My life so far, episode 23: An evening with Mindy and Edith

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Published on 16.11.22 19:37 Age: 2 yrs
Category: My life so far

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Edith and Mindy drops by Julie's and Edith sees a naturist for the first time, while the three girls play on the Wii.


This is a nice episode between the three girls. Edit will take a back seat for some of the story soon, but she will return. She is a main character of the series!

Thursday was a lot more complex, and the stupid social studies teacher decided to keep us for lunch to show us a stupid movie about something stupid. Honestly, all I could think about was that I missed my lunch date with Mindy and Edith, and that I would have Edith and Mindy at my house this evening. It was, well, stupid.

Sure, Edith and I bonded a little and we would play Mario Kart Wii, which I loved, and Animal Crossing, whatever that was.

Mindy brought Edith to my bus, and the bus driver just rolled her eyes. What was her problem, exactly? She didn't say anything, and we just talked in the bus.

"So, Animal crossing City Folk is a game where you play a human, who moves to a little village, where you buy a house and get a loan on it. It's very small house, but hey, it's ok. You own it."

"And it's fun?", says Mindy, surprised

"Well, that's the basics. You run some errands for the local shop owner to play the tutorial, and then, well, you buy tools and furniture for your store, and pick up fruits, sea shells and fish for money"

Mindy laughs. "That's not a game, that's job"

"Well, here is the thing. Everyone but you is a talking animal. They have houses, the shop owner is a racoon and you can talk to any of them. They play games with you, they trade gossip, furniture and ask for help."

"Ok", I say, confused

"If you take care of them, they stay. If not, they leave and a new guy arrives. You also plant trees, pick up weeds, plant flowers, and cross breed them. Oh, and the furniture? It's random what is in the store, but each collection has 10 items. The more you have, the higher your decoration score is", she says

"That's how you win?", asks Mindy

"No, you don't win. All it does is give you rewards. It's not a game you complete. It's like a life simulator. Oh, and there is a museum for bugs, fish and fossils. But only the first one. You give it to the museum, and sell the next ones.", Edith says

"But what is the action like?"

"Oh, there is almost no action. Fishing and bug catching at the most you do. Well, play hide and seek with the animals. Oh, and shoot balloons. Listen, don't knock it before you try it. I have like, a thousand hours on it. I even have all of the fruits, and my museum is getting filled up"

Neither Mindy or I really understood, but I was relieved to find my parent welcoming us home, fully clothed.

"Wait, you are already home?", says Edith, after presentations were made

"We work in the basement", said my mother

"So where do we play video games then?", asked Edith

"In in the living room", I replied, which made her smile.

The two of them sat down, as I put Mario Kart Wii on. My father went back to work, but my mom stayed in the kitchen to prepare supper, after confirming that roast beef is okay, and both of my friends were fine with it. I knew she bought it specifically for tonight, so I was happy it worked out.

When I sat down, I smiled. Our naturist photo album was right there, closed and inconspicuous, but there nonetheless.

"Sorry if I suck", says Mindy

"It's an individual game", says Edith

"Unless we play as a team", I offered

"That would be nice", says Mindy, holding the remote vertically, but Edit just turns it for her.

"Wait, this way?", she asks.

Edith puts the remote in her plastic wheel.

"For motion control", I quickly answer. "But, you have two choices. Remote control or with the nunchuck, which I find has more control", I say, offering a nunhuck to Mindy, and plugging one for me.

Motion control and karting are an aberration and I refuse to play using it. There. I said it. I don't stand up for much, but if my best friend is to learn how to play, she will learn how to play the right way.

"But it's easier with motion control, it's like using a wheel", says Edith

"Except that it's not that precise", I add

Mindy looks at us, and then at the nunchuck.

"I am not used to motion control, I think I will use this one", she says, picking up the nunchuck. I help her plug in it, basking in my victory.

We start with picking up our kart, and I notice that Edith takes the mini beast, a good but not hyper fast kart, with Toad, while I pick the Jetsetter, fastest kart in the game, but with low acceleration

"Wait, there are a ton I don't recognize", says Edith

"My dad unlocked them all. He spent weeks playing until he unlocked everything"

"Wow, I didn't know parents would play", says Edith. Both Mindy and I ignore that comment.

I also pick Funky Kong, the fastest driver, but also the one with the least amount of total boosts. Toad on the other hand, offers the most bonus acceleration,

"What do I pick?", asks Mindy

I don't even hesitate. I propose she picks the Standard Kart with baby Peach as, like my dad puts it, "it's a good balance for a beginner"

She won't win, but hopefully, she won't be last.

I run over the rules with Mindy and offer tricks. We chose the Luigi Circuit as our first track, as it's simple and a good warmup.

I am the only one trying the early start and as such, quickly get to 1st place, to the astonishment of my friends. My dad is vicious in this game so I had to learn to have a chance of competing with him. That reminded me, I needed to play again with him, but this time, nude.

I do show Edith the two shortcuts if you have a mushroom, but I am so much in front of everyone that I can't use them. Edith tries the ramp and succeeds, getting to 2nd place, while Mindy tries to hold on to her 6th place.

A blue shell hits me but I keep my position, and Mindy gets knocked down to 8th. A bullet bill helps her get to 5th, and eventually, a gold mushroom to 4th.

We finish in that rank, 1st for me, 2nd for Edith and Mindy, pleased with herself, in 4th.

Edith proposed Moo Moo Meadow, which has cows in the middle of the road, which Mindy hits on two of her turns, Edith once, and me, none. Edith did notice the ramps, and used them. She finished in 3rd, and Mindy in 9th, but both girls had a ton of fun.

Edith proposed to continue the mushroom cup, where I again finished 1st in Mushroom Gorge, Edith 4th and Mindy, well, 12th. She didn't understand the mushrooms at all.

Toad Factory however, was a hit, with Edith finishing in 2nd almost right behind me, and Mindy in 3rd place!

That felt nice.

"Can I ask something, like, really weird", says Edith

"Shoot", I say

"I had a ton of fun, but I would like to put Animal Crossing, so you can start your character. It's not multiplayer. Well, I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to like, go in the restroom with Mindy, and ask if she could, you know, undress so I can get used to her nudity before tomorrow?", she says, all shy.

"Why in the bathroom?", I asked

"Well, so your parents don't catch us"

Mindy and I both laugh.

"What's so funny?", asked Edith.

"Mom, can you come here for a minute?"

"Coming, kiddo", she says.

When she arrives, I ask her.

"I know we have another friend over, but could Mindy undress and be nude like the other day? You know how much she enjoys it, being a naturist and all"

My mother smiles.

"Mindy, I already said, unless we have friends or family over, you are never required to wear clothing in our house, provided that Edith is fine with it, of course."

"I am", says Edith, stunned

"I'll get you a towel, sweety", says my mother, in a good mood.

As soon as she is gone, Edith whispers to me. "You mom is fine with it?"

"Oh yeah. My parents are cool", I surprised myself saying.

My mother comes back with the towel, and Mindy thanks her.

She stands up, and just begins to undress, in front of Edith's stunned look.

I tell her, "If you change your mind, just say so", I tell her.

"No, it's just. I wasn't expecting this", says Edith.

Soon enough, Mindy is sitting between us, nude, on the towel, while I put Animal Crossing on.

All three of us follow the introduction, where I confirm I am a girl, put a name, name my city, all on the bus.

When I get there, I begin the tutorial and both Mindy and I admit that the animals are super cute, and we have fun imitating them talking.

The tutorial is fun, even if somewhat long.

"It's weird", says Edith

"I don't know, I sort of like it", I said

"No, I mean, Mindy, nude, next to me"

"Oh, want me to get dressed?", Mindy asks

"No, it's weird that it doesn't bother me"

"It's like that. We were all born nude, you know?"

Meanwhile, I am playing. And it's relaxing. Soon enough, Mindy begins to describe the resort and what can be done, including the bike ride to the creek.

I smile. I lived it all, well, not the festivals and not all of the sports, but hey, that's coming soon, I presume.

I notice that she doesn't mention Lucy or Carter. My guess is that they weren't briefed about me not being a naturist and thus, she wants to avoid creating expectations. The reality was actually more complicated. Mindy wasn't ready to mix them with Edith yet, since Edith is older and thus, closer to Lucy. It put a fear in her that Edith would be closer to Lucy than to her, and that she would lose both. I told you, more than 2 girls being friends is trouble.

Soon enough, my mother called us for supper, and we stood up.

"Wait, aren't you going to get dressed?", asks Edith, to Mindy

"Why, I eat in the nude at home all the time", replies Mindy

"But you are not home", says Edith, all confused

"My parents don't mind", I say, as we get in the kitchen and spot my dad, setting the table.

"Mind what, sugar?", says my dad

"That Mindy is nude", I add

"Well, she is a nudist, isn't she?"

"It could bother you nonetheless", asks Edith

"We knew her parents were naturists before Mindy was born, and we still remained friends.", says my dad, probably choosing his words.

"She was already born, Dear when we met them", says my mother

"Right, it's Julie who wasn't. Sorry", he says

"So how did you meet them, then?", says Edith, curious

I knew how, at the resort. It's that simple. Well, it's not, but I don't know much more. But they can't explain that.

"Yeah, honey, how did we meet them?", says my mother, visibly having fun putting my father on the spot

"We had friends in common. It's that simple. When they told us they were naturists, we didn't mind. To each his or her own, we always say. That's why they were closer to us, we didn't judge them", says my dad.

"Wow. I wish I had parents as cool as you two", says Edith

"Oh, I like this girl, Julie", says my mom, while serving us our supper.

Fortunately, the meal talk was mainly my parents explaining what they did for a living, both to Mindy and Edith, but I also learned of a few contracts they did that I hadn't heard of.

Edit was very curious, but Mindy was also drinking every word.

After supper, I gave the remove to Mindy who finished the tutorial, and the three of us alternated speaking with the animals, visiting the shops and all.

Eventually, Edith called her mom, and Mindy got dressed, just in case. Still, she hid in my parent's bedroom while Edith's conservative and strict mother came to pick her daughter up.

My parents tried to chat her up, but failed.

Once she was gone, all four of us undressed, and Mindy, my dad and I played some Mario Kart, with my dad finishing 1st on every race.

Eventually, Clara and Peter dropped by to pick up Mindy, but instead of leaving right away, they stayed to speak with my parents, keeping their clothes despite the four of us being nude.

Mindy eventually got dressed, and left with her parents, happy for her evening.

My mother told me. "Clara and Peter agreed to let us have Mindy this Saturday. They will try to go on a date in town, and might come too late. I told them that we were going to the non-landed club and they were positive. They will sign any papers they need to, so dad will call them tomorrow morning. He knows the organizers"

"That would be cool", I tell her.

I am tucked up, gets another warming up story, and I am off to bed.

Mindy would have a sleepover Saturday in my room!



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