nude. She did see a few of the naturist kids she knew wearing clothes, but they were rare.

Confident, she thanked her father and entered the playground adding one more nude student to the mix.

All she had to do now, is survive the rest of the day.


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