My life so far, Episode 25: Three girls having fun

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Published on 24.12.22 14:08 Age: 2 yrs
Category: My life so far

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The college session is over and we plan to write together during the Christmas holiday. Here is vhapter 25 in the meantime, in time for Christmas!

Mindy didn't need a key to get into her house, she entered a code on push buttons to unlock it.

"No key?", says Edith

"Well, usually no pockets either", says Mindy

"Right", says Edith.

We get in, and Mindy explains that after school, she usually undresses in her bedroom, since she might put her clothes back if they go out to shop or something

"Should we follow or wait for you?", asks Edith

"As you want"

"I don't know what I want", says Edith

"Maybe you and I can stay here, and let Mindy undress, and once she is back, you can decide what you want to do"

"I know what I want to do. Put my bikini bottom and my sandals on, both of which I have in my bag"

"Good", I say. "Do you want to do that in front of us or would you prefer the restroom?"

"Oh, the restroom, Definitely", says Edith.

I don't know where my confidence comes from, but right now, I feel in control of the situation because I have something to confide in Edith.

"So, why don't you go in the restroom to get comfortable topless, while Mindy undresses in her room, and I stay here"

"And get topless?", says Edith

"Shit, I didn't get a bikini bottom", I say, feigning being shocked

"Just remove your top then, keep your skirt, which I like by the way", says Edith, smiling.

I look at it. I didn't even think when I put it on, I just did, like most days.

"So, when we next meet, we are topless or nude, is that agreed?", says Mindy

We all nod.

I only have to remove my shirt and kick off my shoes and socks. I don't wear a bra yet, so I am the first to be ready. Mindy is next, she is an expert at undressing.

I whisper to her. "You can come to the non-landed club tomorrow, and we have another more personal gift for you"


"To which?"

"To both. I didn't need any. I told Edith, she has no money. Her presence is enough"

"I'll try to tell her the truth about me, before she leaves"

"If you think so"

"Well, I don't plan to remain just topless for long, you know?"

"We'll see how she reacts, I guess", Mindy says.

But it seems to take forever, so we go knock.

"Are you okay?", Mindy asks

"I am not sure if it's just a good idea", she says, almost crying.

"Edith. You wanted this. You can put your bikini top on, or get dressed. But if you'd like, you can open the door and just, be free, you know? Neither of us will judge you."

"Hey, I don't even have breasts yet, Edith", I tell her

"Really?", says Edith

"Flat as a board. I am younger, but still", I tell her

"And you don't mind?"

"Well, I do, but it doesn't prevent me from going topless. It's my body. It's all I have. If all I can do is be ashamed of it, well, I would be depressed"

"You promise you won't laugh?"

"We do", says Mindy

She opens the door. She has a cute pink bikini bottom, leather sandals and is otherwise nude. Her eyes are red.

"No shit, really nothing", she says, looking at me.

"Hey, don't be rude", says Mindy

"Sorry Julie"

"That's ok. I am the one who opened about it."

But I can also see why she is suddenly scared of showing her breasts.

It's hard to explain. They are sort of, flat? No, wait, wrong word. Ok, flat as a tire, not flat as a board.

Let me try. Mindy has small breasts that are starting to peak out. They move a little when she walks, but that's about it. Lucy has firm breasts which are seemingly almost magically held in place. All four mothers (Kylie, Clara, Lisa and Anna) have different shapes and sizes but mostly stay in place. Edith, however, it feels as if the balloon in her breasts was deflated.

"This was a mistake", she says, frozen in place


"Look at me. My weird breasts. I didn't pay attention much until I saw myself in the mirror. I mean, I knew it's how they were, but when in a bra, it shapes them"

"Edith? No one here cares about your breasts. Naturists are not nude to show themselves to look at others. We are to feel free", says Mindy

"You think so?", says Edith

"Edith, there are women with all sorts of breasts here, including like yours." Mindy says

Somehow, this helps her.

"So what do we do?", says Edith

"You said you like volleyball", says Mindy

"There is just the three of us", says Edith

"We might find others, and if not, we can just pass the ball to practice"

"You have a ball?"

"Sister, I live in a naturist resort. Of course, we have balls", says Mindy, as if it was obvious.

So, she grabs the ball and we head, with three towels, to the volleyball court.

Of course, we lathered ourselves in sunscreen first. I didn't want more sunburns.

At the court, I decide to go on the same side as Mindy, and propose a plan. "Ask to go in the pool or the lake after this, I have an idea"

She nods and sends a service, showing that she practiced.

Edith returns it and we exchange the ball a few times, before I change side and get next to Edith.

"I like that, skin vs topless", she says, laughing.

If you don't know, boys often divided in teams where those who take off their shirts are the "skin team". Anyway, it doesn't matter.

Eventually, we realize that I am not bad at all, and Edith crosses over.

Each of us plunge a few times for the ball, and we still have fun.

We laugh a lot, and rotate partners a few more time.

We all quickly realize that there is zero competitiveness after a few minutes. Sure, at the start, we were all trying to show off, but soon enough, we were in a learning mode.

I'll be honest, this was a ton of fun.

We must have played over 45 minutes because it was starting to get hot.

"Want to go in the pool?", proposes Mindy, as planned

"Sure", says Edith, but I say nothing.

We grab our stuff, which is basically the towels and the ball, and go in direction of the pool.

"I should have played barefoot like you girls", says Edith

"Maybe next time", proposed Mindy.

"You know what, nothing like the present", says Edith, who unties her sandals and grabs them.

"It's not so bad, right?", I say

"No, but I think I prefer with them on. But I'll keep trying barefoot.", Edith says.

At the pool, Mindy jumps right in, and Edith follows. There is an elderly couple on beach chairs, but they pay no attention to us.

"Aren't you coming in?", says Edith

"I don't have a bathing suit", I reply

"You don't need one", says Mindy, catching on my plan

"You know what, you are right!"

I untied my skirt, put it next to my towel, and drop my panties, putting them under the skirt. I am finally nude again, and free.

Once I jump in, Edith congratulates me.

"Wow, you are solid, Julie"

"Edith", I tell her." I like you"

"I like you too!", she says

"You know you can trust me, right?", I tell her

"Of course, and you can trust me", she says

"Cross your hearth and hope to die?", I ask her

"Wow, this is serious. Sure. It can't be worse than Mindy being a naturist"

I laugh

"Oh, wait, you are one too, that's your secret? Don't worry, I won't tell a soul. But you don't have a full on tan"

"It's a long story", says Mindy

"Well, I've got time!", says Edith. "Wait, are your parents naturists too?", she asks.

"Yeah, they were, and they meet Mindy's parents when her mom was pregnant from Mindy, so before I was conceived."

"We were best friends before I went to school. We both have a picture of each other when we were kids, here, making a sandcastle"

"Wow, hey, I want to make one when we get out", Edith says

"Really?" says Mindy

"What, are we really too old for this?"

"No. Let's do it then. I must still have buckets and small shovels", says Mindy

"But let's enjoy the water first. It's nice", says Edith

And it was nice, I admit it. The water was heated to probably 86 to 87 degrees, but outside it was a comfortable 74 or 75. Still, the 12 or so degrees meant that the water was just perfect.

We played a little, but talked a lot. I retold my story, and the bike ride and so on.

"Wow, being a naturist sounds perfect", says Edith

"You only have one piece of clothing left", says Mindy

"I know. But I can't let go of it. Sorry. I am not as evolved as you are", she says

"I recall you saying your mother gave you some amount of body-shaming", I said

"Right, I shouldn't have said that", she replied.

"Well, the cat is out of the bag", says Mindy

"I can't even give you words. That's how horrible this is. It's like, I know what she means, I know what she thinks, but it's all implied, you know? That because I have what I have between my legs, I am evil personified."

"Wow", I said.

"Yeah, that's messed up"

"Of course, you'll say that, you grew up nude. Hey, I have a question for you, Mindy. You told me you didn't know what was the longest time you spent nude, consecutively, right?"

"Yeah, I don't really know. I don't pay attention to that", she says. "Perhaps a few weeks in the summer, perhaps just a few days."

"I get that", says Edith. "But then, what is the longest you've been wearing clothing. Ignore the short time changing, like I am usually naked for about 10 seconds while putting my PJ on, and not even always. If I am cold, I change the top, and then the bottom"

"Ok, and I ignore shower or bath time, right?"

"Right. That's also normal, I mean, for non-naturists", says Edith

"Textiles", I say

"Wow, like muggles. I like it. Secret lingo. I dig that.", says Edith

"I would normally tell you something like ten to twelve hours, but I had sleepovers at textile friends, so it would be roughly 24 hours, perhaps a little more or less. Wait, I remember a field trip at school. We slept two nights in motel rooms paired with three people of our gender. That was most likely my longest time wearing clothes"

"Holy shit. To Washington DC?", Edith says. "I did that. The year before you", she says, laughing

"Wait, I didn't", I said, feeling cheated

"I only class in our school which did so. We had a pretty wicked social studies teacher", says Mindy

"Did you know he did charity car washes all summer with volunteers to raise money to go?"

"I did not!"

"I went, twice. It was fun", says Edith. "He brought a barbecue and grilled hot dogs"

"Ah, we eat on the barbecue all the time. In fact, tonight, we will eat grilled marinated chicken breasts with a couscous salad. I hope you like that"

"I have to be at Julie's home at 7h30"

"Oh, we eat early here. There's plenty of time", says Mindy

"I do too", I tell Edith.

"So that means that I'll see your parents nude?"

"Well yeah"

"Without seeing them with their clothes on first?", she asks, worried

"Pretty much"

"So, what do I do?", she says

"Look them in the eyes, and tell them you are happy to meet them. Tell them you are glad you got invited, and that you look forward to the meal.", says Mindy

"What if they ask about my bikini bottom?", says Edith, all worried

"They won't. You might want to put shorts on, bikini are less welcome than shorts, but at our age, they are not fussy. I mean, the Wilsons said nothing about you, so that's good"

"Wait, they would?"

"To use the pool, nudity is mandatory", Mindy explains

"Why?", Edith asks

"I am not certain. It's something about bathing suits being sexier than nudity or something like that"

"So?", says Edith, confused

"Well, naturism isn't about sexuality, so..."

"I guess I can't understand, but that's fine. I don't have shorts, however, just my pants I wore to school. I hate the AC, in many rooms, it blasts right over me"

"I'll lend you some of mine. It's not like I will wear them tonight", she says.

"You might tomorrow", I say

"Bah, I have other pairs. Just because I am a naturist doesn't mean I don't have clothing. I only have one bathing suit, however, and I doubt it still fits me", she says, laughing.



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