KMBS 98.5FM Interview with Malcolm about the fight

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Published on 31.03.10 13:56 Age: 14 yrs
Category: Eden's Creek

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By: The Administrator

On the first day of Naturism at the Eden's Creek High School, there was fight between 2 seniors, a naturist and a textile. Malcolm Jacobs, captain of the football team and avid naturist, talks on 98.5FM about his fight.

Ian: "Hello  KMBS 98.5 FM Listeners. If you have been following KMBS 98.5FM today, you have heard that the police arrested two students at the high school earlier today for a fight, and that one of the students was a naturist while the other was a textile. I have now with me the naturist student arrested, Malcolm Jacobs, captain of the football team. Malcolm, you have been released by the police ?"

Malcolm: "I am told that if I keep the peace and do not reveal the identity of the other student, no charges will be pressed against me."

Ian: "Can you tell us what happened ?"

Malcolm: "As you all know, today was the first day naturists were allowed be to nude in town and as such, many of the students were nude at school. Most of the textile kids reacted well even thought some of them either laughed at the naturists or had lewd comments. "

Ian : "How did the naturists react to the comments ?"

Malcolm : "The teachers and personnel of the school were quick to isolate the troublemakers and they tried to get them to behave more respectfully. In general, the day was progressing well."

Ian : "But the teachers didn't see everything, right ?"

Malcolm: "Well, when it was time to eat lunch, they let all of the kids in isolation back into the general population. That's when the other guy started to misbehave"

Ian : "Let's call him Jack"

Malcolm: "Fine, Jack started to harass some of the naturist girls. He was warned by a teacher and later by the vice-principal, but when we all went outside after lunch, he started to "accidently" bump into nude girls. One of the girls he bumped into, a junior, was startled and fell on the ground, bruising her skin. While he was pushing her, he grabbed one of her breasts and ended up almost ripping her nipple off. "

Ian : "That's awful. Is she alright ?"

Malcolm : "Yeah, she'll have bruises for a few days, but what I was worried about was that it could have hurt her emotionally and scare her into wearing clothes the next day. No teacher saw anything, so a bunch of us came to help her and warn him to shove it"

Ian: "What did he do ?"

Malcolm: "He told me to stop pointing my dick at him and that I wasn't his boss. I told him to apologize to the girl and stop acting like an asshole"

Ian : "And then he hit you ?"

Malcolm : "No, not yet, he first made a comment about the fact that I was the asshole because I was showing mine to everyone, or something like that. I think he tried to make another wisecrack at the fact I was nude, but he realized that by then, a bunch of the naturist seniors were surrounding him. So, he tried to kick me in the groin"

Ian: "For real ?"

Malcolm : "Well, he tried. I moved back and grabbed his foot. Within seconds, he was on the ground, with me on top of him. He punched me in the stomach, you can see the bruise here, but I broke his nose."

Ian : "You broke his nose ?"

Malcolm : "Yeah, there was blood everywhere. The teachers separated us rather quickly and the sheriff arrived within minutes."

Ian : "You were arrested ?"

Malcolm : "Well, they brought me to the sheriff's office with the girl, and they brought Jack in one of the deputies' car. In the interrogation room, I told the Sheriff what happened and shortly after, they let me go. The girl had already left by then."

Ian : "So, what are you going to do next ?"

Malcolm : "I spoke to some of my friends in high school. We are forming what we call "The pure pledge". Basically, we promise that all naturist kids who refuses to be intimidated by the textile bullies will be under our protection. I personally need to keep the peace, but I can promise my friends will do everything necessary to protect the naturists in school. All we ask, is that naturist students refuse to cede and continue to honour our lifestyle. If you get harassed or bullied and the teachers or the police doesn't do anything, tell us and we will make sure it will stop."

Ian : "Whoa Malcolm, aren't you going a little too far ?"

Malcolm : "Ian, when someone decided to not wear any clothes, they abandon all of the protection that clothes normally provide. It's liberating, but that also means that if a girl has breast that are not the same size or if a guy has a small penis, he might get laughed at by the textile kids. This is contrary to the naturist philosophy which says that everyone should be accepted. The teachers might be able to prevent fights, but they don't prevent whispers when someone walks by. If we don't draw a line right here right now saying that it will not be tolerated, some of the naturists are going to start wearing clothes."

Ian : "And you think you can do something about it ?"

Malcolm : "Yeah. We need to stick together. We need to show the textiles that they cannot bully us and separate us. The best way to do that is to keep doing what we do and refuse to be bullied into wearing clothes. Starting tomorrow, if you decide to wear clothes at school, you are not a naturist. Period. Don't come whining at us until you will be ready to once again be a full time nudist."

Ian : "But you wear clothes in the football team"

Malcolm : "Yeah, and some girls wear shorts during their periods or sport bras in PE. But that's different."

Ian: "Do you think the pledge will do a difference ?"

Malcolm : "I guess we'll see tomorrow."

Ian : "Thank you Malcolm for the Interview. Everyone, please stay tuned, after the commercials, Malcolm will take questions from the public."


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Comment from : Don Durito from USA

It stands to reason that the transition would be difficult, and that some would try to defend their former way of life with violence. No doubt there are some textile kids who feel more of an existential threat than others (and hence the greater temptation to resort to violence). There are no easy ways to deal with bullying situations. It would seem the interviewee (Malcom) offers one possible strategy - those who may be targets find ways to band together.


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